Financing Tiny Texas Houses

Recently I received  post from a mortgage lender.   I think it is a pertinent question for nearly everyone who wants a house like this but finds there is no financing out there to speak of.


This great house has lived in two locations now, along with a visit back home in between to upgrade to a shower instead of a tub and other cosmetic changes. See the Cowboy house galleries for some really hot shots.

Thanks for your interest in helping.  There is so much you could do if you are sincerely hearing a calling to transform the way housing happens.  I am open to offering 50% down loans with no interest 5 year payoffs, or less as long as they do not leave the territories until paid for.   I have the materials in stock for nearly all of them so this is easy.

I need some money for development but the returns are almost unfathomable thus to close to unbelievable to bother sharing.  That seem to fantastic to be real yet the income streams from seminars, books, DVD, materials, brokering materials, properties, tools we make, ladders, and the many inventions I offer as Lifeware and Lifetools in the form of Art.

The 20,000 sf building I owe $30,000 on is great for an Airstream to Roadhouse institute with 40,000 Airstreams and Avions waiting to be restored, toxin free All American Tiny Texas style.

Pure Salvage Living and Tiny Texas Houses now has a global following that extends to every country and language in the world.  We have not run an ad in 7 years, nor had a PR dept, secretary, office manager, architect, engineer, salesman, or other hats a many in 5 years.  Finally I am adding people and offering up the opportunity for the ones I hope to give this all to in trust to pass along, but not for the mercenaries who offer to tap the vein without their own heart and soul to pump energy in, only take.


I hope you can do more and look forward to what it means in your business to be a maverick or to want to do with the financial industry what we are now doing to the architectural industry of exclusivity.  Soon we will offer a new means of designing a Pure Salvage house on the fly with a low cost or free program that will adjust our plans and sizes to fit the house materials you are drawing from to build the new houses on site under a circus tent as you tear down the farmhouse next to it.  You could ship from there or have a great home, property for rent and many other intents, yet never leave the property.  In some cases, the loopholes that creates will insure success of the transformation of a lender/insurance company/government zoning road block to Tiny Housing.  My intent is to create a particularly counter-corporate culture based utilization of existing resources outside the easy reach of the big cumbersome global corporations that are running the imported toxic building materials business and lobbying for their products to be forced upon the public through National Building Codes.  I do not wish to build a million houses with a big company but instead to insure you can do it and reap the rewards that the rich would otherwise own and control.  You have the means to save all of the treasures across America if you move to not only protect them now, but also store them in such a way as to be able to survive off from them for decades or more without importing our future and being at the Global corporations mercy for prices they will offer it up at once there is no alternative left but them.

This too can change if investment turns into a Life Resources Banking industry where the Pure Salvage Outposts offer education in Life Skills that enable anyone to build a nearly toxin free home using barter and salvage acquired at no cost.  The Human Energy is available and properly orchestrated to take advantage of the treasures at hand, they can all have great family businesses, freedom to live without federal controls of their housing, draconian taxation for nothing, and will keep materials on hand available for centuries more.  No need to keep big box stores to take away your hard earned income for built in obsolescence products, mostly imports, thus leaving little in benefits for the local economy.  ‘

Rather than pay the feds 35% of each dollar in wages, barter, trade, and utilize the benefits of many small businesses to expense off all potential profits like the big guys do each year.  You will need to expense off trucks for the boys, trailers, tools, and food, amongst many other things that normally would be written off by your employer.  Example, the big buildings left behind in towns across the USA by companies that had to go overseas to survive.  What about the families that built the company, literally from the ground up, who now look at the ghosts of industry past and wonder at the wispy promises that still float around but gradually fade as well.

Join together and bring your towns back to life.  The global corporations have written off the cost of the buildings and equipment as part of the golden parachute they get from our federal  government for leaving  and training people in foreign countries to do your jobs for less. In a COUNTER-CORPORATION the many small businesses that each could be considered parts of a hologram, a whole like the human body that contains within each cell all of the information to regrow the bigger body over and again such that you can not destroy the idea.  Fill the buildings with opportunity and a future for your towns that will keep the kids there and the elderly cared for in a kind way locally, not off in a visually and artistically sterile toxic cubicle in a city nursing home/cage.


No chieftains to steal the money of the workers below and bail when there is no meat left to cut from the bones.  We the people would be the stockholders and the heart would be the soul, not separated and severed from the people by the drive for profit at any cost, even human or our Planet Earth.

We can create a Counter-Corporation that is outside the reach of the very rules they would use to stop us at a local level.  The masses are the sand that holds up the pyramids.  When we vibrate together we become the quicksand that allows it to sink and as it does, the Chrysalis that will consume the pieces of the past and build a brilliant future with them that will bring about solutions, not the end that is in store if we leave the people in power who are taking us down for greed.  When the pinnacle reaches the sands level and they are faced with walking the hot sands and working along side us as equals, they will choose instead to sink into the sands of the masses and through where the Gold should go, back into the ground for what it represents and perhaps someday resurrected to make healing tools, beautiful things that are commonly owned, and shields instead of jewelry so that we can use it to protect the people and not as the cause to harm them in order to simply accumulate more of it.


I Salvage so I can help people understand this, through the seedlings I build and cast them gently into the reality of our present world.  They have done all that I have asked of them.  I hope the love and ethos that I instill in each house goes far beyond the gold and profits that some see in them to be instead of the place they are meant to be, a homestead.


Your heart and soul ring loud and true

when in a Tiny Texas House.

It is because its raw and pure,

and made from life itself.


It is because I build with Love

for Mankind and our Earth.

It is because I do not care

about the gold or wealth.


I hope you see what I can do

for you can do much more,

by being part of what can be

with what I have in store.


Join me in my vision for a Renaissance en force.

a global meditation on a path that we can chart,

for now a science fiction like so many things have been,

until they manifested and we think of them as real.


I challenge you to take away

the images you see,

once they settle in your memory

and sink their roots like steel.


Thus entangled in your psyche

They will grow into your dreams

they’ll inspire you to hope for more

to know you can be free…


There is nothing I can offer you

so grand as freedoms bell,

and i ring it out in calling

for your miracles to swell,


Let them grow up from your bosom

where your heart still beats with Love

lift your self and others upward

as you see what is above.


Tis the hope of all the nations

as the peoples pray for peace

though the leaders can not hear them

they will soon fall to their knees.


For the bell to wake has tolled now

and the calling has arrived.

There are many who are listening

and so many yet alive.


Let us save those who awaken

share the knowledge and the gifts

Teach them truth and Love for Freedom

that will bind them as great friends.


Let them know the Light Within them

gives them fuel direct from God

and the Power it unleashes

give all reason to applaud


for with that gift we are given

all solutions we will need

For God gifted us the Rapture

Now  its time to claim the deed.


We can form our brand new Eden

from the scraps most throw away.

We can join to form the miracle

God promised us one day.