While They Do Seem Pretty Tiny, They Are Bigger Than A Check Book And More Valuable If The Internet Goes Down. Heh.  They Are Bigger Than A Berth On Your Average Space Ship Or Even On The Moon.

Get 10% return, paid qrtly dividends, & have a depreciable, performing, appreciating asset that’s portable.

No risk really.  You get to invest in a Tiny Texas Organic House at half price that gives you a secure leaseback income of 10% paid in Quarterly dividends, the depreciation on it that will pay back 10% per year, and you get to use the house or lease it out as additional income for your 30 days of personal use a year.  In emergencies, like storms and such, the places would be full but you could have your space guaranteed it the Shit-hit- the- fan moment happens and you want to join us.

Once upon a time when I was a decade younger, I started this small company to build houses out of Salvage materials. They turned into seeds for the planting in the minds of humans that would open the soil to growing a new sustainable way of growing houses in our imagination and then manifesting them in reality.

Compared to normal returns on savings and retirement accounts, 10% is phenomenal given it is also backed up with the bill of sale for a hard asset that is portable, appreciating while you depreciate it, performing better than anything else in your portfolio of paper money, remains a value even if the internet goes down or currency collapses, and provides  you with an escape hatch into a community that has the means to go off grid and survive in the event of a serious problem.  Given what we know now, few places exist with a community and the ability to survive an EMP, an electrical grid system everyone is so addicted to they would likely die without it.

Not only houses, but chapels where the holy and blessed creations of the past were brought back into life as a new home where spirit could be honored . Along the way to where I am today, I have had many reasons to pray, and some prayers unanswered in the way I asked for, thus lessons learned that make this next transition the most important one yet.

As we progress and reinvest the money from this funding drive, increasing our revenue to $10,000 a month from the B&B operations and opening the event venue for music, film, and market income, the activation of the recording studios, publishing online and off, and the other income streams from the restaurant, parking, and a piece of the gate on all events, we will be able to add to the village of Salvage, Tx. quickly.

While they do seem pretty tiny form this view, and they balance easily in a budget or on a staff, you could own a house such as the Gingered Swan which I hold there in and make a great income on it when not enjoying the sunset over Miracle Mountain upon which you see me stand.

Each 10 houses added to the B&B venue, especially once we construct another chapel for weddings, creates an additional million in profits over the ten years and the repayment of the dividends as well as taxes, maintenance, and other grounds maintenance is all covered in those numbers as well.  I do not see much risk in it and would not sell any interest in the houses if I had the next chunk of cash flow in hand, and will not sell any more than needed to fund getting the best once still on the line out in action.  With the Retreat, (the biggest and best for wedding groups as it will sleep 6 when complete… more than $25,000 to get into that one but it pays 10% same as the others at $67,000 instead. The White Swan may come back up as a possible addition as the buyers may have a divorce in their future and that may not get delivered.  The Gingered Swan, The Kidd, and the Gypsy Too are the best houses to invest in as for they represent the Space Magic and Art House designs to their fullest.  As each is a one of a kind piece of art you can live in, their values are greater than the early prototypes that were more conventionally designed.

Tiny Texas Houses has cast a shadow that has now reached around the world in newsletters that are reaching Australia, Europe, South America, and much of Asia, even India now. The human consciousness is awakening to the need to practice sustainable lifestyles that keep our primary vessels, our bodies healthy from birth, and to create toxin free housing sustainably, that is energy efficient, and will last a lifetime. Proving that has meant creating many different styles of houses, plain and exotic, cheap and expensive, to prove it can be done. Now we want to see others take on this path to help supply the demand that is growing far faster and in more places than I could have supplied even if that was my intent. It was not. It was to open the doors to opportunity for millions, provide a means to create sustainable housing, jobs across America, and do so without the government interfering or helping, without giant corporations taking control to steal the profits and not pay the people who will do the work, and to show the masses how to use the tax loopholes to pay for it all, pay the investors that support it well, and thus bring about the tax changes in code that will give houses built from salvage a special exemption for the next few decades if they keep trash out of the landfills, reduce waste, particularly that wasted making new materials to build toxic houses with. We can do better and our shadow grows daily with this seed growing quickly and igniting the passion and hope it will take to make this the paradigm shift I believe it can be in our society and thus the world.


Please let me know what level of involvement you might have in mind, consider a visit to stay in one of the houses and see the 43 acres that comprise Salvage, Texas or if you are interested in playing the game on a larger scale that takes in some of the 5-8 million in profits from in the projections for Salvage, Texas llc, I would be glad to talk in terms of our larger vision.  I have all the materials for building over 200 houses in stock as well as the materials to build the 750 covered stalls for our Salvagefaire Market place where vendors could have condo living above their artisan spaces and thus be able to stay and share the elders knowledge in continuous education events on sustainable building, creating non-toxic housing and the parts for inside, as well as creating a healthy body, mind, and spirit to put inside the dwellings we have proven we can create from 95% Pure Salvage.

The first of a series of contests that will make it possible for some people to manifest a dream that would be out of reach otherwise. Join us to make this possible for many more in the future. That has been won and we are on to the next one. Soon the membership alone could be funding all of our needs, but for now, I am looking for a few good investors with the right heart and spirit to come on board. Others need not apply if they come only with greed and lust for that which they do not control in mind.


Next step in progress is adding to the collection of Organic Cottages that people can stay at in order to feel, consider, and then plan on how they can downsize and incorporate this Pure Salvage Living ethos into the mix in order to create a place they can live in and stay healthy for the rest of their lives.
Truly you can see the many avenues this will branch off into as we establish other Pure Salvage Outposts (PSO’s) as Co-ops that provide tools, space to build, elders to teach, teachers to care for the kids while the youngers go out to do the work salvaging, building, and bartering all of it so that there is very little income tax to pay when it is all figured out in the end.  The PSO’s become resource banks, filled with inventory worth millions of dollars but off the tax rolls as trash until used creating many tax write-offs I can not explain at this point, but also multiple revenue streams to the main corporation in the form of books, tapes, membership, seminars salvaging and building, as well as many other educational and entertaining means of planting the seeds it will take to convert millions of consumers and turn them into members of a community that lives what it will take to change the world of sustainable living, not just talk, bitch, and worry about how we are devastating the planet with pollution and creating a   generation of life skill starved youth who will not be able to make a living to pay for their college educations.  Sad but we can do better.  This vision entails several routes in progress including an urban conversion of several acres to Organic Salvage Based housing on a diminutive scale more fitting of the times ahead where smaller housing is the most in demand of all.

Imagine outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize and I am willing to take a big risk to help you figure out how to get involved too.
Its been a bit over 10 years since I started on manifesting this vision. 80 houses later, a reputation with proof this can work that has been recognized around the world and now the new website that is the most advanced site on salvage in the world. Time to share and grow this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance into a community that stretches around the globe. Please join me for the next decade as the knowledge is shared and millions are empowered to break free from the Matrix. I don’t think it will be long before we see the 100th Monkey Effect in sustainable Organic Housing and it becomes a wave of change our culture embraces in the future.


One of the houses that produced $3,000 in doors in a single day.

If this does make sense to you and you wish more detail as to investing in a house, possibly stock or being part of Salvage, Texas llc, Pure Salvage Living llc, or another part of the family of corps that I am reorganizing now so as to compose a debt free multi million dollar entity that can take this to the next level using real estate, inventory, houses already built, and a vision that will open doors to inner city jobs for kids at risk in their own hoods where such work is needed most, and in a town where dilapidated houses are in need of salvaging or enormous renovation to be energy efficient and serviceable once more.

Remember when we gave away this house for 300 words and a $50 entry fee? Many wanted to enter after it was too late and long after it was over the people asked if I would ever do one again. If this works this time, we will do 11 more contests of various sorts for 2017 with prize packages that will get better as more people participate.

One of the Classic Ranch House series that had a front and back porch, two lofts, a nice kitchen, bath with tub, A/C and more to prove you could have it all and stay in an Organic Cottage. (Until they built the 6,000 sf house to go with it that is.)

Ayeveda House is West of Austin in the Hill Country by a river where you can sit peaceful in the woods. 12’x16′ I think.

The Diamond House was a beauty with a Murphy Bed inside too.

“Shakti House” 9 1/2′ x 20′
Delivered to Austin in the Early Days of Tiny Texas Houses. It paid for itself in the first year of being used as a B&B.

Little Sister sits out on a Lazy * ranch with her Big Brother and the once Blue Gambrel. Little Sister was another in the 11’x 16′ range. You could easily build this house with the Essay Contest Materials Prize.

The Arched Zebu was also first named the House of the Rising Sun. It now sits out in Midland Texas with her sister Vicki Zebu.

The Ellinger House traveled higher and more times than any other Tiny Texas House.

I am offered millions of dollars in houses, barns, and buildings that need our attention, to be salvaged, which needs the people to take them down, as well as assemble them to create a new life that the materials could have once saved.  We can do this on a national scale and the tax advantages, the billions in income, and the death of consumerism could all be possible using this simple path I call the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.  Soon it will manifest as a town and then a fire of passion for the past, respecting our ancestors, and Our Mother Earth that is so deeply in need of our attention and change of lifestyles from those we have become accustomed to in the USA and other industrialized “Modern” countries where community and family are being lost in the tide of technology and ignorance of life needed to survive peacefully together if the lights go out.

From the top of Miracle Mountain I bid you Good day and invite you to join us on a fantastic trip into what the imagination can manifest with the help of a few million friends. Please join me and help create something bigger than any of us can create alone. A World Union in Believers that we can make a difference by joining together and living the life it will take to create a millennium of Peace and Prosperity that I envision is possible in the not to distant future.

Please let me know if you have more questions and I will be glad to provide more detail on the house you might be interested in investing in, or which part of the future I am composing that does attract your attention and perhaps, passion.  Please check out the blogs on this site, the videos on Pure Salvage Living Youtube channel or contact me at Brad@Puresalvageliving.com to learn more.  IF you want to keep updated, sign up for the newsletter and read it when it comes.  Otherwise, please share with those who might want to participate, be part of the change we need to live, and thus also possibly make a great living with a career in a new industry that needs your help, in the form of investment, participation, membership, and if possible, building houses to fill the demand so that we can transition into Organic Cottages as solutions for so many of our modern ailments and social problems.
Brad Kittel

The sunset holds so much to see, the passing of each day, and gives us hope from what we learned to find a better way. Please join me in this new phase of a plan that could change the world, one life at a time.

Amazing what a decade in this business can do to a person. Heh!