Imagine A Cottage That Starts Out As A Screened In Portable Building That Can Break Down Into 17 Pieces And Move.  Add To That A Few Upgrades And It Becomes An Organic Cottage For Year Round Living, But Still Slips Through The Loopholes Of Regulations, HOAs And More.  That Is What This Is All About.

Create 2 Amazing “Loopholer Cottages” in a 1 weekend hands-on seminar

It is true, we are having a 3 day seminar that will build out the new “Loopholer” which is a cottage design that is unique in many ways, besides being built with sustainable materials and toxin free.  It is intended to get around the codes, restrictions, and covenants that are used to prevent people from putting my Organic Cottages into their back yards, on property by the lake, and places you may own the land where others want to control what you do with it, to the level of keeping you from putting an 11′ x 12 or 18′ long house.  This will happen from June 9th through June 11th of 2017.  If  you want to be one of the first to learn, to be licensed to do this in your territory, and much more… read on.

To begin this adventure in Loopholeology, instead of breaking the rules in a blatant manner that gets one in trouble, it is better to do so in a way that utilizes the loopholes in the rules so that the bureaucracy of spies and enforcers that make such restrictions possible can be quietly and appropriately handled and compromised.  The idea is to show people how to stretch the rules to the outer limits where the gray zone comes into play about how you define things legally and thus how these manifestations do not fit into the Forbidden Rules Realm.

First and foremost in this case, we would like to exploit the government propaganda and justify putting in back yard portable buildings that have screening to keep those Dangerous Mosquitos away from us as well as other nuisance bugs.  It is a small step from there to the insulated, beaded wood ceiling, paneled lower walls, and having cabinets hidden in the corners with sinks, shower, compost toilet, kitchenette, and closet for cloths, with the loft bed hidden from view, as well as the windows that happen to fit on hinges above the screen openings on the inside and hang perfectly to fit into the holes behind the screen.  They are temporary of course as there may be a time when it is important to have only the screens visible, the openness that keeps it from being full time living quarters, as well as the little hidden rooms with all you may need to stay in there for a few months or years if one were to use it as a bedroom suite, or more.

Imagine one day wanting to move and leaving such an incredible treasure behind.  NOT!!  I designed this to come apart in about 15 pieces, or more if the persons loading them on the typical trailer are not strong enough to handle big sections.  They could even be loaded into a container, put on a truck, dropped off in the middle of the desert, or on and island, and then assembled in a day or two depending on the help on site.  Imagine the money saved by not having to bring in a crane, a special truck, trailer, and logistics to move a fully assembled house.  I have done it more times than most people in the world and I feel this may be my best step forward in showing others how to now build this way and circumvent many of the issues, costs, and provide a way where many people can get into doing this as a business.  From getting the materials, assembling the packages to ship, or building the base kits to break down and assemble which let the buyer add the insulation, wrappers, cabinets, and interior finishes, even windows for behind the screens as they can afford them.

The idea is to start off with the bare basic package that gets you a screened in camping space with floors, screens, roof, door, and passes the scrutiny of those concerned.  Once they accept it as a non issue it will become relatively impossible to see the improvements that follow as you get the foam can and insulate under the floor, roof, and interior walls.  They will not see the doors that fit in as panels for your lower interior walls, or your ceiling of beaded wood, rustic tin, or other material after insulation.  In Fact, they will not see the window sashes that are neatly matched to the holes behind the screens and have hooks above to hold them open except when the rain, cold, wind, or heat are an issue.  Then you simply drop them down, turn on the heater, or ac if needed, and sit out the need for such shelter until you can enjoy the natural breezes and nature through the upper screened walls of the Organic Cottage that appeared in the woods over time, legal, friendly, and with the consent and approval of those who do figure it out as it is a jewell.

Later, if you move on, it will come apart and you can carry it to the next paradise you find to nestle it into for a decade or few.

Come to our newest creation seminar where we will put at least one together, possibly two with one having a full interior less the insulation unless we have enough people to justify doing that over the weekend too… as we could.  That will take 20 participants to make happen, and we can figure on house for each ten that come and help pay for the administration of the event.  We will have some music at nights, a place to hang out if not too tired and relax with the theme of the weekend, sustainable Loopholology in the housing world I now like to call Tiny Texas Organic Cottages. 

The Gingered Swan is one of the houses still available for the seminar weekend. It sits on the ponds where the frogs sing in chorus, the songbirds call in the morning, and the caverns offer a cleansing with clay and mud that helps ground you and let you relax with Mother Earth. It’s all part of getting to come to Salvage, Texas for the weekend and write it off against the taxes you would have paid the government, if you decide to invest in this great new industry by supporting in in one of many ways possible.

What is the Loopholer design concept?

These new designs represent the culmination of more than a decade of research into what it will take to make this form of housing accessible to millions of people who will benefit from these techniques of building using 95% Pure Salvage materials, no imports, and creating houses that will be energy efficient and last for decades beyond anything else being offered as housing today.  It is important to understand the significance of it being the most sustainable, portable, and Embodied Energy methodology for building housing that uses pre-existing inventory available across the country with little more than Human Energy to release it into the supply chain for this to happen.  That process empowers millions to be able to make a good living in an industry that could fuel our economy for more than two decades, with skills, occupations, and work that could not be exported, nor matched in quality than what Americans can do with these treasured resources we now throw into the landfills.  Wasting such treasure should be treasonous in that it is such behavior that leaves us bankrupt in the end, most importantly of the respect we should have for our ancestors who created these treasures, but also the planet that created them and has few more virgin forests, lands, or waters to sacrifice to the endless consumerism that has darkened our last century.  We can do better!

Imagine a Teeny Tiny House first, then work your way up to the size that you really want to live in.

Sponsors and Mentors

Please join me in this effort by sponsoring someone you love, perhaps even yourself, so that they might learn, inspire and help others benefit or be empowered to take this new path toward independence, self employment, and thus the ability to write off the truck, tools, fuel, food, and many other things it takes to be able to live very well and lose money on the books for IRS and tax purposes. This it the most important Loophole that I offer in my classes.  It is how to barter, escape the matrix, get off the grid yet make plenty of income, have ample opportunity, and help others along the entire way.  The “Loopholer” is intended to be a package that teens could take and assemble for an income, or a group of kids, family, or others who want to start a business that we will give them the materials and possibly the customers in their area to service as we offer this new package Organic Cottage that comes looking like an innocent screened Gazebo or out building, but has a much bigger purpose in its life ahead.  Perhaps the first home for a teen going off to college, or a chance to live on the back of the property where the trucks can hardly go, and no one would hardly know.  If you Sponsor a Build Out Seminar, the Organic Cottage will be named as you wish, and you will have 30 days a year to use it for free for as long as you live or we have Salvage, Texas to keep it in.  You would get to write off the costs if you are mentoring as a part of the business of doing this thus the cost versus return is great, as well as the benefits of helping others get started in new micro businesses that I can front the materials for the most part, with help give them training, and then send the customers and business to them to make such a pipeline possible for many who could not get into this industry any other way.

If you can, get in touch soon to book an Organic Cottage to stay in, or to camp, and be part of the launch of the limited edition packages of “Loopholers” we send through the pipeline in the coming years.  Using the incredible old Cypress and Long Leaf Pine mortise and tendon screens from the great houses we have taken down, some with 20 of the same screens, we can create a plan that could be repeated exactly 4-5 times before we change to another set of screens and have to resize the plans for wall panels and doors, but the idea it to teach all of our Website members how to do this too by filming the event, and then offering the plans, video seminar, and even the parts packages that you could assemble from scratch after you come to pick them up, write off your trip to Texas, stay in one of the Cottages at Salvage, Texas, write off all your meals, and because you start this new business venture, write off much more against any taxes you would have paid if not for getting into this new business.  Such is how the loopholes used by the rich and others who make the rules on taxes get by with out paying as much for living as those who do not have a small business.

Getting into this as a Micro Financed Business

Live, learn, share, and if you can, give someone else a gift of membership and mentorship by sending them here to learn how to build Organic Cottages like the “Loopholer” in your part of the world.  I do not intend to have millions of Organic Cottages all built in Texas, then shipped across the country but instead inspire and enable others to set up shop as micro businesses that grow until too big, then split off the kids, or friends into other small below the federal rules horizon businesses.   I believe in finding the materials and building local, set up in small towns to service the bigger cities nearby, and we will provide a supply chain, credit for the materials to build and deliver the Organic Loopholers and other Tiny Texas Organic Cottage people may want to order in your territory you could be taking care of for us.  I do not want to go all over the country delivering but instead empowering others to fill this demand that seems to be growing exponentially as the materials offered up by the many who want to see them saved grows, as well as those who wish to build with the historical parts and pieces our ancestors created before electricity was even available.  We can teach this via videos, Skype lectures, and having gathering places where markets and events focused on sustainable, organic, and healthy simple living alternatives can be shared, supported, and learned from the elders who still hold knowledge that is getting harder to find they pass away.  By supporting us and joining the community, we will be able to offer support, both through providing the inventory needed to build, the training, the customers, and the support of others in your area who want to see such positive changes manifest.

I even have a plan where all those who come and learn will be able to also get licensed, help grow other Pure Salvage Outposts once we show how Salvage, Texas is manifested.  Once the rest of the proofs are in place, more B&B houses to stay in and thus feel the differences, as well as come to festivals and meet ups that bring the key players in the sustainable and permaculture realms who believe in the organic path ahead.  We can do so much with so little if we just see the great value hidden in the landfills now.  Over 50% of the landfills are building materials and half of that could be save to build tomorrow’s housing with.  Please help me make that possible and support building living landfills that utilize what some consider trash to build villages, towns, and cities that can go off grid if needed and are the model of sustainable living.  Your help is deeply appreciated and will allow us to take this to the next level.  Investors in the operations who buy one of the Organic Cottage for us to lease back will get so many benefits and rewards in the end that they will be forever rewarded as will the many who benefit from the trust I am creating out of the lifetime of collections I have accumulated in the Architectural Antiques realm.

See you on June 9th?  I hope you are one of the few who will get to take this to the millions who want such solutions in a world where none such offering exists.



PS:  The page will be up shortly for sign up with a link added here as well as a newsletter notice and more so the spaces available may fill up fast.  If you want to get in first, as a member already, contact to reserve your special place at this event.