This Is An Example Of One Of The Showers We Have Done In The Past, Big Brother In This Case, And Shows You Some Of The Features You Will Learn To Create.

Free Attendance to Vintage Mosaic & Roof Tile Shower Seminar

Yes, this is a weekend seminar where that new membership pays of in Spades because you not only get:

Unusual glass for the bath in the White Swan. She is getting prettier by the day now. One more oiling, a table mounted soon, and on to the trailer very soon in preparation for the ride to her new home with a Texas Hill Country view like several of her brothers and sisters already out on the ranches.

1) the Complimentary night or more in the B&B for the weekend, (RSVP for event.. limited to 6 houses available) Camping free too.
2) the Free Attendance to the seminar, as part of the sign up special being extended for this event first two week sign up period.
3) Plus a half price discount on all the parts if you want to take them home and create one in your Organic Cottage or House once you learn how.

Beautiful view of the mosaic shower floor that Phoenix laid out for us.

This is an example of one of the showers we have done in the past, Big Brother in this case, and shows you some of the features you will learn to create.

River Rock shower floor makes it fun to collect the rock with family, then make a cool pattern on the floor.

Here is a full shot of the shower with the sink beside so cute.

The shower turned out really fine, once more with my favorite tin roofing on the wall.

Giant shower using the 1890’s roofing shingles with Teak around the stained glass.

Roofing shingles for the shower wall and lots of goodies to spice up the room.

The focus on this Pure Salvage Living Seminar by the creators of Tiny Texas Houses is to show others how to create the incredible bathrooms that have been part of the collection of Organic Cottages they have built so far.

Come to the seminar on February 3rd, 4th, and 5th with a backup/second weekend (in case of bad weather too) if we have much left to do so others can also come or even have some of the first group back. Once a member has completed all the phases and can do it, we will be glad to certify you and refer clients to you if anyone wants them done in your area and you want to make a bit of extra income at this fun and creative process of salvage building incredible sustainable showers.


The weekends for this will both be in February such that our members will be able to participate in all the phases of building a shower the old school way,
A) with thin set mortar,
B) wire mesh,
C) mud to form the bottom,
D) How to plumb it, and
E) then to put the side walls on over an underlayment
F) apply several types of wall material to go easily and quickly.

We will cover the cheapest way and more elaborate paths using a number of materials.
a) Ceramic,
b) porcelain,
c) granite,
d) marble,
e) river stone, and
f) decorative elements

The Mosaic Tile shower all ready to go too.

all coming together to form the shower floors in imaginative ways.

A third shower floor all prepped for tile or river rock I think on this one.

There is normally a 12 hour drying time between layers of:
1) mud,
2) thin set to lay the floor mosaic in,
3) grout to fill between the tiles,
4) finishing the walls the 100 year old galvanized tiles or other choices
5) oiling
6) caulking, and
7) Sealing the shower floor.

This would mean it would take a week to get through the whole job, so we are starting the seminar with severals stages completed/prepped to expedite. By prepping each of the stages you will be able to learn all the aspects over a 3 day time span and have a second weekend for finish ups unless some just want to stay longer and finish it up from the first seminar. You will be able to get hands on doing any of the phases you like so as to be able to do it all yourself when completed.

In Order to ADD some more excitement to the mix…. Bonuses for participation and success.

Star students will win bonuses like a Free additional night, shower wall tiles, and granite for a floor in a shower. Once learned, this could easily be a skill that could make an artistic person a good living, but this is mainly intended for members who want to know how to do one in their own house one day.

The sexy shower in a Tiny Texas Bathroom is like not other tiny house you will likely ever see. The century old roofing shingles that cover the walls look incredible under the LEDs.

Here are some of the bathroom floors, walls, and showers we have created over the years that you can learn how to replicate. It is not that hard, just a matter of following the right steps. I believe nearly anyone can be taught how, and I look forward to seeing all the great showers people will build with this knowledge. If the sign up and participation is good, and we have the people to shoot a video so as to create a teaching tool for the rest of the members too, that is what we will do. Part of that depends on our membership growing and volunteers in some cases helping to facilitate the videos and as well as getting more teachers online to help more members gain this life skill and many more.

Here is a great example from the Monty Grand Victorian’s bathroom. Teak above adds to the flavor.

Here you can see the back side of the bar and the door to the bath opened.

Few places in the Tiny Houses industry allow people to come be interns, learn by attending seminars at no cost to members, and to help fuel a solution to a need for sustainable downsized Organic houses that will create an industry where all those who participate are rewarded and the society as a whole is better for the work that they do. This is a broad spectrum solution based on Salvation of our system through Salvage Mining treasure and building homes, careers, and family businesses that will create more jobs in America than any corporation promises in the first year of it coming into serious play in our society.

Beautiful bath with period fixtures on the sink and lots of space. Even has a make up and get ready space behind the door.

Not only can you get the plans as one of your bonuses so as to build your own tiny organic cottage from salvage, you can come and learn how to get the materials or do the work to build from the treasures you might find once you know how. Then it is simply what you can do with your imagination that will tell the tale when you are done with your creations too.

This is not a big bathroom but it has all you need.

Comfort Cabins longer view of the bathroom nearly finished except for some trim, sealer on the river rock floor, a commode, and other minor touches.

A shot of Miss Lilly’s bath vanity and storage shelves.

Mosaic floor of tile with roofing tile walls.

If you are already a member, then the seminar is also free to you and a great discount on the room if you like, more if you are sharing one of the double occupancy houses.

Here is a link to sign up now for the charter membership with up to three days in the Organic Cottages of your choice, or mix and match with building plans or discounts on materials for a bit of each benefit. Once you sign up you will get a member name, password, and hopefully let us know right away so that you can get one of the available houses that are not booked yet. See the Tiny Texas Houses on either HipCamp or Air B&B for more pictures as well as the link to this photoblog.
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