You Can See The Red Mascot In The Background, While A Twin It Is Not Identical At All.

Did you know that our Red Mascot had a nearly twin brother… the Collins House that folds.

Yes, it is true that I once birthed a very unusual child known as the Collins House.  It was a very close version of the Red Mascot but it had a fold up porch floor that went under the fold down porch roof, a feature never done again for several reasons.

You can see the Red Mascot in the background, while a twin it is not identical at all.

Look around the house and you will see a classic style of Texas Cabin created long ago, with metal roof, wooden windows, and only a few things new, like AC and electricity, but simple all the same.

Check out the incredibly unique way to fold up the porches for transport, though it would likely only make one trip to a homestead it would stay at for the rest of its life.

Imagine the folding ceremony, a bit different from folding laundry.

Then to push it out, our skates moved many houses, 75 or more, and a single girl could push a house this size, but we let the guys do it first to show how strong a single woman could be.

Don’t be fooled by the tiny stature, the sex, or the illusion that she can not move that house, as well as many other things that would change the way I would build, grow, and come to understand the Truth in ways I could never have without the push from this once lovely human being.

Simple on the inside, a natural sort of charm, and a place to relax in any storm and know that you are fine.

Then upon a trailer, flying fast down any road, my house went on the highway to a place no one can know.

Into the woods to hide away, to not be seen outside again, yes, still not to this day.



The Collins House Left

To a place where Ex’s could not find,

a place where the owner could unwind.

A hidden niche out in the woods,

a homestead where he thought he could,

perhaps find peace with his last love,

until the day

he moves above.


Darby Lettick

August… 2018

I tip my hat in gratitude for sharing what i say, and all the pictures that inspire some to think a different way.

Feel Like you are hanging on the edge, but know there is a way out of the Chasm at the Fringe” hehe!