We are firing up our training seminars once again! Want to join us? Check out the details below and if you’d love to join, we’d love to have you.


Here are the basics:


Date: June 15th-16th (arrival on Friday the 14th strongly encouraged, commuting from Austin or San Antonio is also possible)

Topic: Crazy Stairs!

Description: We will take an in depth look at past projects created by TTH, learn how to work with salvaged materials, best practices for working with our tools, basic sketchup/design methods for stairs, how to build storage boxes for stairs, get lots of time to practice building stairs in three of our organic cottages (the Red Log Cabin, the Gypsy Too, and the LOOPholer), one-on-one guidance (optional), how to move mindfully, connect as human beings, and just have some good old fashioned fun bangin’ out some really cool projects!

Cost: $300 includes camping, meals, s’mores, yoga classes in the am, a free weekend night or two weekday nights in the Organic Cottage of your choice (a $60-$140 value, to be redeemed after completion of the seminar), discounts on materials packages, and a free kitten (non-optional, you must take a kitten)!

**Scholarship available to those willing to complete 2 volunteer work days before the event

***We plan to assemble packages of stairs, sell them for a discount during the weekend, and also offer discounts if you sign up for other workshops before the weekend is over.




Wanna sign up? Email KC@salvagetx.com with this info:

First and Last Name, dates you want to attend, any dietary restrictions. We will follow up with you and collect payment.


Pay your $300 ahead of time and reserve your spot by clicking the link below, and send the purchase receipt along with your email (with aforementioned info) to the email above! Please note the fee is $300 regardless of how many days you will be attending.