Finding My Peace in my House


Finding Peace in my House


Finding Peace in many different styles

I have only recently found peace

but I am glad its coming through

the medium I have chosen

to express my thoughts and views.


I found this to express myself

this energy of Wub

that flows throughout my very veins,

the forms my every thought.


Hopefully the Book of WUB

will share the thoughts one day

and to that end I have no choice

and soon will walk away.


At peace within my Temple,

in a place no one can see.

I have dreams to yet accomplish

I have places to yet be.


I’ve learned that Peace doth cometh,

not from what you have or win,

or things you hold with in your hand

or steal, sell, and skin.


Abandoned and long left for dead,

as were these parts, near all.

The trees that stood for centuries,

Grown from our planets Love.


Handmade windows, Hand-blown glass,

and even doors made in the past,

with true meaning in

the hardware used on all.


I am inspired by other things,

so different than most men,

but it seems I may not be in tune,

thus I bring this to an end.


The Zebu’s will soon leave the womb

though barely come to life,

and the Monty leaves me far too soon,

likewise soon lost from sight.


I’ve more to spawn from in my mind,

with treasures stored for years,

as houses for my villages

and those that I hold dear.


It is to them I’ll leave it all.

To steward and to share,

I’m thankful for the chance to weave

this story with great care.


I dream of more than life in mind

I did not wish to lead

I’d rather write a book alone

Than deal with business needs.


Had not my dips in afterlife

Distorted how I feel,

to give me lifelong freedom

knowing this is all unreal,


I might not have saved houses,

even neighborhoods in past,

I might not have made millions

Out of other people’s trash.


I never would have had this life,

Lived in a school bus,

Turned crack shacks into first homes

When all thought their life was past.


I still believe that homes should last

a century or more,

I want to prove that happens

With the treasures we’ve in store.


The young kids get their first homes

Out of nothing more than air,

and the things that I can do with trash

that no one else would dare.


I’ve had my pride and arrogance,

my hubris and my wealth,

I’ve had the chance to love unbound,

and missed the Love I got.


I can not say that anything

can speak more words than these,

my seedlings that I plant in Man,

my hope that You will See.


The truth is in the center,

in my house made from God’s flesh,

the living creatures of the world,

still give us Love, not death.


This is the Purest we can live,

the simplest of forms.

It takes not from the World we Love,

and only tries to Give.


It honors all that I hold dear,

my Passion can’t be Quelled.

I form it into loveliness

and spread it all around.


I share it with an open heart

and take the shafts that fly,

into the heart once armored,

I now feel the pain and cry.


I tear up when I speak of kids,

abandoned and forgot,

or used as pawns for power,

shooting guns and dropping bombs


I explore many reasons

and i always find the same.

It is because we blind ourselves

to what could solve such things.


I hope that one day when I’m gone,

when I’ve learned we see things best,

if lost the chance for better lives,

may not be found again.


I learned from watching Adam,

my son I loved so dear,

in leaving I learned so much more,

than his whole life spent here.


I learned more in a year it seems,

than decades on the move,

The anger it awoke was chained

inside my very heart.


I woke again to see a Light

I had left far behind.

I left it in my bus I built,

where I first found Peace of mind.


Now here at last I find again,

and now I see it best,

for it shows how bringing back the dead,

has been my favorite test.


It can be formed from a memory

of what it once looked like.

It can be formed from love we knew,

if only for a night.


It can be formed from child we grow

within our very womb

imagination manifested

as Love seeds this life anew.


I thank you for absorbing both

my words and houses too.

They are the only things I have

that I can give to you.


They are the hope, the dreams the stuff

that makes a new day bright,

they are the inspiration

that will get you through the night.


I pray you use them wisely,

these images I make,

for they may not last for ever

lest you tend them for your sake.


It’s the Resonance that saves us

as we think as One again.

Its the seeds that give Us chorus,

its the thoughts that form the Plan.


I must leave you with this final thought.

What have You done today?

To make this image in your mind,

the Life You Live one day?



Darby  2013 just before he leaves.