For all the folks that decided to stick around for the next act in the Play of Life on Earth…. We got you!

Hi my friends, all of which I suspect are still here except the ones that decided to die just for the heck of it last night or Today. Please say goodbye before you leave if you are on the list for pickup sometime today. Love ya all and wish you the best. I am sticking behind to take care of finishing my part of creating the new millennium of Peace and Prosperity for all who survive the little tests we are facing yet ahead. It ain’t over till the Trumpets play and Mother Earth sings, then with a big splash and flashing lights, a few billion people taking off to the next life lickety-split for lack of preparation to stay behind, and then we are off to the races figuring out where the last of the 1% might have set up in case they are still not ready to let go of the controls that greed and hate have had on our planet for too long. They need to let go voluntarily and let us heal the wounds to societies and the Mother Earth for a few centuries without killing off anyone who disagrees… unless they still want to kill other beings, in which case their vessel may need to be terminated and free their Spirit, if they have one, to go on where it needs to go next.

We are still going and growing for the celebrations of our new life and path as we realize that no matter how bad these things get, we will continue to believe we will Thrive, not just survive. Join us!

So for those who know the real work is still ahead, and now realize they need to be preparing instead of thinking today is their Get out of Jail FREE card day. After the disappointment of still being here sets in, consider downsizing, changing your lifestyle so as to change your perspective on sticking around cause it will be fun, exciting times of adventure and innovation, ingenuity, and Awakening to the illusions so many have been caught up in that are not relevant, but distracting from the bigger reasons we are here.

Imagine that you set up a space in the market and sell you old stuff, practice your art, music, or form of expression of your Spirits through your actions.

Savor the moments, Love like there will be no tomorrow to be with those you care about, and live the life that will make this a better place for the kids who will inherit our world instead of one you just want to escape from the easy way. The easy way is by giving service to others, by realizing the things will not only not make you happy, they will incumber you and possibly keep you from finding peace because you are too worried about losing the things that make up the illusion of your being special. YOU should see your self as special without the things, because you do special things, and can be proud of that, hold those memories dear when you get old, and know you have lived your truth now that some of the things you believed in are shattered and hopefully the demagogues that lead from the pulpit, internet, and political podiums will fall to the wayside as the shame of our condition is directed at the people who have caused much of it for Money, Power, and solely for selfish reasons.
Welcome to the new beginning marked by the stars, but not the end, simply one more indication that there are cycles and we are in one. Where it leads depends upon us, the people of the planet who could control the leaders who want war, eliminate the greed from leaders of giant corporation that defy laws of every land. It is the people of the planet, the Beings who do not know they have more power than all the weapons could stop, but they must form a World Union of Beings to focus effective energy on the few problems entities that are willing to use a scorched Earth policy to regain total control and reduce the potential for the people to take over and them to meet their demise.

If the world is not scary enough or you want to visit to experience a fear you have no cause for so the danger is none… thus laugh and enjoy a moment out of the stress of the world that we can not control.  For a night or two, come and share the pleasure of being alive, regardless of what fear mongers might have laid out for the months ahead… savor the moments till then.

Please take a moment to consider if we can provide you with a FREE event venue for a music or film festival that might have a problem due to the issues of the weather than have messed everyone up so much. Please take a look at this option.

Are we ready to lead ourselves with new people chosen who have not sold out, have not been blackmailed, have not chosen to service the 1% who hold the power and the wars intact, and have the strength of Spirit to not be corrupted once they take their turn as stewards of our peoples and planet. Not sure who will want the job, for the rewards are going to be more Spiritual for the leaders if we are to make it to the next level of our cultural & global evolution.
If you decide to stick around for a great month of gatherings, check out Salvage, Texas which, though not found on the maps, is definitely still around and growing daily.

A major step forward in the spook house world. Underground dungeons, actors in blood and gore, but no real demons, devils, and politicians, few bad lawyers, and all positive people planning on creating a positive world when we go home.

Welcome to the New Days much like the old days, to be lived one day at a time with intention and gratitude.
Love ya all so check in if you have not checked out. Heh.

Darby Lettik

Few people have seen houses that can fly, and if they have, they will not tell you. Imagine what is impossible and figure out how to do it, as many have over and again, for then you are truly tapping your power to imagine outside the box, to be the first to run the mile under 4 minutes, a nobody until that moment when his belief in himself turned a black man into a legend. You can be a legend too.