Even the End View does not tell the whole story.


this looks gigantic but is only a 12’x28′ frame


Even the end view does not give away the incredible parts that will go together to create this gigantic Tiny Texas House.  Remember, space is mainly in the mind.  This house will be my McMansion of my career as I only have one person who wants longer and he has not seen this one yet.  Bill doesn’t want to go upstairs is the issue but I have a great design for a chair lift that makes life so simple, using simple counter weights and a pulley system that is thousands of years old, anyone can lift their own weight with no more that 15 lbs of pull, but no one has taken me up on paying to manifest that plan yet.

Oh yes, this size would handle a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath with living, kitchen, bath, and 3 porches, entry, back and for the downstairs master bedroom.  Who will get that model, if it sells to the public, I am not sure, but it is designed in my head and the pieces that will determine its personality have yet to be picked, but promise to be better than any yet.

Why build anything less than the last, which is hopefully one of my best each time?  For now, because I build for customers as it is ordered in some cases, that is not always the case.

If I build for myself, which is another good reason to stop taking orders from buyers, I can do what ever I want and spend as much time as I want, keeping it in the end such that I do not have to listen to anyone complain about the cost of what I create.

This is also a 12′ x 28′ called the Monty Grand Victorian.

In spite of the cost that so many seem to feel is far to much for houses so small, I seldom make big profits such that this is a wise business model to tout.  It is a common proven fact that one should not fall in love with their investments but they are my art, that is impossible, for it is the essence of my love manifested and each one gets more of me than the last.  My guys don’t make enough for their skill levels that I have taught them and want and deserve more but the volume we need to produce to be a big corporation and the weight of the government, taxes, insurance, and liability for everyone’s accidents, problems or whimsical changes of mind has taken its toll.

Most never make as much as I have sacrificed for this vision that haunted me for decades as a fiction and life lived.  Getting to the live out a part of the final chapters of Book 1 before I actually put it into print was an amazing ride and I hope to escape the consequences of its debt as quickly as I can and move forward with my life.  Writing Book II will hopefully now be my focus, which was the whole point of the last 30-year adventure anyway.  If no one reads it I will still be happy that this lifetime allowed me the moment to write it even if few ever read it once done.

All is as it should be as I have created a set of houses that are leading up to my final series which will be seen and remembered in images for as long as such is preserved and the electronics are there to transmit them around the world.

I hope that what ever I create will eventually get into the archives or a system from our Pure Salvage Living web site.  I will eventually move all things over and I hope many of you will join that membership site or at least follow along with the teasers I will post on Facebook once I can transition into the next phase.

Vicky Zebu getting her porches.

I am proud to say that we have given away more in pictures and information than all the other companies doing this in the world combined.  This includes how to get the material for free, how to take it down, How to de-nail and clean it up, how to store and transport it, how to build new houses that will last for centuries with it, and how to move it, crane it, put a foundation under it, and set it down.  We have shown how to make them collapsible and show them going up and down for everyone to copy and see for absolutely free.  From decorating to answering a million questions repeatedly on paint and all of the issues, to even creating videos about a series of subjects on everything from Salvage Mining, Salvage Hunting, Salvage Building, and the ideology of Pure Salvage Living for all to see, comment on as nasty as they might or nice, and asked for little back in return but respect and your sharing this ideology with others so that it might grow, empower, impassion, a inspire others to do the same with all of the buildings, barns, and houses going to waste every day.

I have dedicated so much of my life to this vision that became a business to support it, that I missed the end of the life of my son, Adam, whom I would have traded all of it for would it have been possible afterwards… for it was his legacy I had thought I was building when he was born.

I keep saying we, but until very recently, few have come or stayed without monetary compensation to contribute to anything that has happened in the front of the office.  No architects, managers, secretaries, designers, draftsmen, photographers, PR guys, advertising people, graphic artist, writer, editor, layout department, shop manager, warehouse manager, or teacher has been here to share the many hats.  We sounds better than I and supposedly I should look, sound, and act like a professional business, the whole staff that does not and never has existed.  Oh yes, and I should not let my emotions and personal life get in the way of efficient operations of the business when my son dies for no apparent reason in France.  Clients don’t like that emotional stuff causing issues or getting in the way of their delivery plans such as my Fr. Worth and Ardmore wealthy clients at the time.  I tried to understand and hide or behave appropriately but admittedly did not always do so well.

This is the 11’x 19′ Arched Zebu, House of the Rising Sun.

We, the many hats upon my head, had a mutiny and most of the department heads in the many hats that shared the same neck have given their notice for non- payment in the form of fulfill able promises.  So, in order to preserve the common mind, and feed the body, we are shrinking the responsibility roles in each department and shuttering operations in several areas that are not financially viable if we have to hire replacement personnel for the hats I am hanging up.  As CEO, CFO, COO, and support staff, including the secretary, janitor, pooper scooper, and night guard, I vote to reduce the staff and let some of the 120 hour a week responsibilities go to others who must exist somewhere.

Hopefully that better explains why I am downsizing, like I tell others to do, and hope that you will enjoy what ever follows in the time I will spend sharing.  While I certainly have a lot of houses still to build, just the orders on the list till summer, we may not even get to fit in what I want before years end, but I will surely make each one the best I have ever done, if I can continue to have that chance.

Thank you for following along and sharing, supporting, and being a part of Tiny Texas Houses and Pure Salvage Living.  We are not dead yet, just planning to be eventually, as all things will be in their time.  Turn, Turn, Turn.  For 25 more houses and then a turn away indeed, a time for every season, and this time has been for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Sorry I could not build a Tiny Texas House for everyone but I hope you know we share the One that counts the Most and I had nothing to do with designing or building it, just sharing being part of those of us lucky enough to live here for a while.