Clarifications on the near future.

Finally have the lighting in, getting close to being done.

To answer several questions in one shot,….

drooling isn’t enough to make a vision into a reality for people. Action in some form is what it will take to save the planet.

I will still build houses for me to put out on my land and I will post pictures on the Pure Salvage Living site and gradually just use this site for announcements or notice that the other site has a new posting.

I am going to be building houses just to fill the orders I have in hand for the rest of this year, hopefully no more. They will be the best I have done yet if I get my way and I am not looking to do the cheapest simplest ones last. we may do more seminars or boot camps, if so, no more than one more to see if anyone will ever come and if not, no more of that waste if my resources trying to get the word out and make opportunities to learn available to people who really just want to talk about change but never sacrifice to help make it happen.

That is what I found was out there in the world. It is disheartening because I thought people would actually give of themselves to sacrifice a bit of their time, especially those in my generation or older that could learn how to do this, either the Salvage Mining or the Salvage Building and then orchestrate the young kids doing the work in your town to make it viable again, to keep the kids from leaving with work to do, houses to build, and the elderly a way out of the big old houses that they only use two rooms to live in.

So it goes, none of that happened in 7 years of asking people to come and take this knowledge around the country for the kids to learn, to become self sufficient instead of life skill handicapped. Alas, my generation does not seem to be either interested in sharing our knowledge with the kids or teaching those that do want to learn that there is a way to escape the matrix, to no be a drone and buy into the materialistic consumerism that we have become the poster child for in America.