Now At This Fine Older Age, I Have Learned What I Wished I Had Known So Long Ago.  Truly There Is Much To Share For The More Of Us In Great Condition, The Better The World Will Be.

Everyone has the Creative Energy of Spirit it takes to create Organic Cottages out if Salvage if they Believe: Thus Achieve

What does it mean to “Be”?  To exist like a rock is a form of being… while limited in potential interaction with the reality around us, that does not seem like “Being” as in “Alive”.  Still, people can be Alive, yet walking in a stupor, asleep in the midst of a much bigger world of miracles and possibilities than most people are aware.   Life is experienced through the body while on this planet, interpreted and reacted to through a body that is either limited or empowered by the work we do to shape it, feed it so as to get stronger, smarter, and improve with age rather than decline for a hundred years or more.

Sometimes it is harder to explain the simplest of words than it is a big one. Oddly, tiny words can have more meaning and spread like seeds into languages around a planet, again and again.

What is the so important to our future as a planet is determined by what we do in so much as we are concerned, for it will survive and come back long after our species is wiped out due to bigger issues, like long-term ice ages or war?  There are some things that can only be affected by the larger human consciousness rather than by a few megalomaniacs who feel they have the right to determine the fate of our species, or the other Beings that share this planet.

To make the next big step in Human Evolution we must recognize our higher power as Spirits that can manifest miracles without belief systems, without actions, the way we live and affect others around us by how we behave.  Please consider joining on the fantasy story that reflects the real-life many have had a chance to taste in this lifetime.  The chance to live, to Be, to share, to touch, speak, sing, create, and manifest your dreams and contributions to the future of generations that will thank you long after you are gone.

I want to offer the spaces for some very special people to come learn how to build, from tree houses to homes under the ground, from camp spaces that stay dry inside walls and screened from mosquitos. Through teaching how to salvage Body, Mind, Spirit, and Homes, we can stimulate the economy, the society, and the future we leave for the 7 generations that will follow us. through this path, we could teach the teachers who will go and show others how to create sustainable homes or places to thrive instead of just survive until the world stabilizes again.

It is the You, the U in WUB that makes change possible and if you believe that, you can be a Wubber, one who shares the energy by Being the Best you can Be!

Believe in your self, your body, your ability to do miracles.   Love your self, your body, your potential, and forgive yourself for what you did when you were asleep and learning.  The lessons are hard for some, but the things they must yet do required they be tested and strong in advance of the real challenges ahead.  You are what you were intended to be, but for some, they must open their eyes to see the bigger picture, by believing in themselves and what they can do while here on this planet.  We are not here to sit by and let bad things happen, to contribute by not stopping evil, greed, and the destruction instead of the benefit of the world we live in.  Wii is the Cosmic Consciousness manifesting whereby all Beings on our planet share the goals and benefits, living healthy lives, without taking advantage of others for the accumulation of excess rather than the betterment of all of us.  While hard to imagine, it can and does happen in our world and we can grow that instead of war if Wii choose.  Please join me in choosing Peace over War by living what we want the world to Become.

The World Union of Beings made up of You, and Me, and the billions (Wii ) who would rather have peace than war, instead of following the few that perpetuate the problems instead of solving them as it profits them to control chaos rather than live and share in Peace.   Learn to Love yourself unconditionally, be able to be so comfortable and confident with who you are inside that the bare nakedness of your vessel, your body, is okay for you have nothing to be ashamed of or hide, for you are U, part of the Wii, and I am here to help you find a path that will bring you the body, mindset, and spiritual energy that is possible once you decide to Be all that you can in this lifetime and tune up your body so the rest of the trip is the most incredible it could possibly be… one of the dreams fulfilled.

Once upon a time, a young boy came to Texas at 29 years old.

Thanks for your sharing the words of Wibblry and the concept of WUB, thus growing the number of people who know about Wibblry and Wub.  the words of Wibblry are the seeds of communication for the times ahead when global and interstellar communication on the Cosmic Web will require this as basic reading in the earliest of years when coming to incarnate on our planet.  Can anyone imagine that?  I can.  This is one of those cyber viruses that could make it around the world before the powers that would want to stop it even know it came to exist in the minds of billions.  A cartoon by a crazy character who no one would consider taking seriously at first glance… but that is the plan… not hidden by anything but the Truth… unbelievable as it may seem.

Now at this fine older age, I have learned what I wished I had known so long ago. Truly there is much to share for the more of us in great condition, the better the world will be.

I have a link up to the new Youtube video showing the Wii Gong workout without words or music, so that you can add your favorite music or be inspired to get the audio telling you how to build up to doing this workout and looking as good as you could too, at 62.  The benefits of high natural testosterone levels, high energy levels all day long, no pains, healing fast if injured, and just feeling like a million bucks in boots is worth the few hours a week it takes to get here.  True, it may take years, for my nearly 7 to be where I never imagined and getting better every day I continue these exercises.  Please consider joining me on the videos or get in touch by email for more personalized training or retreats at Salvage, Tx to detox and tune-up for the next decade.

With Wub and Wibblry,


Shaman of Salvage