Mini-mobile-homes AKA “THOW’s” As Family Homes VS “Sustainable Organic Cottages”

Mini-mobile-homes AKA “THOW’s” as Family Homes VS “Sustainable Organic Cottages”

Please take a minute to consider the movement that is ignoring the toxic consequences to the kids, to the elders, to the millions who are buying into the UN Sanctioned version of 250 sf of housing that will kill off the people who live in it voluntarily just like Facebook kills relationships, and Google kills the memory, while the cell phones take over the functions of calculator, phone book, and access to your memory.
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Sometimes Victory Is Living To Fight Another Day… Thus Time To Find Another Way To Win!  Postponed=Battle Won But Not The War.

Sometimes Victory is living to fight another day… thus time to find another way to win! Postponed=Battle Won but not the War.

Know any young idealistic upstart legal beagals? I will need a lawyer to work with as I set out to address this in some way that will bring about solutions and change to a broken education system that seems to think that being a Poster Child School District for how low you can go has some merit or sense of pride or success associated with it.
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