The Cowboy Cabin Is One Of The Most Popular Of Our Houses So Far And Gives Enough Room For A Small Family To Live In.

A Special Holiday Package For You!

Wow, it’s the Holiday season for Salvage, building and mining. Here is what we can do to help.

First the DVD provides all the basic knowledge you may need to get the materials, what you need to crank up an operation by getting the materials lined up to build with, for free.

The DVD set has over 4 hours of video instruction, with directions on how to find, acquire, and make a living from salvage.  It has information covering hardware, wood, windows and many of the details that you will need to know if you are going to get into salvaging, even if it is only the materials needed to build a couple houses, not an entire career in the salvage business.  There is no better guide in the industry of to getting started and as part of the membership, you will have access to much more that will also help you not just salvage, but to also build with salvage.  We will help teach you to build Tiny Houses but you can apply the principles to any size house or project you want.

You can also view this on the Vimeo channel but that would be available if you were a member but it does not download as fast or in as high a resolution as the DVD.  It can also go with you into the field or viewed, paused, and viewed again.

Vimeo access is pointed out on this Youtube video link.

Then there are the plans to build the Tiny Texas Houses Cowboy Cabin!  This great Tiny House is perfect for a small family to live in comfortably, that would ordinarily cost over $100,000 to buy fully built.


Here is a great cut away to show you how the reality compares with the Sketch Up program view. You will be able to open this up and see how we built the house, stage by stage, from the floor system to the roof. You can make changes that way.


The Cowboy Cabin is one of the most popular of our houses so far and gives enough room for a small family to live in.

The Cowboy Cabin is one of the most popular of our houses so far and gives enough room for a small family to live in.










The plans for the skin remover tools to build to make the salvage of materials easier.


Here is a great set of professional photos of the Cowboy Cabin looking its very best.

One of my favorites in the collection of over 80 Tiny Texas Houses so far. 


Everywhere you look you’ll see the parts that you might get for free,

to build a house, a shed, or store, you simply have to salvage more.

Barns and buildings, homes near lost, can be turned into more, at low cost.


Tis the season to be thinking, what can we be doing to help get you going…

So we decided on a great Holiday 2014 Special Package that would be appreciated by as many as we could handle before ending this limited time sale.

How long it lasts simply depends on how many orders we get that we can handle before the end of the year and how many will wait till later if they are too late.

Until we see the reception we do not know if we may need to bring on extra help, which we will as best we can,  if we have to build very many quickly.

First come, first served.  Sale may end without notice and never be continued but for now…..

Here’s what’s included:

1.  The Tiny Texas Ladder Stair Plans

2.  The Salvage Mining Tutorials DVD Box Set

3.  The Tiny Texas Cowboy Cabin Plans

4.  The Tiny Texas Skin Remover Plans

5.  The Tiny Texas Shelf Storage Ladder Plans

The regular retail price for these items is $308.

All together in the Holiday 2014 Special Package, everything is only $199.

Free shipping is included on this Holiday Special Package only!

Buy the Holiday 2014 Special Package Now! click



In addition, the Skin Remover itself, (not the plans) will be on sale for $175 + S&H (minimum $30 in cont. US) as a separate special for this event only.

Here is a great tutorial on how to use the Tiny Texas Skin Remover and a direction on other removal methods.

Here is a demo video on the Pure Salvage Skin


While we are still changing course and moving toward the development of Salvage, Texas, our plan is to continue creating Tiny Texas Houses to populate the town and market where Salvagefaire now sits.  We are also still aiming at teaching others how to build Tiny Houses from salvage and to get the materials by learning to effectively and efficiently Mine for Salvage.  This remains a primary focus if the people are out there that actually want to do the hard work it takes to learn how to thrive in a new industry.  For some this can be a solution by showing them how to make a living at it.  The Salvage Mining Tutorial DVDs on how to become a Salvage Miner tells much of what is involved, from getting a person to give you a house, barn, or building, to buying the salvage rights or demolition rights so as to get the materials through other means than donations.  Many of the free Youtube Channel videos we have produced offer pointers as well as those on our membership web site.  You will find the membership accesses tons of info and pictures much of which is also free for the public but enabled through, in part, a nominal membership fee.