Never Before Offered:  Free B&B Tiny Texas Organic Cottage Booking With Membership

Never Before Offered: Free B&B Tiny Texas Organic Cottage booking with membership

Never before has any B&B made such an offer, let alone an Organic Tiny House Builder offering a museum of House Art that has been the research and development of now proven methods we can use to build sustainable houses from 95% Pure Salvage. Better still, they can be be toxin free and beautiful as well as energy efficient. Come join us and feel the difference yourself, then decide if you can downsize to an Organic Cottage.
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Tour/Lecture Schedule For October   Limited To Saturdays & Wed. Oct. 19th

Tour/Lecture Schedule for October Limited to Saturdays & Wed. Oct. 19th

So all Saturdays 11-1 and on Wednesday the 19th of October will be the tour days so please call to confirm that I will have room for you. We generally cap the tour at 20 so as to keep the crowd moving. Depending on the turnout for the month and finding someone else to do the bulk of the tours soon, we may not have more than two tours a month for the remainder of the year, if at all. (Tired of repeating myself)
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How I Came To Believe The Grave To Cradle Cycles Of Houses Could Be The Future Of Organic Housing

How I came to believe the Grave to Cradle cycles of houses could be the future of Organic Housing

My “Grave to Cradle philosophy” fuels a transformation of our society using our human energy, literally our hands and minds, our soul's energy to creatively transform trash to new treasures we will call homes, that will be loved and lived in for generations yet to be born. No other method of building organic houses is as sustainable or low cost on the front end for energy as well as energy efficient for living in for a century.
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Darby, SalvageGuru Is Gifting The Materials For 50 Organic Cottages And Tiny Houses To Be Built In Salvage, Texas…

Darby, SalvageGuru is gifting the materials for 50 Organic Cottages and Tiny Houses to be built in Salvage, Texas…

Materials and a place to put the 50 houses and 50 Vendor spaces in the market. Those who are selected to receive this gift from Darby, SalvageGuru. Yes there are strings attached a they like to say on Earth. Spiritual and Human Energy go into creating the Tiny Texas Houses and Organic Cottages so it is important that the right people are brought into the imaginary town of Salvage, Texas as it continues to form out of the mists of imagination.
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