Days and days of Milk Paint to create…

A Tiny Texas House that is unmatched in All the World

Some 30 houses come together just to form this one.

So nearly done I always say, 

and yet there’s always more. 

I seem to find so many places

colors want to flow.

The storage shelves are meaningful when you have them fully stocked.

The blues, old greens, and yellows too,

the early colors and their hues, 

all come together blending well,

to form a fabric by wood held.

Diamonds, squares, and rectangles, together they all go,

I love the arches, squares, and forms,

Diamonds shine from all around, 

rectangles handle glass I found,

and beauty comes to call.

I like the front door looking in the length of the house, so small….?

I can not help but Love the land

that gave us such as you see stand.

The trees, the glass, the paints, and more

are from the stocks we have in store.

The burling on the shelf fronts is not common I will say

We keep them in so many forms,

Barns and buildings, aged homes.

It is our treasure.  Don’t you see?

The one we get to reap for free.

a window treatment few will do, but after all this here is “ART”

So please know that these images,

are seeds I plant into your mind,

to let you know what you can have,

if only you will look to find.

finishing the locks up on the door out to the stars

I guarantee near anyone

with dreams and passion strong, 

can build a home from salvage,

that will last their whole life long.

A window lock like the Phoenix protecting all you have.

They can get the windows and the doors,

the floors, the walls, the roof, 

you can find for free near everything,

so why be so aloof?

the loft view of the kitchen

Forget false pride and search out trash,

for there in lies true gold,

the chance to turn your life around

with the dreams that you can hold.

The Vicky Zebu Picture Post that I am the first to know.

So please enjoy my seeds of Love,

my paths I offer you,

to see what you could come to have

through Pure Salvage Living too.

Darby  2013

Vicki Zebu is getting antsy to get tho her Homecoming party in Midland.