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Country Living gives TTH a bit of space and limelight again

Yes, it is true and we are thankful for the exposure to their readers. This time it is a great national magazine with a giant center double page spread.

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Once upon a time when I first started Tiny Texas Houses, they were one of the first national magazines to come and look at what we were doing. Later they came back for an updated article on the trends in tiny housing in 2013.

But this post on Tiny House Blog where we found the link, thus we send you there if you like for a great article about what is new in the Tiny House world, though more on wheels than off, it provides great information and links regularly.

This will get you to the Country Living Article but I think you need a subscription to read their magazine until it is a bit older. The new article is in the February Country Living edition. I hope you get to see and share it as we think it is great to get on the center spread of the magazine with 34 great shots of Tiny Houses from many builders.

See if you can find the 3 by Tiny Texas Houses and figure out which of my beauties it is. There are blogs associated with each that gives great interior shots too but I am not sure if they are linked to the site.

Hope you like the article. We will be going out to buy a copy ourselves if the subscription does not come in.