The Back Side Views Of The Log Cabin That We Will Be Taking Down.

Flash: Wild West Bootcamp at the Weatherford Log Cabin, Texas

Holy Cow, its a Tiny Texas & Pure Salvage Living Wild West Bootcamp in Weatherford, Texas. For those that don’t know, that is just west of Ft. Worth area, a darn good run from here at Salvage, Texas. We are willing to take the trip for this rare Texas beasty, as it is new by our standards and has many features that won’t exist in most houses you will likely get to take down.

The Weatherford Long Cabin that will be the focus of the Wild West Log Cabin Bootcamp.

The Weatherford Long Cabin that will be the focus of the Wild West Log Cabin Bootcamp.

We could not resist as no one seemed to be able to tackle this for this couple and I had been pretty positive that someone would step up to the plate. Alas, as I was wrong due to a drunk driver hitting one of the most likely guys to take it down, but while he survived, he will need time to recover.

There is also a carport on the end so there is even more than the 2,700 square feet of living space.

There is also a carport on the end so there is even more than the 2,700 square feet of living space.

Here you can see how the D-Logs are cut and put in place.

Here you can see how the D-Logs are cut and put in place.

So off we go… into the Wild West Bootcamp at the Log Cabin. We think it is because the many who wanted to could not get the people to help, the trucks and trailer to haul the materials away, the comfort level to tackle it, or many other reasons. So….. We are going to do it and see if others want to learn how from the area and then take down a house on their own. Admittedly there may never be another as easy as I will make this one look, and we will do our best to video tape it all for others to also learn by, members first of course.

Beams and lots of goodies to pull out of this house.


Here is a view of the interior and you can easily see that this is not a trashed house, like some of those we have taken down in the past. Yes it is sad that it must end this life in this form, but if I am right, we will save 85% of the materials used to build this the first time. From the air conditioners, the custom built kitchen cabinets, and so much more that will be fun to take out, and even more fun building something new without all of the parts and pieces.


This is great for lofts and for decking.



So here is the scoop….. this incredible 2,700 sf house will be taken down and reassembled later in another form, or two, or three, and the process starts with us having a Bootcamp where others can come and help in exchange for learning the basics of salvage. From learning the tools required, safety issues, techniques, terminology, and much about the concept, procedure, qualifying, quantifying, and packing it on to trailers to ship. No one can learn all you need to know in one Bootcamp or seminar, and anyone who thinks they can is fooling themselves because hands on experience with this occupation is the best path to the knowledge and justified self confidence it will take to make a career of this great new industry.

The back side views of the log cabin that we will be taking down.

The back side views of the log cabin that we will be taking down.

If you want to participate in this event it will last from the morning of the 6th – evening of the 8th of March, weather permitting. As a backup, we will go on March 13th-15th, but we do not like using a back up. So the plan is to take it all down in three days. Want to be part of it? Sign on up.

  • The bootcamp is limited to current Pure Salvage Living Members. Get your membership if you do not have it yet, because there will be a limit to the number of people and the level of allowed participation.
  • If necessary, some attendees can just pay to audit the course and learn without doing any of the work.
  • See the Tiny Texas Houses Liability Release Form for other details.

So we are going to have a great time working our butts off proving we can take down this house in three days, long perhaps, but if we have enough people, it should be a breeze. It will also be a great example for others to follow if that is what they are seeking to learn more about, and you will likely never have the chance for so little cost. It will only cost $150 for three incredible days of education that will last a lifetime, and possibly create a path for others to create homes and careers. No meals included, no rooms to stay in, so not one of our normal on site camp out bootcamps which will make it harder for some to come. We may have a couple of Working Volunteer positions too. We will be getting hotel rooms nearby as they are not very expensive and suggest sharing some rooms if cost is a consideration. We will be taking emails and phone calls to co-ordinate this event on relatively short notice, as always.

To participate, then you will need to be a member, first and foremost. It is only a mere $5 per month to belong and support these sorts of efforts to perpetuate the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Thank you for the blessings and opportunities that could open the door of awareness and a path to your dreams. Through learning how to take what some do not need and offer up to use for others to build housing out of for the future. In this case, we will call such an event the Wild West Salvage Mining Bootcamp. See the link below to learn more about participating.

It is by doing this simple act of donation, whether it be money, time, human energy, or resources, materials, or tools. This is what I offer from salvage mining lessons that some can thus use to help save the planet’s limited resources for the generations that will follow long after the Baby Boomer generation is gone.

There is much we have the power to preserve by our daily living and provide one of the most empowering paths that can teach us to be grateful for the gifts we have on hand. It is up to us to use our creative power to form these gifts into what we need to live a more rewarding life of abundance in simplicity.

We can choose the future as easily as opening the door to self sufficiency, self confidence, and by believing in our potential in order to manifest the world we want to live in that will last long after we are gone. This is part of making that happen by showing others how to fuel their passion, to transform their love for others into an energy that can change the quality of life for them.

We may do this by simply turning our thoughts into action, our motion into transformation, and our dreams into beautiful tiny homes, family villages, or even towns. Thus each of us, joining with others, form a future out of the gifts at our fingertips rather than wasting the many gifts flowing through our hands each day.

Want to learn more about how to apply this philosophy in your life too?

Join us for the Wild West Salvage Mining Bootcamp at the Weatherford Log Cabin.