It Is To Small For Me, But As A Result, I Am Giving It Away, Practically For Free.  Yes You Can Get It As A Bonus If You Invest In A House As The First Two Years Of Dividends Instead Of Making .o5% Interest On Your Money In The Bank, Why Not Own A House And A Great Bike To Come Visit On Your 30 Days Of Use A Year.  Wow!!!!

Get a Classic 1986 Goldwing with Sidecar with a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage as a Dividend… upfront.

1986 Honda Goldwing 1200 with 54,000 miles on it.

Yes, it is true, I am giving away a Honda Goldwing 1200 with a sidecar in great condition with only 54,000 miles on it as a bonus for the person who buys one of the few Tiny Texas Houses that we will be leasing back from the new owners and paying them a 10% return on their investment per year.  Yes, that means I am giving this great motorcycle as a way to show the value of the investment in Salvage, Texas you could make by owning one of my organic cottages for us to use in the BnB.  Upfront you get a motorcycle and you don’t need to tell your wife it came with the house you bought her… hehe.

Come see what is possible for your savings instead of watching it wither away.  Be the dream you wish to see in your life and join us on an adventure into all we can be now that we are grown up and able.  Free yourself to open up your mind, body, spirit, and joy… live the life you wanted while you were young before you are to old to enjoy it and you will stay younger all the rest of your life.  Die as a drone and you will never see the happiness you seek.

When I built the first of the Tiny Texas Houses, it was a simple red cabin that told the tale of where I would start, and the journey since then has led to places I never dreamed of, and houses that will outlive me by far. Thank you for the chance to create from Salvage, a new life, happiness, and a healthy body I never dreamt I would possess.
The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is about more than just sustainable housing, it is about healthy living for us and the planet… together.

Oh yes, by the way, anyone want to buy a classic 1986 Goldwing with sidecar? It turns out it is too small for my size 15 feet, as well as my 6’1″ torso and is built for someone in the 5′ 9″ range or under I believe. Great condition, 54,000 original miles and waiting for someone who wants a nice little cruiser you won’t go fast in or tip over easy, just ride the wind with a companion… human or dogs perhaps as my Fable sure liked it in there. $5,800 in cash or partial barter and you are on your way, or buy a Tiny Texas House for an investment here that will pay for the bike in two years of the income you will get off a $30,000 Organic Tiny Texas Cottage that we will lease back from you for 10 years, and let you stay in it when you come cruising on your bike, or in your car, for 30 days a year.
Deals like this for a bike do not get any better. Buy a house, get a motorcycle for two years of dividends that will be paid on house, in advance. Wow! What a clever Idea. Like it. email me now.

I can guarantee  that no other Tiny House builder, no other investment that will give you a physical asset that appreciates and earns you so much will also give you a classic motorcycle just for investing with us and showing others how much more your money is worth by investing in Salvage, Texas.



Shaman of Salvage,


Darby Lettick