Little Sister Sits Out On A Lazy * Ranch With Her Big Brother And The Once Blue Gambrel.  Little Sister Was Another In The 11'x 16' Range.  She Is Not Much Bigger Than One Of The "Loopholer" Houses We Will Create In The Seminar Perhaps.

How can We Cross Support others creating with Pure Salvage Materials?

Cross promotion is a great thing and we have many things to offer that might help your cause as well. I am not out to build and sell more houses in the next decades but to show others how to be empowered and create their own sustainable organic houses out of salvage with little more than human energy. If you are doing such things as this, working to create paths for sustainable housing around the world, then I want to help promote your dreams and solutions too. Little Sister sits out on a Lazy * ranch with her Big Brother and the once Blue Gambrel. Little Sister was another in the 11’x 16′ range. You could easily build this house with the Essay Contest Materials Prize.[/caption] My goal is to inspire millions of others build Organic Cottages using 95% Salvage Materials for a target now that I have proven repeatedly that it can be done. I believe that perhaps in that way, the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance can take hold in our American Culture to ultimately have an impact on reducing the losses going into the landfills from the biggest treasure trove we have in the USA.
One day this site will link up millions of people who will have houses to save, barns to raze and perhaps raise again. It will be a platform where the salvagers and the builders come together to help create a generation of houses that are not all cookie cutter copies. Imagine the subdivisions made of imagination instead of concrete, hardiplank and vinyl.

Throwing away our treasured resources, selling our scrap iron and metals at prices we can not replace them for, and destroying the chance for the millennials to build a toxin free off the grid sustainable lifestyle in the midst of calling for a reduction in global carbon waste is ludicrous. My path has been to show just how much can be done, create a standard to measure it by, do the due diligence to keep the housing we create healthy for the future owners, as well as built to a standard that the creators and owners can be proud off for decades to come. It is the path for our future generations to learn from once more, a path toward quality over quantity, perfunction over marketed versions of perfection and the realization that houses can be as different as the people that live in them. Why have tall ceilings for short people if they want to conserve the heat, cost, and feel more comfortable than a house might be if it were custom built for a giant?

One of the Classic Ranch House series that had a front and back porch, two lofts, a nice kitchen, bath with tub, A/C and more to prove you could have it all and stay in an Organic Cottage. (Until they built the 6,000 sf house to go with it that is.)

Here are some of the examples of what we can do, and what others will outdo down the road I hope as each generation outdoes the last. Off grid, permaculture, family compounds of generational houses that let each person have their own privacy and tiny footprint with shared resources for the common areas. This is the path of the future for many people and one they would like to manifest with like minded people as they settle down for the later half of their lives, but more recently, the younger generations are waking up to wanting this from the beginning and not getting all caught up in the debt of having all things now.

I see the winds are changing and the new generation does not seem to want to repeat many of the mistakes that our generation has yet to pay for. Truly we must see this writing on the proverbial wall as our planet forces us to consider alternatives to the pollution, rape of resources without regard for life, and the devastation of our oceans where most of life really exists. We can do better with the example we make as our generation downsizes responsibly. There seems to be much to relearn in order to do so and luckily some of our elders are still around to share the old ways that worked so well before the days of Monsanto and genetically modified or cloned technologies that are being tested on the world and people these days, generally without their consent.

For those that want an Organic alternative to all things food and housing, they are now being created to fill the desire and need. I hope more of you will discover the many solutions that may evolve out of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. To learn more, please visit the or sites.

That is what the next generation of this will be I hope, Salvagefaire, with the recording studios, stage, screen, and market …. a festival for films, music, events, and a market for all the things our creative energy can manifest. Please check out and vote the 2 minute Godaddy Small Business Video contest and VOTE early and often to help us start the promotion of this new level of Salvage, Texas. Perhaps your film will be shown there by fall if I can get the momentum. Imagine pulling your cars up on shaped beams that let you sit like the old fashioned drive-ins with the FM radio providing tunes in the cars and a festival with camping out back over night or weekend for an Out of the City event everyone can come to from three cities around.

This is the future of what i see here in my vision. From the top of Miracle Mountain you can see it all.
This brief video expresses some of the goals I hope to achieve in my next decade on this quest to enlighten, awaken, and nurture the people who realize the potential and take it to heart.

Here is a link to the 2 minute video Lisa Wagner has entered into the GoDaddy Small Business Video contest which she took from her two day visit to Salvage, Texas in order to help share the concept that we can all help manifest by sharing the idea…. nothing more…. well perhaps vote daily while you can so she can win the prize would be nice too.

Please share and vote for us as they allow it daily from each of the people who sign up to vote. Many other great contests going on that you should likely be entering as well.


Oh yes… the Essay Contest for the house parts to build these dream houses is starting in March. Please check it out, recommend it to your friends, and join us in creating houses and Pure Salvage Outposts near your town too.

Amazing what a decade in this business can do to a person. Heh!

The Arched Zebu was also first named the House of the Rising Sun. It now sits out in Midland Texas with her sister Vicki Zebu.

One of the first Gambrels which showed how much room you can create on the interior with this extra loft area inside. Love the sunsets at Salvage, Texas.

Ayeveda House is West of Austin in the Hill Country by a river where you can sit peaceful in the woods. 12’x16′ I think.

The Diamond House was a beauty with a Murphy Bed inside too.

Little Sister sits out on a Lazy * ranch with her Big Brother and the once Blue Gambrel. Little Sister was another in the 11’x 16′ range.

One of the Classic Ranch House series that had a front and back porch, two lofts, a nice kitchen, bath with tub, A/C and more to prove you could have it all and stay in an Organic Cottage. (Until they built the 6,000 sf house to go with it that is.)

“Shakti House” 9 1/2′ x 20′
Delivered to Austin in the Early Days of Tiny Texas Houses. It paid for itself in the first year of being used as a B&B.

So Darby got a new hat to go along with the new year ahead. Many changes in store and hope on the horizon for miracles to happen this year.

Oh yes,… Essay contest parts list is looking like this so far:

This is a possible bathroom door. We will allow the winner some flexibility in making some swap outs if they are of similar value.

Another choice for a front door, though a bit narrow.

This stained glass will be included in prize package. Great for a loft window.

This could be a bank of windows in a house already in their piece of wall.

One of the choices for the front good. Winner will get to choose.

Pick a sink from the bathroom sinks we have on the shelves with some on this bottom row being great and unique.

Choice of front door hardware from this display of vintage sets that range from cast iron to jewelry grade brass.

Turned posts might be a front porch option too.

Want to enter this contest and take them all away for 300-500 words? Check out the website newsletter and become a member so you can win one of the 12 packages to be given away this year.