Fitting The Jamb, The Door, The Hinges, The Hardware, And The House Is A Work Of Love And Caring About The Final Look Being Unique, Not Perfect.

Creating Sustainable Housing by teaching the Life Skills we will need to Build Organic Cottages w/ 95% Salvage

Some may not know that I quit taking orders to build houses to ship around Texas and the country a couple years ago to work my way out of running a business anymore.  I have since concentrated on the task of creating a model village environ using Organic Cottages, a natural setting to stay in the tiny houses so as to feel them and come to know if you could downsize in this way.  It is also to show people who want to learn, how to create a future, home, career, or passion as a Functional Salvage Artist that they can create House Art that can change people’s lives.  This Easter Weekend some of our favorite people came to visit, sleep in the houses in Salvage, Texas, and help create more.

How old do you have to be for the Salvage Bug to bite you and leave you smiling?

It is the chance to be with the kids instead of have them be gone away, on their phones, watching TV, or going to the movies.  This is the path to open doors to empowerment, family businesses that will bind them together during the days ahead instead of tearing them apart with work, school, and debts required to live in the Mass Media Commerical reality, having so many things to distract you that you forget about the living of life itself.

Imagine getting to learn how to create a home from the parts and pieces of the past that will last until you are my age?

Long ago my father taught me to respect the gifts I might be given in my life. I do, and I hope to share the abundance found in the life of Salvage I have led help you find a path that will fulfill your dreams as this has mine.

Savor the moment, the chance to be with your children and teach them while they are young, in the formative years where you can do more than the schools, more than the TV, and much more if you love them and spend time with them.  Rick found many satisfying moments, bonding with his children that you can see, a focus in their attention and a desire to work on creating a really cool house like none other in the world.

Getting over the fear and learning to respect the tools is paramount to being good and keeping all your fingers.

This is the fuel that I wish to use for igniting a generation of Functional Salvage Artists who will build Chicken Coops that will feed their kids, houses that will provide income through sale or renting them out over the years, for the kids to grow into, take with them one day, and support or house the next generation.  We are the Baby Boomer generation 72,000,000 strong (or in poor physical condition depending on who you look at).  We are the last ones to be able to pass on this knowledge lest it be lost by the third generation that does not respect it.   History has proven this is how you change a culture is to eliminate the memories of these lifeskills that free us from the need for government, for big box stores, banks, and the other chains that bind us.

Fitting the jamb, the door, the hinges, the hardware, and the house is a work of Love and caring about the final look being unique, not perfect.

Theo helps me take apart an old door frame to create a new one that is far superior for the quality of wood, as well as the beautiful pattern on the moldings.

Thoughtful placement of every board leads to an intimate relationship with your artistic Organic Cottage.

We have life skills, a respect for the work and wisdom of our elders, of organic foods and methods to grow healthier than most of the people in America, with exercise, and a simpler more pleasurable life.

Design Eclectica using Space Magic methods for interiors and exteriors that defy the schools of Architecture today that go for the Modern Building material at any cost approach, regardless of the outgassing, environmental cost, built in obsolescence, or lack of due dilligence to insure the people who live in homes will not die from the toxins inside of them.  We are in a different age that our ancestors lived in where quality is not as important as price to many, but for those who care, this is a path that an artist can thrive in, as well as his family and friends.

This house is full of history, this set of hinges made in a day before electricity, when children pulled the coal from mines that would fire these ovens, smelt the ore, and create the molten metal that was cast into molds and spun in a centrifuge by hand to get them to such detail. Honor that work and you respect our ancestors, trash it by selling it as scrap to China and you defile the very life they lived for they created this with pride and human sweat, with a desire to leave an artisan’s mark rather than make a million copies of cheap crap.

I was even able to reuse the same nails without pulling them all the way out after resizing the width of the door jamb that was created out of 140 year old since cut wood, likely 500 years old when cut down for lumber, and is 1″ thick with no knots, super dense grain, and will last for another couple of hundred years if taken care of by simple methods.

Using doors for the walls, such as this for the stairs on the right side while a larger version of the same door is used at an angle to create the kitchenette you will also not see from the front vestibule in this rarely unique Organic Cottage known as the “Loopholer”.

Thank you to Danielle for the many pictures she took at this Easter Weekend Retreat for some friends of Tiny Texas Houses, Pure Salvage Living, and the place I call Salvage, Texas.

I hope to be able to grow it into a place I can leave behind to people like these who want to make a positive difference in the world by doing the things needed for that to happen, by opening the door to a new world for their kids that few will know if we do not grow this Renaissance around the world soon for the best of the past is being thrown into the dump, in fact, 50% of landfills are building materials, and much of that could have built homes like this but the big box stores and TV Advertisers would not get rich.  This is import free!

Want to escape the Matrix of debt for a big house or apartment living?  Consider a new path of Salvaging your lifes lessons, downsizing your responsibility to others in the form of life hours spent for cash, and start savoring your passions for living each day, creating your future, and sharing it with friends, family, and those you meet who are meant to be in your new life of thriving while living in the paradise you too can create.

It only takes a World Uniting in a Belief that we can succeed to save it for the kids who will inherit the mess we have created in the last few hundred years.  Please consider joining me in making that difference manifest sooner rather than later.  Share so that more will build, salvage, and make this possible for you too!