I Have 32,000 Square Feet Of This Incredible Japanese Cobalt Glazed Tile.  Imagine The Sunlight Rippling Across Or The Rain Pouring Down The Side When I Am Finished, With Plants Along The Path To The Top.  Gardens Held Together By A Rim Of Blue, French Tile, And Red Brick, Along With A Few More Things I Imagine Before I Am Done.
What Is It?

Here is a great way to add some color to … What is it?

My new art project, Earthen Art that is, has two meditation landing. Below in the far side, a flowing water falls into High Pond which is on the other side of this mound. Birds, frogs, and water falling in the background, a view that extends for miles in several directions, at the height of the birds in the trees, this is my newest distraction to take up a bit of my private time and get exercise.

I have 32,000 square feet of this incredible Japanese Cobalt glazed tile. Imagine the sunlight rippling across or the rain pouring down the side when I am finished, with plants along the path to the top.

Another couple of hours work and it is beginning to take form.

With a bit of mortar and clay, this might just turn out like I imagine it.

Brick from St. Louis that were crafted and baked in the 1800’s will be the steps for a century or more if life goes on smoothly.

Here is a great example of what can be done with some dirt piled up, some tile, brick, imagination, and human energy. I wonder what the results will be, but I will have fun just playing in the dirt to learn that answer.