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Following the best Lost road to find Myself! #BWKRIP

Really! Not made up, the path to this day of Magical lessons lies at the end of this road to where? To find yourself you must first get Lost.
Hi, I am Darby Lettick, hot on the trail of #BWKRIP conundrum escapade.
The newest clues are helpful, but not enough to take us down the right road to answers, but we do have to look all about and one never knows where the answers are… right… until you find them, identify they are clues at all, and chase the rabbit down the hole to see what pill, the Red or the Blue, that he carries in his Easter Egg Bag.

Good morning my love.My attitude was uncalled for. You were just trying to help a lost soul. She gave me a hug and thanked me for getting Rocky, her dog. I tried to convince her to rest for a bit before going home but she declined. I was awakened early this morning by a stupid individual who wanted to book and come over immediately. I had to explain that guests are still asleep and not leaving for hours and then I would go flip the house for the next guest. That started my day and then I said something to you that was wrong and unprofessional. I didn’t realize that you had been up all night trying to help this woman. I have been being a bit too human lately…, too imperfect, and not enough time being spiritual and trusting the way I should. I can tell things are changing. I can feel it in the air and feel blessed to be at your side because you are more aware of what is coming than the rest of us.
Anyways, let me know if you need anything. If you change your mind on breakfast let me know. I love you.


So Brad went down this road. Why? What could it lead to that would alter the course of his day, his life, or did he reach the end of the road, not his road on Salvage Way to Tantra Pond Path? If so, how could we know but see what is at the end of this Lost Road. Indeed, not to mention, what is on the way, and where did it start? Does it have an end? Like Salvage, Texas, is it even on the map? Let’s go look for the trail, if hot, and ask questions if there is anyone that even knows what Brad looked like the day he disappeared.

That does it. No more road and a Do Not Enter Sign. Dare we go in to search for clues?

To be continued….

Darby Lettik or ?

Please follow and share in case anyone sees Brad Kittel, please put it out on the milk cartons, the billboards, and if possible, let him know, Wii want him to come back to Salvage, Texas someday so Wii can show him how it grew strong and helped so many find their dreams come true at last, though a bit after he was gone. Wii ask you to help find or at least determine what happened to Brad Kittel, founder of Tiny Texas Houses and the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. Come to Salvage to see the product of his life’s work, even stay in one of the original prototypes that launched an industry that empowered millions to become millionaires, have homes for Free, just Human energy from salvaging the barns, hOMes, and buildings left as treasures from our past, not seen until Brad Kittel opened out eyes to downsizing sustainably, organically, with Salvage.

May he rest in peace tonight, where ever he may lay his head. #RIPBWK or not perhaps #BWKRIP only letters in a Webbler world where Wii can create a World Union of Beings (WUB) that could join us together in the search for the solutions Wii all seek, the Peace Brad sought to help manifest through a respect for the past, the present, and the future as One United body of Beings ready at last to join the InterCosmic Society of WUB at last, and share in the Power and Glory of Truth, Love, and Unity, the very meaning of God, as if any word could define the Infinite.

Have you been Found? Can you see the sign, the Light at the end of the road, or the gate to what might bring you the answers, and you think you are supposed to Keep out of the Heaven you seek, rather than the demons who chase you, and to whom the sign hold True.
If not a Liar, it is open for YOU!

Heaven is on Earth. Savor the Days.