Push Hard As You Might, You Can Not Cause The Earth To Move, Unless You Use Other Tools... Which I Do.  Our Vessel It Our Greatest Tool Through Which We See This World.  Spirit Can Create A Paradise Within, And Thus Without, We Find Bliss And Happiness.

Earth Changes caused by Man… I contributed this week! What did you do?

We start with what others considered trash.
A nail here, a nail there, and then a board, more nails, more boards, more nails, and then you have a ceiling of skins from the cuts off 2×6’s turned into flooring years ago.

What can One person do to change the Earth in a few months?

What a week can be,
it’s up to you and me,
for if it is not done by us,
how can Wii all be Free?

There is no Free
except what is created by me,
or thee.

Look into your world you’re making.
Do you see the prize therein?
Are you happy with your progress?
What are the odds that you will Win?

Please do not be wasting life hours
being captured or afraid.
Nothing can destroy your Spirit
when your Faith is Staid.

See the houses grow from the clay,
like the bodies, we incarnate in,
water, bugs, and clay, flowing in harmony
in a gelatinous membrane, we call

May your Spirit thrive while visiting
for a lifetime in a period
when the world is changing
and we are truly gifted
with the chance to make a difference.

Join us in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.
Be the change we need to see the world become
the paradise that is possible if we Unite.
Join as a World of United Beings
and we no longer need to fight.

WUB is the bond of Life Forms
across the Cosmos:
an Inter-Cosmic Society
Devoted to Our Freedom of Thought,
the Freedom to be Incarnate
without being Imprisoned,
enslaved, abused, or eaten.

Now is the time to transition
into our Millennium of Peace,
not one of imprisonment,
and we will win this time.

Wake each day knowing the powers you find,
the gifts that come with Enlightenment
that allow us to manifest miracles,
and thus together, change the world.

Join as Wii form the new paradigm
for living to Love, not pay bills,
slave away for material things,
and be chained down or killed.

Peace can only manifest if the masses demand it.
Those who only wish for power, money, and control
are doomed to fall, be trodden over, and forgotten.
Legacies of the future will be the people
who give their lives to make the world a better place.

See the superstars on the screen,
On Wall Street, football fields,
the Big Screen, or on TV,
where all the world could see.

Thus so many thought they wanted to be,
yet why are they not happy?
Because they are no longer free,
they sold their life for money.

Tiny houses are the way that
we live what others only speak of.
Truth, our actions match our words
express a truth, not a complaint.

Fight for the Truth by being the Truth.
Do not bitch but be the solution.
Be the Warrior willing to stand up for the Earth.
Be the Hero by being the expression of Love.

Join together to form the Wii that can change the world.
Wii can be Free, but not without You and Me,
all of us forming the Wii, the World of United Beings
fighting for the Earth,
the Beings that share it,
and the future Wii create
for those who follow us
and our return one day as well.

Blessing my friends and fellow Salvage-Warriors.

Messenger for Wibblry.com

We can create a paradise with our minds, body, and actions that start with our thoughts, held in focus long enough to take action. Without the action, nothing happens. With imagination, all things are possible, but not without intention, action formed in the Heart and Spirit sending the Energy of Soul it takes to manifest our dreams. Please join me in Believing we can Make the Difference by Living it.  Need proof of what imagination can create.  Visit Salvage Texas and see what one man can manifest from imagination, salvage, and dreams.

Yes, if you only knew how many people will see this for what it can be, associate it with my wars on the corrupt education systems, the corrupt prison systems, the corrupt PHARMA industry, etc and yes, I go to war with my Sword of Love, and it cuts when needed but allows me to use just the edge to nudge some resistant entities into line. Hopefully the others I join in this War to save our planet and our Freedoms to be the best that we can be.

Some days we must be thankful for the great gifts of each day.