Long Ago My Father Taught Me To Respect The Gifts I Might Be Given In My Life.  I Do, And I Hope To Share The Abundance Found In The Life Of Salvage I Have Led Help You Find A Path That Will Fulfill Your Dreams As This Has Mine.

Gypsy Two is looking good in his foam underwear… now ready for a suit of beaded wood and stained glass eyes…

A view from below to above where the day bed and sitting area with the full floor to ceiling windows let the air flow through to keep the space cool using the Venturi effect.

This will be bigger than Temple Tantra, the first of the Gypsy Wagon Style Tiny Texas Cottages. With a bigger downstairs it will house the living area, kitchen, bathroom with a shower, and provide extra room with front and back porches.

The ladder is in the way of the front porch, but you can see the New Orleans style corbels that appear to hold up the long cantilevered front porch. ceiling.

The kitchenette will be on the left side.

The bath room and shower will be at the back rear right, behind the stairwell that will take one upstairs to heaven at night.

You can see the web truss design of the corners which will not be in your house I bet, nor any being built by the THOW builders, at least not with Old Growth Long Leaf Pine that was hundreds of years old when harvested.

Yes, it has been a while in making, but safe in the womb called Manifestation Bay.  There are many hands that have worked to make this new Tiny Texas Organic Cottage materialize and it will hold their energy embodied in this form for a century or more I hope.  This will join our collection of sustainably built houses and cottages that will hopefully inspire millions of others to use the treasure at our fingertips left to us by our ancestors, the finest resources ever taken from the face of Mother Earth, from the trees that stood hundreds of feet tall for nearly a thousand years, to the hardware cast with coal pulled from the mines by kids of only 12 years of age.

Fitting a door into a jamb from another door, both parts being over a 120 years old but destined to be married now for a century or more.

We can create a future that respects our past and each piece of House Art I create is intended to show how good it feels to help make this happen, be a part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance and thus move back into a simpler toxin-free living and loving, of feeding our family and passions rather than the corporate profit line.

Here you can get a bit more of an idea of the space above. Enough room for a king sized bed, a second living or guest day bed, a living area with chairs, a closet, and all under the guise of storage space on the tax rolls. What could be better?

It looks like a ship being built to go out to sea, and it is in a way, an organic craft that will carry the owner into a dream world that can not be reached in a Shitrock box with vinyl windows, carpet over concrete, hardiplank siding, and fiberglass all over inside the walls and ceilings.

Join me in the adventure of a lifetime, the empowerment of the body, mind, and Spirit for the next great transition of our world, a colder version that will test and clean the planet in ways few can yet imagine.  Afterward, the life skills to survive, grow food, and thrive in the new world will be our focus instead of the TV.  Welcome to the future today, created out of the past knowledge, cycles, and thus preparedness of the few you can learn from as the mass media crumbles and the curtain of Oz is opened.



Long ago my father taught me to respect the gifts I might be given in my life. I do, and I hope to share the abundance found in the life of Salvage I have led help you find a path that will fulfill your dreams as this has mine.