Imagine Standing Underneath A Flying House As It Travels The Last Leg Of Its Journey From Someone's Imagination To Someone's Home.
You Could Do These Sorts Of Amazing Things One Day Too.

Here are the doors, windows, and more for an Organic Cottage Essay Contest to help manifest your own.

So thus I sit and meditate, on the highest point around. to meditate and pray that all will climb up high to see, and do what we can do to save the planet and be free.

Dream, envision, and while it may seem impossible, imagine it could happen, that you could one day own an Organic Cottage unlike any other on the planet.
There are several ways to get a tiny house or an Organic Cottage to show up at your land. One is to ship it there with a truck as you will see done below, or the other is to build one from the parts you will see even further down in this blog. YOU can get all those parts for no more than 300-500 words written as an essay so that you could start building your house by April if you win.

Here is how hard it is to deliver an Organic Cottage to a site instead of build it there. Still it is likely that most will build on site, but if not, here is what a flying house looks like… 30′ long, 30′ high, and nearly 30′ from the 65 ton crane we needed to do the job.

2 lofts

The Ellinger House traveled higher and more times than any other Tiny Texas House.

Great porches.

Yes that would be easier to build on site I suppose, so here is the way to get the materials to build a good bit of a house like this one.

Here is the chance to show what your imagination and dreams can possibly attract, or help you along the visualization pathway to manifest your home from salvage one day. This is a process that can be learned, a path to achieving your life goals that is reachable, rewarding, and can be used to change your life forever. Now you too can benefit from a life of salvage mining, building, and manifesting sustainable organic toxin free housing out f what most considered to be trash. It is a path that some will use to go from poverty to riches, from need to lack of want if they choose to do the work and learn how to do it right.

Created by the company that set the standard in Pure Salvage toxin free building.

With a passion flower at his core, concrete symbolism in this dimension, and a reflection on the sky, Darby takes you on a different path than most will choose to take.

Ultimately I envision many Pure Salvage Outposts as Co-ops where members of all sorts and ages will come together to make things out of the treasures from our past that enable us to create houses out of 95% Pure Salvage, the most sustainable form of housing possible that will give you so much beauty, variety in design, and freedom when you get the materials for no more than bartered human energy. This is possible, proven, and now ready for prime time. Share the tools, space, storage racks for materials, get paid in materials bartered for labor and ultimately have the elders around to help teach the youngers how to do things we have not taught for life skills in decades.

In order to encourage more people to consider this path of Pure Salvage Living, I am giving away packages of materials needed to build an Organic Cottage. To do this I am asking people to write an essay of 300-500 words that tells of what they have planned, using the parts of the month, to create and be able to tell why, for whom, and other details that will perhaps win them a package of materials as the Membership Essay Prize for the month.

One of the choices for the front good. Winner will get to choose.

This stained glass will be included in prize package. Great for a loft window.

Another choice for a front door, though a bit narrow.

This is a possible bathroom door. We will allow the winner some flexibility in making some swap outs if they are of similar value.

I will provide a couple of columns.

Pick a sink from the bathroom sinks we have on the shelves with some on this bottom row being great and unique.

Choice of front door hardware from this display of vintage sets that range from cast iron to jewelry grade brass.

<blockquote>Entry is only open to members of the site and to members who have been so for at least 30 days before the deadline for entering the contest.

Along with the parts shown, some flooring, shingles for showers, and other great parts.

Turned posts might be a front porch option too.

Slabs of Mesquite, cypress, and other woods can make for a great counter in the bath or dining table. 5′ of this choice included too.

It must be possible to keep the identity of the author separate from the essay so that the judges will not be able to know who wrote any of them and help limit any potential for bias, so using your name in the essay is not allowed as it is indeed your thoughts and dreams expressed in words, not your name that will win the contest.

The members will use their membership number/name to certify their entry and we will confirm the date joined to be sure there is 30 days from the deadline date or they will be sent back, put into the next months entry if still applicable, or set aside to contact about the problem.

Examples of sketched out dreams that we might create during the month of preparation for an essay.

Many ways to use the materials in each package. We want to explore the ideas possible

Pictures, drawings, and art will be limited to one per entry so as to not clutter the works… so yes, you can include one if you wish, but it is not required. They will still need to have a strong Essay to go with it but it could help show what one has planned for the parts if they get them which is part of the exercise, to learn how to manifest your dreams, first pin down what they need to include.

This could be a bank of windows in a house already in their piece of wall.

Since one of your judges is an English / American Lit major, there will be some consideration of spelling and grammar as I do not appreciate butchering the language and prefer we use common terminology and play with the many meanings of that alone. Poetry, creative use of form, and intentional infractions of the rules is fine, but a lack of attention to creating a crafted product you can be proud of and just throwing out crap will not win this essay contest.

Please know that passion, intent, heart felt energy of sole all play into the creations that will qualify to win each month over the next year. While only 12 Materials Packages will be given away, oftentimes we will have more of the same windows or doors so that another house or two could be built in one of the designs we play with over the month, so they will be usable, even be bought if some components just fit your needs, and at a big discount for that month if a member wants the parts for building their organic cottage down the road if they do not win the essay contest.

Essays in all the contests must be submitted in English. The first Essay beginning March 1st, 2017, must be postmarked or arrive at office before the deadline date, March 21st 2017 when submissions stop…judging is completed over the next week…. and Winner being Declared on March 31. Contest will take entries for 3 weeks through the 21st of March, then spend the rest of the month judging all the entries, verifying validity, and then announcing the award winner and following their progress on using the materials to build the house they dream of, the process that follows, and the results they find with the challenge this will be for most people.

April 1st will begin the Essay contest for that month with a new package of materials that will be getting exposed as it is selected during March while we consider some of the finalists and prepare for the next month of essays. The timeline for entries and deadlines will likely be the same, that April 21st, 2017 would be the deadline each month and the 30 day membership to qualify included as well. I do expect they will grow in number of entries as we go and by the third month we will decide there is enough interest and participation to continue. While we will focus on the essay the first time, the plans, drawings, sketches, art, and photos may all come into play as we progress through the year with challenges for the imagination and the visualization that makes all things great possible.

Submissions in advance of start date will not be opened before the start date and if not submitted properly by members only, essays will not be considered for the prize. It is important that the submissions be typed or easily legible if hand written and mailed in rather than submitted by email, but the form for submission must be included so that the name of the author is not on the essay but instead the membership number or the membership name which will also be on the application for consideration.

Winners must be over 18 years of age to win and prizes must be picked up or claimed in Texas, but can be shipped anywhere the owner wants after being claimed, at owners expense.

Members will be allowed to win up to two times but will not be allowed to enter a third time in a 12 month period.

Employees on payroll of Tiny Texas Houses or Pure Salvage Living, officers of the corporations, and judges are not allowed to enter the contest.

Free Monthly storage for 3 months after prize is won… but longer storage of materials won as the prize will require a nominal storage fee after 3 months.

Pure Salvage Living llc. will hold all publishing rights to all essays submitted for consideration whether they win the prize or not and can publish the essays it chooses for judging or bonus opportunities for runners up.

Please join as a member to see more about how to enter and win the materials being offered for the first Pure Salvage Living Organic Cottage Essay Contest. This link is to the 1 year membership, but there is also a 2 year membership, and a lifetime membership that all offer great benefits and free attendance to seminars in the future.

Please see the Membership benefits page for more information and the Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter that goes out to see the monthly specials for members only.

While this is not the complete set of rules or the final form that will be sent, it is a good foundation on which you can decide if you are interested in participating and sharing your story with the world of people who want to explore this path but do not know how to get from where they are to where they want to be. The goal of this year long exercise is to help others visualize, actualize, materialize, and thus realize the power of their imagination, spiritual, and human energy. With that and a passion, all things are possible.

In case you want to know where you are at…. here is a pamphlet that tells you more if you can see it.

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too!

For more questions please contact