This Balcony Was The First On Our Tiny Texas Houses That Uses Great Corbels To Carry It And Teak Doors To Get To It.   In The Back Ground You Can See Miss Lilly, Another Of The Greater Sized Tiny Texas Houses.    Learn How To Build, How To Get The Materials For Nearly Nothing More Than Human Energy, And Much More By Joining Us In This Imaginative Journey Into The World Of Possibilities In Sustainable Building.

Ever test drive what it would be like to live tiny? Organically? Almost Off Grid? Dream On? Now you can!

This little video shows you how to get the chance to come to Salvage, Texas, stay in our houses for free, get plans for an Organic Cottage of your own, attend our seminars for free, and to be able to acquire all the parts you will need to make your Organic Cottage Dreams come true.
Check out some of the ways you can be a part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance where your ingenuity and imagination make all the difference in the World. Sustainable living that respect the generations past and future by the way we create the homes and future our children will want to be part of rather than the time tested and failed “American Consumerism Dreams” that left most indebted far beyond their means.
There is a better way and this is a model for one way to consider that does not rely on imports to create houses, nor creating 95% of the parts out of new materials as does 95% of the home building industry…. period.
Feel the difference and be a part of helping create a model we can all grow and benefit from by sending the ones we love for seminars, education in life skills, sustainability, organic living, permaculture, and the best practices of the past centuries when most of these assets were harvested from the planet. Now we need to educate the populous on why we should save, not dump in landfills, the Made In America products our ancestors were so proud would last hundreds of years if we took care of them.
Why throw them away when the product of the labor of children pulling coal from the mines, cleaning the mill shops, sharpening the saws in tight places, when they, like their fathers, worked 352 days a year for mere tokens good at the company store?
We should not forget their work or mindlessly dispose of their work without regard for the life still left in it. Instead, please come see, share, and learn what we can do instead that will benefit the entire world if America can recover from the consumerism party that has nearly burned us out.

Why not make it about creating solutions from the gifts at hand?
Please support creating a model of what we can do better that all the members can come to, bring others to, and grow Pure Salvage Outpost with and example to follow and thus support in other parts of the country that need the Co-ops for people to
store their Salvage Booty,
sell some of it,
barter it for help building their house,
have the use of common tools and areas to build in, and
the elders to teach others how to do so many other forgotten things or crafts as well.

Community is best created out of common unity for a cause.
This enables us to create centers where we can tap positive solutions that empower:

human energy,
a passion for making a difference
the means to write off the costs of the business
write off the tools to salvage,
write off the tools to build new houses with,
write off the food you consume when working out of town to do a salvage or build job
by the way we live without ever forcing the lifestyle on anyone else,
thus the freedom and support through tax relief for Salvage Building,
Tax relief for using 1/100th of the energy required to build a new house with modern materials based on 7 year built in obsolescence cycles to assure customers in the future.
Tax relief for living in a house that uses little or no grid support to survive for the next century.
Freedom to practice a level of minimalist living that our ancestors did centuries ago if we choose.

The Possibilities are endless.

Thank you for visiting and considering these seeds of thought now well supported by the proof of houses, and a village of possibilities, manifesting as Salvage, Texas… still hidden from public view (yes, just outside of Luling, Texas if you need to use a conventional map or GPS..heh)