Who Knows What Happens When We Pass Over That Can Spell It Out With Words.  It Would Be Like Trying To Name The Colors Of A Sunset As Fast As They Could Change, And Without The Words To Describe The Beauty And Intensity Of What You See Such That Others Might Visualize It Clearly.  It Can Not Be Done!  Your Future Can Be As Beautiful If You Awaken To The Potential And Act Now, While You Can Be A Part Of Something Bigger Than Any Of Us Can Do Alone.  Join Me In Creating A Legacy We Can Leave Behind To Humanity The Helps Make It Better.

Ever felt like you just Don’t Fit In to the world? Why not consider Bailing out to go where you Fit In?

Artists, writers, videographers, musicians, crafters of the past and present using the gifts that Mother Nature offers, organic paths to happiness and time to do the things you love the most.  Creating is one thing, making a living off from it another, so it is said.  We want to give many people the chance to create a store to sell their wares in, so long as they might wish, manifested from the finest collection of windows, doors, and parts that you could ask for to have around you and display in for the events that we create.  We look forward to music festivals, car and bike rallies, film festivals, wedding, events, and all you would need to sell you creations to a public seeking organic ways of living, prepping for a day when technology does not rule our lives.  This is a chance to help create Salvage, Texas in the process of growing your dreams too, and being around people you must might fit in with better.

If you are not familiar with the Tiny Texas Houses that form the foundation for Salvage, Texas/// Consider moving your visions to Salvagetx.com to learn how it is possible to escape the cities on the weekends, even have a loft to sleep in at night in your Salvagefaire Marketspace.  True, we supply all the materials you might need for roof, windows, walls, and doors, we even supply the awnings to open like a front porch roof and close for security or bad weather.  We offer the chance to get in on leases unlike any you will ever be offered and your cost to create such a space may be no more than $1,500 – $5,000  for an amazing space with 16,000,000 people within an hour and a half drive.  (Credit Card Entrepreneurs get ready, I made millions from my credit cards but you must cash in before they jerk the credit lines back due to crisis.  This is what you build up the credit for folks, the chance to escape the system on unsecured debt that can not be collected on if you, like the big banks, fail to pay it back.)  BnB houses, camping, and nearly a mile of frontage on IH 10, the last high exit that did not flood in the Harvey visit, and a town being manifested for the people that do not fit in as well in the matrix as others, and in fact may want to know how to live outside it if possible.  It IS in Salvage, Texas…. in fact you can not even find us on the map… haha.  But we are happy just being visible in Cyberspace right now, and our dreams of creating a model of how you can manifest a town out of 95% PURE Salvage will soon grow into an attraction that will fuel your businesses too.

Salvage, Texas has the recording studio in place, the utilities we need, the materials in stock and ready to build out 200 houses and the entire town, but we need the people who have the imagination, the passion to create, to use their human energy to leave a meaningful mark that others can use to grow from and thus leave their mark to better the world too.  Help empower others, learn how to build a life from salvage living, organic designs, materials that do not have to have trees killed, coal burned, or toxins created to manifest housing you can live in healthy for the rest of your life, as House Art.  I want the carpenter minded who wish to ignite the passion and power of other through Salvage Living, for it offers paths to all who want to go down this road.

The Amazing Door Maze, the Haunted House and Dungeon Alley will be some of the many attractions, but stilt walkers, trapeze, and more is possible under the Big Tents already in place and awaiting your Awakening to what you could do in the year ahead.

Salvagefaire main offices where we will be working with the vendors, including a Uhaul service on site.

We are making the place for you to settle down and make a difference by teaching the youngers your skills, by sharing what you can to so as to inspire others to do so as well so that we can influence, teach, and share the knowledge and wisdom of the elders before they are gone.  I believe there is a demand for such a place as this to manifest and offer it up, after 32 years in the making, for those who wish to manifest a world they do want to fit into.

Please take a moment to consider if we can provide you with a FREE event venue for a music or film festival that might have a problem due to the issues of the weather than have messed everyone up so much. Please take a look at this option.

In the background to the left you see the main building where my studio awaits recording the best of the minds and Spirits that may pass through and offer up their wisdom.

The tents will hold many vendors, but also offer a theater with Blessed Chapel seating for 150 people as well. We will have a stage area for some live entertainment, but not heavy concert stuff for our planned weekend events, but more acoustic, perhaps classic if the musicians want to come play.

A classic Barth Motorhome, the top of the line in 1973 with its aluminum body, Ice Maker, central vacuum built in, microwave, and more. We have it to stay in for those into the classics.

Behind the new guesthouse, you can see the main SalvageFaire building that houses the recording studio and kitchen for concessions when the music and films are playing. Members will be getting free admittance to and event of choice as part of the new promotion starting this next week.

Here you can see Heath and the new custom made boat we picked up to put on the pond for an overnight stay you can rock and roll in. Soon to be custom painted and outfitted to go on Walden Pond.

Handmade Boat Buildout

This too will be a space to stay in overnight, in fact it may end up in our ponds floating for romantic nights (or rocking).

Darby@Puresalvageliving.com Ready to take part in making dreams come true, miracles happen for those who expected it least, and possibilities that few considered possible in 2017. Join me for this adventure in creative contests to demonstrate to the millions who follow them, how 12 couple will take the treasure of the past and turn them into their dream cottages of the future.

Not far from Salvage, Texas, less than six miles from the entrance to us, is the entrance to Palmetto Par, the San Marcos river though is only a half mile away. See what you could be doing here too. While staying in one of our BnB Organic Cottages you can also take a walk through this paradise nearby known as Palmetto Park, but we have more nature walks and frisbee golf too.

This seminar will be the chance for people to learn how to build with the materials, and possibly take orders and build them for others closer to where you live. Thank you for your interest and sharing with others.

My first house I built out of Salvage is known around the world as the Red Mascot. It is a simple 10′ x 16′ house with a bath and kitchenette but would not be allowed in many places. The Loopholer could be nearly as big and yet be acceptable for most of the restrictions put down by HOA, cities, and towns if you are careful about how you sequence its creation. Come learn more.

The time is nearly ripe to put up our sign and make it official. We have a few test runs to see how we can handle a crowd, get the bath houses, showers for campers, and a bit more preparation, …. cash flow, cash flow, ….. so check out the chance to invest in a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage to be leased back and let you stay there for events as well as making an incredible income from it as a return thanks for your help and support at this juncture in our growth and expansion.

Please consider being a sponsor or a vendor, or just supporting us with donations to help manifest this vision of a place where those who do not fit in so well in the city can run to for the weekends to get away.  Perhaps this will lead to us finding more people of like mind who want to savor the moment, max out our potential, and manifest miracles as we can.

Darby Lettick

Great diamond paned windows will be included. Diamonds are forever, remember?

Help me finish manifesting a great fantasy and turn it into a place of hope for others who will come and be inspired by what we can do with out imagination and Spirit.