House of the Rising Sun now sheltered by the porch

My favorite Daughter I have Born

House of the Rising Sun with the dreams of the Night within.

The Arched Vicki has her posts,
she stands there proud and tall,
she is not much for size yet
she is everything but small.

She looks like she’s a vision
from the fantasy of Love,
in a land where sweet dreams grow
into the lives we want to live.

House of the Rising Sun got its window from Iowa

She is indeed my favorite daughter
I have ever born,
and the life that she will live
will have her well loved and adored.

Please enjoy the sight of madness
manifested from a dream,
of the things that I can build from Trash
that is far more than it seems.


Not a Faux job I would even try to duplicate today,
The leather looks so real you have to feel it to be sure.
The colors are incredible considering indeed,
It was done more than a hundred years
before this house was built.

It looks just like a Tiny House,
but really it’s a Seed,
that just got planted in your mind,
where in I pray it breeds.

An image that will grow for you,
into a life or hOMe,
where you find the peace your looking for,
but never yet have known.

a desk or table just for you, well actually its good for two

You may find it in simplicity,
the lack of stress and pay
for the hours of your life you give
could be spent a different way.

Why not do the things you dream of,
before you age and die,
make the most of every moment,
don’t just build a pile then die.

6 types of glass make up this one window into the day, but the glass is all it take to turn it to a place where beauty stays.

You do not need so many things,
but simply Love and life,
to find happiness and be fulfilled,
without the pain and strife.

So please look upon my Tiny House,
As if it were a key,
that will unlock Hope and Passion
that will finally set you Free.


in the kitchen for a snack
or the bathroom in the back.