With New Porches On Both Sides Finished That Will Shed The Water And Let It Feed Some Great Sunflowers And Other Bird Food, Flowers, And People Food, We Are Getting Ready For Spring.  Not The High 70's And 80's Of This Coming Week, But The Other Spring A Few Weeks Further Away.  Heh!
Ooops, This One Is Not For Sale... Its Mine.

Game On! Time to get your Vote in on what a Modern Entrepreneur should Be….

Want to go into business doing something great for the world and be rewarded well for it? Want to have materials to build houses, villages, and the future generations of homes that are sustainable, toxin free, and quality built out of resources that were harvested and formed into building materials more than a hundred years ago. This is a video about a way to do just that and I want to share it with you, ask you to share it with others, and if everyone agrees, form a global community of Pure Salvage Living Renaissance enthusiasts that will help change the way the next generation builds their dream homes and lives for their passions and family instead of to simply pay debt.

So Darby got a new hat to go along with the new year ahead. Many changes in store and hope on the horizon for miracles to happen this year.

Please rush now to view, vote, and share this great creation by Lisa Wagner who came down from Minnesota to manifest her version of what she had to take away from a 2 day visit to Salvage, Texas to learn first hand about the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance, Tiny Texas Houses, and the vision I have for the future of housing.


Filmed in Temple Tantra where I love to live in my own Organic Cottage.

With new porches on both sides finished that will shed the water and let it feed some great sunflowers and other bird food, flowers, and people food, we are getting ready for spring. Not the high 70’s and 80’s of this coming week, but the other spring a few weeks further away. heh!