Learn How to Build Tiny Houses with Salvage


Do you want to build your own tiny house, but lack the money and knowledge necessary to do it?

Tiny Texas Houses' Ranch House Design

Tiny Texas Houses’ Ranch House Design

If so, we know how daunting and expensive a task such as building your own home and sanctuary can be!

There’s nothing more disappointing than having spent months trying to learn how to build a tiny house, only to realize that the price of materials and a strong educational foundation are expensive and difficult to obtain.

It doesn’t take much to end up feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the tiny house building options and jargon on the market.

Until recently the only solution for tiny house enthusiasts dreaming of designing and building their own tiny house, was to either attend hand on workshops and purchase the materials new, or to have a professional builder design and construct your tiny house for you.

KayehouseonsiteThe problem with these options is that most hands on workshops are limited in the amount of content and valuable insights your learn, and having someone build your tiny house can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

These choices have limited the number of people like you being able to make that transition into “living simply and sustainably.”



Introducing Pure Salvage Living Online


IMG_3755Our one-of-a-kind online membership platform is called “Pure Salvage Living Online.” We’ve been building tiny houses for clients for over six years using nothing but salvaged materials from locally sourced old structures. We’ve designed over sixty tiny houses and proven what beautiful creations can come from using salvaged materials.

We’ve decided that we want to pass our knowledge of building with salvage onto you!

This platform breaks down the process, in simple and easy to follow instructions, how you can identify and salvage old valuable materials, restore and re-purpose them, and create a tiny house that is healthy and environmentally friendly, from salvaged materials.

Our membership platform is unlike anything the web has seen before.

We are offering comprehensive tutorial videos, webinars, and articles describing how Tiny Texas Houses operates their salvage business and builds tiny houses. Our membership platform is also an online community of like-minded individuals which you can connect and network with!

What are the steps of the Membership Platform?

Step 1:

SalvageTutorialsSnapshot02Members start out by watching “The Salvage Mining” tutorial series. This series is over five hours long and contains pointed advice from Brad Kittel (owner of Tiny Texas Houses) on how he started his salvage mining business and how you can do the same!




Step 2:

DSCN4485Once you learn the tricks and tips to identifying your own salvageable materials in your local area, you can begin to collect the building materials you need to build your own tiny house.






Step 3:

SalvageTutorialsSnapshotStudents then progress into the “Salvage Building Tutorials” which guides you step-by-step, on designing and building your own tiny house the “Tiny Texas Way.” That is to say, from salvaged and re-purposed materials.





Anyone can do the things we teach! With a little human energy, anyone can salvage, restore, and build their own tiny house and we’re going to show you how!


What Do Members Learn?Installing bottom of shower drain

Learn How to:

  • Obtain “salvage rights” to structures in your area
  • Identify valuable building materials
  • Deconstruct a building safely and efficiently
  • Transport and store building materials
  • Remove nails and clean framing materials
  • Restore salvaged windows and glass
  • Design a tiny house with salvage
  • Space saving techniques in your tiny house design
  • What tools you need to build your tiny house
  • The step-by-step process to build your tiny house (from flooring, framing, siding and finishing)
  • Re-purpose old roofing tin for your tiny house roof
  • Build your tiny house in “modules”
  • Start your own Salvage Mining or Salvage Building Business for profit
  • And Much Much More!



Pure Salvage Living Online Members Get Access To:

  • The Salvage Mining Tutorial Series. Over five hours and 20 educational tutorial videos on how to salvage and restore building materials including how to start your own salvage mining business!
  • The Salvage Building Tutorial Series. A comprehensive, step-by-step video series on how Tiny Texas Houses builds their tiny houses with salvage from concept to completed home.
  • Over 50 articles detailing tips and tricks to building your tiny house with salvaged materials.
  • Our members and member directory to network and engage with like-minded tiny house enthusiasts. Team up to salvage a house in your area or build your own tiny homes together!
  • Pre-sale access to hands on workshops hosted by Tiny Texas Houses
  • The Pure Salvage Living Forum where you can connect and engage with Tiny Texas Houses and other members
  • And all the updates and new content that is released on the website every month.
  • PSL Online Members Facebook Group


Here’s what our members are saying:

Sheri Madaris says: “This site is great! I cannot wait for the next salvage and build workshop, but your tutorial videos provide a ton of great information and are great quality!”

Christopher Karow says: “Great tutorial videos and platform through and through. What an inspiration!”


Are you ready to get started learning how to build your own tiny house?

IMG_3744You’re probably wondering how much money you have to spend to get access to all this great content.

And that’s a fair question given that the only way to get access to this kind of information in the past was to attend hands on workshops which usually cost $1000 or more to attend.

However, the reason we created this membership platform is to provide anyone in the world the resources they need to salvage and build their own tiny house and we’re eager to spread the knowledge we’ve learned building with salvaged materials.

We are now offering PSL Memberships for free for a limited time!


If you’ve been like most of us, and daydreamed about living a simple life in your own tiny home, then now is the time to make the change and empower yourself to make this dream a reality!

In just a few minutes you’ll be on your way to learning how to design and build your own tiny home for a fraction of the normal cost! Click the “register” button below to get started.

Monthly Subscription
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Enjoy a monthly subscription that includes

  • Access to Entire Tutorial Video Archive
  • Access to PSL Online Forum
  • Access to a PSL Online Members Only Facebook Group