On A Beautiful Mid-March Day, A Swim In The Newest Pond At Salvage, Texas.  Much To Think About Today.

Everyday we swim through life creating the dreams we see. Who takes our place creating when we go?

Warm days in the coming of Spring, and we look into the past to see into the future by savoring the day to see where it will lead.


The question in life that I cannot resolve.

A time for remembering the things that makes life Love.

A time to think of what will happen when I go… with Love.


Once this imaginative town of Salvage, Texas was envisioned, then action put in place, for it is the Human Energy we need to run this race. Look at all the water and please know 5 years ago, there was not an inch of water where the ponds and creek now flows. Fish, turtles, frogs, birds, and so much more now live off from the product of my imagination. We can make a difference in the world by how we live our life instead of spending the life hours wasted and watching TV.

The bigger view includes Salvagefaire Market and other areas yet to come to a new life as a model of what we could do to create sustainable living if we choose.

If you haven’t built a tiny house before, its really quite a simple thing to do, and this is just a taste of what I you that you do too.

A sunset from Salvage, Tx is a beautiful thing.

We have to stand up at times to pray, to speak out where the message can be heard, that is it wrong to take advantage of the poor, of the people who will not stand up because they know they most likely will lose. That is not cause to let bad things happen, and get worse until they are of no value for the children in the schools pay the price for this failed system throughout their entire lives of ignorance caused by a broken education system in this tiny town.