First and Foremost let me explain why this website even exists….

Tiny Texas Houses started the concept of “pure salvage living” years ago when we realized how much great building materials where located all over this country waiting to be salvaged and re-purposed.

Did you know that thousands of homes are being bulldozed and thrown in the dump each year in America alone?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that over 270,000 homes are demolished and thrown in the dump each year!

As we continued to build and refine our tiny house designs, we started to understand the potential that salvaged materials still have to this day. The fact is, most of the old barns, homes, and structures around the country are full of perfectly sound and quality materials.

As Tiny Texas Houses continued to grow, we began reaching out to the public encouraging people to submit their structure they needed removed from their property so we could save the materials and build tiny houses. We were immediately overwhelmed by the number of salvage mining inquiries we were receiving daily.

Many buildings were going to waste because we didn’t have the man power, time, or energy to tear them down!

We created Pure Salvage Living Online and this membership platform to provide the resources you would need to learn how to identify and tear down structures in your local area. We encourage our members to either re-purpose the materials into another building project or, if you’d like to make some money, sell the materials!

There is a very lucrative antique and salvaged lumber market in the U.S. and countless companies pay top dollar for old, quality wood. PSL online is designed to teach you the “in’s and out’s” of how we run and operate Tiny Texas Houses so you can create a business much like ours for yourself!

Oh yeah…and what better business model could you possibly ask for!?

You can salvage building materials for free and either sell them for profit, or build yourself a house for practically free! We know, because we’ve done it!
But don’t think this will be easy…salvage mining and building demands that you put in the sweat equity to obtain materials. So either you hire a crew to do the job for you, or you put in some good ol’ “elbow grease” to make a structure disappear from someone’s property.

We’re going to show you how….

So…Are you ready to learn a whole new skill set and help bring back a lost trade?

Tiny Texas Houses coined the term “salvage mining” some years ago after we started tearing down old structures to re-purpose the materials into tiny homes. So any time we use the word “salvage mining” it essentially means deconstructing or tearing apart a house or structure with the intent of saving and re-using the building materials.

If your new to the platform, here are the proper steps to take to get the most out of our educational curriculum.

Watch our introduction video on the dashboard to make sure your profile is set up correctly, you understand how the website is laid out, and you know where to find each video series we discuss below.

If at any moment, you feel stuck or have a question about a specific subject, shoot us an email here and we will answer your question as soon as possible!

Step 1: Watch The Salvage Mining Tutorial Videos 

Start out your education by learning the tricks and trade secrets to Salvage Mining

As a member, you have full access to the Salvage Mining Tutorial Series, which is over 5 hours of educational videos in which Brad Kittel (owner and founder of Tiny Texas Houses) explains how be started his business and how you can too!


Brad discusses a wide range of salvage mining subjects from start to finish including:
•    What are salvage rights and how do you obtain them?
•    How to find and identify structures worth salvaging and re-purposing
•    How to identify certain wood types and tell if the materials are re-usable
•    The deconstructing process of a typical structure
•    The tools you need to perform salvage mining job effectively
•    How to pack a trailer safely with salvaged materials
•    How to de-nail wood without tearing it up
•    And much much more!

The videos are listed in chapters with each chapter containing 2- 5 videos.

As you move those these videos we encourage you to take notes.

Below each video is an explanation and re-cap of what was discussed in the tutorial.

If you have any questions or want to know more, we encourage you to attend one of our hands-on Salvage Mining and Salvage Building Workshops.

Towards the end of the tutorial series there are some “in the Field” sub chapters that have some great case-specific subjects as our crew was salvage mining. Watch these videos to learn some interesting tips about older structures and how they were designed as well as how to tear apart certain components.

And don’t forget that as a member, you have access to all past and upcoming live webinars, where you can ask Brad Kittel and the Tiny Texas Team any questions you may have on salvage mining. Check out our full calendar of upcoming events here so you can register for webinars and workshops that interest you.

Step 2: Do it yourself!

Ofcourse watching The Salvage Mining Tutorials is just the beginning….

After you’ve have watched our videos, take the tricks and tips you’ve learned and implement them into the real world!

Find a small structure in your town or city and see if you can obtain the “salvage rights” to deconstruct it and re-purpose the materials. You may be pleasantly surprised at the willingness for people to “get that old eye sore off their property”

And the best part is, you could get great building materials for free!
With a little sweat and human energy you will be well on your way to building your own tiny house or starting a salvage mining business for profit.

Step 3: Tell us about it!

After you’ve completed your first salvage mining project, regardless of how big or small it is, we want to know about it! Take photos of the structure as you move through the salvage mining process and email us photos. We love to showcase what our members are up to and the projects they are working on! You can submit the project your working on here.

Step 4: Watch The Salvage Building Tutorials

Your next step is to learn how to build with salvage!
Now we get into the meat and bones of your education. Once you’ve learned how to salvage mine, the next step is to take those materials and put them to use!

As a member, you have full access to the Salvage Building Tutorial Series where Brad Kittel and Mackey Smith walk you through the steps of designing and building a tiny house with salvage.

You can start watching the Salvage Building Tutorial series here.

Just like the Salvage Mining tutorials, this series is divided into chapters and sub chapters.

Start with Salvage Building 101, which teaches you what basic hand tools and power tools you can expect to need during the process of building your own tiny house.

Don’t freak out though…you will be surprised how few tools you actually need to make a beautiful tiny house come together. Brad also discusses many of his “money saving” tips when it comes to buying and finding the right tools for the job.

While our educational building tutorial series is packed full of great tips and advice on how to restore and build a tiny house with salvage, nothing beats hands on experience!

Just like with salvage mining, we encourage you to get outside and start building with your materials! Remember that Tiny Texas Houses hosts hands on building workshops every year. As a PSL member, you have first access to sign up for workshops before they are sold out.

Because building a tiny house is so case specific and dependent upon your house designs, we can only cover so much information in our building tutorial series and the subjects that are discussed are generalized to fit a wide range of applications. If you really want to understand how a tiny house comes together and the exact components, parts and pieces you will need, attend a workshop and you’ll learn a world of trade secrets!

Step 5: Connect and Participate with our Online Community!

After you’ve watched our videos and implemented what you’ve learned into the real world, we encourage all members to connect and participate with our online community.

As a member, you have access to our member directory, where you can find more salvage miners in your local area and team up for jobs.

Remember to customize your profile so other members can read about you and engage as well.

We have an online forum that you can visit, ask questions, and discuss projects with other PSL Members.

Be sure to check out our “Latest News” and “Upcoming Events” to stay up-to-date with coming live webinars (which you have exclusive access to).

Our live webinars will deal with specific subject matter related to salvage mining and building. As a member, you can attend our live webinars, learn, and ask questions to Brad Kittel and Mackey Smith.

As a member you will receive email newsletters with reminders for upcoming webinars and great salvage mining and building tips.

We’ll talk to you soon!

– The Tiny Texas Team