A 4 Knobbed Door Makes One Think… Reach High Or Low?

A 4 knobbed door makes one think… reach high or low?

One of the great details of the Tiny Texas House I named Heaven was the 4 knobbed door that leads inside. It forces one to think before they enter, reach high, or reach low to enter Heaven. Needless to say, it is the high knob that lets you in the front door, that opens it up for you to enter, feel the energy of the soul of this house fill your body, and take you to a place few other houses will take you.
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Putting The Bulls Eyes On The Forget Me Not Chapel

Putting the Bulls eyes on the Forget Me Not Chapel

The Bullseye is a target we refer to when we are shooting arrow, guns, or darts. It is the target that we focus on when we need to test our accuracy, our focus, and our strengths.... or weakness as it may be. For me, the Forget Me Not Chapel has been used for many metaphors this last week or so, but it truly is a reminder of my son Adam who's birthday is but a couple weeks away, though he is no longer here, and reminds me daily of the work that I have yet to do for those who need help in this world in order to have a safe place to sleep, to hold their family out of the storm in the arms of Love, and to feel secure in the darkness.
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