Some Of The Houses You Could Own Are Shown Here In Their Early Days.  You Could Become A Member And Win Packages Of Materials To Build A House Like This, With This Plan, Materials Kits And Known Solutions Are All Available To You Now.  You Could Own A Piece Of History With These Vintage Tiny Texas Houses, Including The Red Mascot Which Is The First Tiny House I Ever Built.

Fund Raising Sale: 1/2 Price Organic Cottages for Investment @ 20% return 10% annual dividends

Big Returns from investing in an Organic Cottage in Salvage, Texas.  

Imagine investing $25,000 in a tangible asset that pays 10% return in quarterly dividends ($2,500 pr year),

lets you depreciate the performing asset (at 10% per year),

does not add taxes or maintenance to your responsibilities (all paid by us with leaseback)

and you would get to have a physical asset at the end of 10 years that would be worth as much (guaranteed buyback at 10 yr) or more than your original investment. 

If you choose to sell it at the end of the first term, we would have the right to match the terms and buy it back or let you move it away. 

Alternatively, you could then gift it to a child or loved one without any real tax ramifications to your or them as it would technically be a depreciated piece of trash regardless of its possible value. 

On the other hand, you could also donate it for a huge write off but reclaim depreciation or let us lease it back for double the return for the next leaseback cycle of 5-10 years.

A bit more than a decade ago, I envisioned and created my first Organic Cottage under a brand I called Tiny Texas Houses. It is one of the houses we will sell an interest in, for it to stay on site and be shared for a decade.

This great return on your helping us get the next phase jumpstarted is possible by investing in one of the houses we have been using for the B&B thus enabling us to free up cash flow by leveraging these few houses to bring several more incredible houses online for the B&B which has been doing well in its initial test run.  You would get to keep the house in a prime location as a home base in the midst of three incredible cities, Austin, San Antonio, and  Houston.  As a get-away from the city you would have 30 days every years, of your choice, to stay in your house, more if an emergency required you to live here for a while, but the intent is that the house remain available for people to sleep in, feel the calming effects of an Organic Cottage, and be able to experience, learn and understand the world we could manifest using the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance ethos. 

You could own one of the original Tiny Texas Houses that will remain a collectible piece of  House Art  you could live in, give to your children, or grandchildren one day.  In the meantime, it will build their educational funding and exposure to the possibilities of sustainable building, toxin free housing, and alternatives to the American Dream of owning a McMansion and cars, TV’s, jewelry, or other accouterments that ultimately only create stress and distraction from the important things in life such as loving relationships and community.  Salvage, Texas is a going to manifest as a model of what we could do with a  barter market for all things old or created sustainably, a music and film venue, and the destination where people can come to learn how to get off the grid, out of the matrix, and enjoy a simple life in a healthy body, spirit, and state of mind.  Thus will our town of Salvage, Texas manifest a model that may then be replicated in other towns, states, and around the world. 

Some of the houses you could own are shown here in their early days. with this plan, materials kits and known solutions, in our collection. Add the cool windows, ornamental metal, shingles for the shower included, you could own a piece of history with this house, the first one ever built.

It will morph and take many forms as the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance becomes more popular based on the solutions and results it demonstrates are possible.  Just like the following for Tiny Texas Houses, the manifestation of this Pure Salvage Building ethos that has developed into a global community that continues to grow in cyberspace as well as reality.  Please consider joining us in the development of this membership community, this physical manifestation and opportunity to expand the ideology, as well as create the financing mechanisms that can fuel this with very little up front investment beyond what our forefathers spent in blood, sweat, tears, and time to create more than a hundred years ago.

The Kidd will get some sprucing up with the new funding and continue giving a great nights sleep to his guests. You could own an interest in this organic cottage for example.

You could even own a cottage like the Blue Moon or Vicky One for simplicity. It sleeps 3-4 and has a full bath, dining area and front porch.

So this is a simple and very limited proposition.  Invest in a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage on site for half the regular price, ergo $50,000 house for $25,000 which we lease back for 10 years while paying you $2,500 a year in quarterly dividends, giving you depreciation (10% annual payback), 30 days use of house a year (for you, friends, rent out on your own), and we take care of the maintenance, taxes, and have it ready when you come to visit.  We in turn use the money to improve the access, 43 acres that comprise Salvage, Texas, create the events venue that will add value to the house and give you a place to perhaps escape, send your loved ones for an escape from the cold northern snows, or simply come down here yourself in the cold times up north.

Yes, this is just one of 7 houses you could stay in to find out what your organization could teach people how to build. It is a big downsize but with a common bath house, community kitchens, and other elements, new forms of village living could be created in the outskirts of cities that could become self sufficient using salvage materials, a market to sell the wares created out of them, as well as the houses they could build and sell. It is a way of teaching a path to Salvation through salvage. It works. Come visit, even invest in a Tiny House in Salvage, Texas and have it here to give you income, depreciation so that the government pays for it, be ready for the SHTF moment with a back up outside of the city, or just build houses somewhere once you learn how.
You could nearly build two of these with the first package of materials we are offering as it does not need so many windows as it is only 80 sf on the first floor.

You own a house, not a bank account that is inaccessible when the internet it down.  You have 36 times the income from your savings.  You get to use it as a romantic escape or a business retreat and write it all off.  Or if you are as clever as our past president who owned a giant mansion in Kennebunkport, Maine where there is income tax but thanks to a condo in Texas, well he did not have an income tax, nor does he yet I suspect, thanks to that Tiny Residence in Texas he calls home.  Why not you?  That is up to you, and for the moment, 5-6 people will be the only ones to get this chance to invest in the manifestation of the next phase of Salvage, Texas.

The Retreat is the largest we are building that I hope this membership drive will enable us to keep here for larger families and groups to stay at which will make it better for having weddings and family celebrations. It is actually big enough to have a family live in, especially with the screened in porch that would have glass sash inserts for the bad weather, (2 months or so in Texas), adding another 150 sf of living space to make in nearly 800 sf of Organic Cottage Deluxe.

Oh yes, we will be moving 4 new houses on to the B&B line with the investment that may come our way from this funding campaign.  You get to be a member, possibly one of the first to own stock we will issue at some point in the future, and be a part of the most unique town to be created where going off grid if needed, building sustainably out of salvage to show that we can build living landfills instead of dead and toxic ones that waste our treasure.  Those who want to invest a bit more than the $25,000 (Which can be a joint venture of 5 interests with buyout options), then the best houses are yet to be finished but are nearly done and they will take us up to a level no other overnight venue in America can offer, right on the side of one of the busiest interstate highways in the country.

The houses still under way will soon be added to the collection you will be able to stay at if this goes as well as we expect over the next few weeks.

Does $25,000 seem like too much for a doll like this? Does it appeal to you? A chance to stay in it, own it, profit from it, savor it when you visit. You could be a part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. On a nicer day just a couple weeks ago, we want to share what is possible with a bit of trash, imagination, and human energy directed to help make the world a better place for the generations who will follow. Please consider joining us for inspiration and proof that what you dream of doing is possible and share that with those you love who can help make dream possible.

From here we can inspire, educate, consign materials to get people started in the salvage building industry, the salvage mining industry, or the many other facets.  The periphery opportunities include salvage brokering, appraisal, transport, warehousing, and many other jobs, careers, small businesses, and local co-ops where the tools, space, elders to teach, thus proving the reasons for promoting Pure Salvage Outposts in towns across the nation.  Please consider a membership in the community, supporting us by investing in our plan through your financial, social connectivity, or creative energy.  We plan to make a place you can be proud to be a part of, come to see the many events that support a positive future for our planet, and be an integral part of living the life it will take to create a sustainable healthy planet in the future.

Gypsy Too is under construction and will have a king size bed and twin above, and be exceptionally exotic with stained glass all about. You could help finish it out by joining us in the seminars and then get to stay in it, possibly for another free night if you are a great help in getting it finished by coming to the free seminars to make it finish manifesting.

For more information, please contact for more information about investing beyond the cost of a membership. 

Tours of Salvage, Texas houses are on Saturday at 11 am and last until 1 pm.  See more on tour page.   

Thank you for your time and consideration and your wishes for our success that we receive from so many who want to see this evolve into their part of the world too.  I am changing gears and hoping to inspire, finance through providing critical parts to develop the builders network to use our Pure Salvage Building Ethos so that more people can offset the cost of shipping long distance and use that cost to benefit local builders, buyers, and salvagers who will not have to haul as far if the resources are being reused locally.  This is how we create local jobs, opportunities, and a future out of Salvage.  Join me in the path to Salvation through Salvage of lives, bodies, and homes that will pave the way to a beautiful future for everyone involved.


From the first house created by Tiny Texas Houses to the newest, it is like getting a chance to stay in a museum of houses that show the progression of Salvage Building.
This is a way to understand the issues in building, the methods that are now possible to make the houses energy efficient, and the Space Magic Designs that make these seem like they are much larger inside than they appear.

With new porches on both sides finished that will shed the water and let it feed some great sunflowers and other bird food, flowers, and people food, we are getting ready for spring. Not the high 70’s and 80’s of this coming week, but the other spring a few weeks further away. heh!
Ooops, this one is not for sale… its mine.