Home in Oak Park

Name: ssgeorge@sncglobal.net
Email: ssgeorge@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 847-644-5843
Mailing Address:
100 forest place #706
Oak park, il 60301

Looking For:  To get an old house, barn or outbuilding on my property torn down/removed

Building(s) to be Deconstructed: Planning a complete tear down of home in oak park, il in the next 6-8 weeks.  Have salvaged flooring and trim.  Looking to deconstruct the rest of home.

Size of Building(s): 1500 sq foot

Location of Building(s): 1026 Clinton ave. oak park , il 60304

I want from the Deconstruction:  I want to keep some of the materials from the building for my own reuse

Time Frame: I’d like to have it removed in the next 1-3 months

Put in Classifieds: Yes