Some Of The Houses You Could Own Are Shown Here In Their Early Days.  You Could Become A Member And Win Packages Of Materials To Build A House Like This, With This Plan, Materials Kits And Known Solutions Are All Available To You Now.  You Could Own A Piece Of History With These Vintage Tiny Texas Houses, Including The Red Mascot Which Is The First Tiny House I Ever Built.

Here are photos of the Essay Contest Organic Cottage Materials Prize Package for March 31, 2017

Yes this is the first of the series of blogs that will show the parts to be given away as the prize to a member at the end of March for a 300-500 words essay about “How someone is forming their dream to build an Organic Cottage of any size with the parts that they could win for mere words alone. While I am not sure which of the batch of windows and doors shown will be in the final package, this is the selection I am picking from and will include pictures of through the newsletter to members at the end of February to inspire them to write and get their submissions in.
Here are some goodies to think about.

Shower wall shingles for a good sized shower included.

Upstairs half bath and sitting/dressing area on the fantastic edge of the imagination. We have some live edge slabs of Mesquite or Cypress for counter tops too.

Siding and some shingles perhaps?

Regardless of what you choose to call your God, your spiritual source energy that makes life possible for you and all other beings on this planet, call upon it and utilize that power to help make the changes happen, starting from within, by your actions today. Contribute to the solutions and we all win.

Some great big windows with lots of panes. Have several up to 7′ x 8′.

Doors and transoms from the school that was once in Gonzales. Arts and crafts style.

Porch posts, on a porch roof that folds down for transport, as well as the upper roof. 23,000 lbs of salvaged lumber, doors, windows, exotic woods, and much more from the past that have been reformed into a house like no other. It can roll down the road to a new home again one day, unlike 450,000 houses that will be built this year from toxic sheetrock, hardiplank, and other commonly used modern building materials.

Special windows, balconies, details and more details, that is what makes a house unique. Who wants a house that is just like the neighbors? Toxic boxes all lined up, 5 floor plans turned all about, in subdivisions run amuck.

More of the cast iron fireplace fronts.

A great door with the spider web transom in it still. This came from Alamo heights in San Antonio.

Classic styles, real wood windows, original period glass, wavy and all, no out gassing of vinyl, plastics, or formaldehyde.

Here you can see the metal being used for siding as well as the roof. Heaven is looking much bigger now. Imagine yourself living in a house like this if you like and then set about manifesting your dream. We can do it if we are willing to commit the time and labor, the love and determination.

To answer a question or two:

Here is a link to the Charter Membership and the site where membership benefits are listed as well.
This links to some other info as well.

As the month goes on we will select, perhaps with the members deciding using some forums, on which windows, doors, and parts will go into the first package.

Plans to build and ideas will evolve to help show how to manifest and design, build, and create your dream cottage in a sustainable organic fashion. 95% Pure Salvage is the highest embodied energy rating you can get in an energy efficient house that will last for a century. Better still, it will use less energy than what is embodied in the making of its parts 150 years ago, human, coal, wood, and more.
This is the perfect path to building the next generation of housing that respects the past, our planet, and our aesthetic for preserving the treasures we can not replace.
Best of all, it empowers millions to benefit from the products of our ancestors blood, sweat, and tears.


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Please read the posts, join if not a member, and help fuel a change than goes to the heart of our heritage and country. Pride in craftsmanship, respect for our rights to build the house of our dreams and not toxic boxes, and the freedom to pursue that happiness without taxation into poverty.

See ya soon.