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There Are So Many Types Of Salvage Booty Prizes To Be Given Away This Year  Ghost Writers For The Essay Contests, Music Jingles, Drawings, And More, Many Of Which Few Can Imagine As Parts And Pieces Of An Organic Cottage Get Assembled Again And Show What Is Possible.  We Will Demonstrate How That Can Happen In Real Life As We Design With The Prize Package Each Month.  We Plan To Give The Materials Package To Someone At The End Of Each Contest To Do With As They Please, And Follow Up On The Results.  We Promise To Share Them, Good Or Bad, And Let You Know Of Some Of The Traps Of This New Industry.  This Is About A Renaissance In Thinking Of How We Will Build Our Future Housing And The Treasures Found In Salvage.

Ghostwriters Allowed! So you have a chance to Win & help a Ghost … writer that is.

If you have been a member in the past, you are one of a few very lucky people who may be able to win over $7,000 worth of Tiny Texas Houses building materials. You are Qualified to win and enter this simple 300-500 word Essay contest even if you could not write an essay if your life depended upon it. How? Ghostwriters to your aid?
You or who ever you submit the essay for in your name, (ghost writers allowed) that express your desires and perhaps help you or them win in a rare limited entry competition.

This house was the subject of a music video called Song of Salvage and you can see it on the Pure Salvage Living Channel on Youtube.
The Bootcamp Seminar on How to Become a Salvage Miner.

Due to the rules and the short run up on the contest to encourage old members and new alike to join us as we rebuild a much better site now that all the widgets for software development have reached levels that will allow us to create what we had originally intended. Vlogs, videos, interviews, music, and seminars to teach, certify, and spread the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance across the country so others can build houses in the Tiny Texas House Art style. It is the Toxin Free Sustainable model for energy efficient downsized housing that people can create with 95% Pure Salvage. The human energy, minimal amount of electricity to run tools, and a couple thousand in new materials to have the best insulations and house wraps, moderns supers screws and nails to create what could last for a century into the future as a home for you generation yet to come. This is what we want you to be part of and by giving your support, benefit in such a way that also allows you to give this gift of knowledge, perspective, and housing to the generations you have helped bring into the world, cared for, and will soon depend upon to steward the world better than our generation has I hope.

The first of a series of contests that will make it possible for some people to manifest a dream that would be out of reach otherwise. Join us to make this possible for many more in the future.

Join us in the final round of taking Salvage, Texas to the final level of showing to the public what can be done, providing a place to stay in the houses, feel the energy of this creative alternative to the American Dream, and possibly find a career in a Ground Floor industry that will last for decades and house millions of people before we are through.

Here is an overview of the 43 acres that comprise Salvage, Texas. There is even some land available for compatible investors to help develop and call their own while helping establish a place for the organic minded people who are seeking paths to sustainable and healthy living. Salvage, Texas will be a town where we have proven what you can do to manifest your dreams of downsizing organically one day.

Try something like that perhaps. Catchy titles ranging from give a Chance to Change the World, even if only theirs by sponsoring a Ghost Writer for “your rare high odds in your favor shot”. I know for a fact that no more than 200 people will compete for this prize if everyone qualified enters, that is all people with more than 30 days of prior membership before end of contest. Since less than 50 qualified and many will not enter of that batch, your odds are incredible if you rejoin and enter this simple essay contest, without ever writing a word yourself, but submitting your Ghost Writer Essay to say what you feel could win it for you and the person who helps, or just for them if it is someone you truly want to have a chance that no other $75 you could give them, the cost of renewing your membership at the special rate for this contest and the rest of the dozen that we will have this year. You could buy your loved child or grandchild a membership with free seminars, but they could not enter this rare contest with so few competitors and such a great prize package.

Imagine outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize.
Its been a bit over 10 years since I started on manifesting this vision. 80 houses later, a reputation with proof this can work that has been recognized around the world. Time to share and grow this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance into a community that stretches around the world. Please join me on the next decade as the community forms and the knowledge is transferred until we get the 100th Monkey Effect and it becomes part of our culture in the future.

Your gift is the opportunity, you get all the benefits of membership, including free attendance to seminars, but anyone else would have to have a membership to come in person to a seminar. The essay, well that is up to the person who enters as to how they manifest it for if one has no hands on can not write an essay, and if one does not speak this language they may feel at a loss, but if you combine your energies, you might just create an essay that would change your world of opportunities as well as the person who helps you manifest what you are imagining.
Welcome to the path to visualizing what you want, and if you can not do it alone, how do we set about bartering a win / win agreement with a friend to reach the goals we share together using our combined talents to do what we can not accomplish alone. I see no other way to build the villages I envision will come of this Renaissance one day. Salvaged materials, bodies, and souls that will join together to create constructs no one could have done alone, and they are all much happier and more fulfilled by the experience.
Salvation through Salvage is not such a crazy thing to imagine if you have the vision and willingness to work to manifest it when you are ready. Are your Ready Yet? Click this link.

Ready to take part in making dreams come true, miracles happen for those who expected it least, and possibilities that few considered possible in 2016. Join me for this adventure in creative contests to demonstrate to the millions who follow them, how 12 couple will take the treasure of the past and turn them into their dream cottages of the future.