Few People Imagine What They Can Do And Then Set Off To Achieve It Regardless Of The Naysayers, The Fears Within, And The Obstacles That Appear To Keep You From Your Goals.  Darby Is Taking Away Most Of The Barriers So That You Can Be All That Is In Your Dreams, If Salvation Through Salvage Is A Theme You Can Believe In, Then Come Help Share The Secrets To Empowering Millions To Make Millions And Spend It As They Will To Make The World A Better Place For All.

How do you dig a hole and fill it with dreams? How do you build a future by Salvaging the Past? Then Share… by daring to fly high.

Once upon a time, I decided to create a mountain of sorts,

a mound created out of sands of time,

manifested out of human energy and imagination,

and grown until it towered over all that I could see around me.



What drives a man to dig holes,

to build mountains,

to create a legacy that will survive him

long after he is gone,

yet leave no name

to tell the tale upon the ground

when he is gone?


To craft a village out of salvage,

to create a vision from the trash that would be burned,

manifesting what we need from what we have at fingertips reach if

we so choose to see it as a solution instead of a problem.

Perception is everything,

the difference between Heaven and Hell on Earth,

the paradise we seek,

the happiness and spiritual enlightenment lies within us,

the Light to find our way through the Dark,

and with our candle lit and bright,

we can guide others through the forest

that they feared alone,

on paths they could not see before.


Once their Spiritual Candles are lit,

their Passions burning,

their Hope abundant,

then they too will be unstoppable,

sharing, caring, and spreading empowerment to all they meet.


Thus are the seeds of solution spread.

Not by the corporate greed,

the government need to dominate and control with power,

but with the Love that each of us can give back to the planet,

our society, and the children we will leave this mess to

when we move on from our carnal form

and back into the Energy Beings

living on a different dimensional plane

we simply can not see

with the bodies that we have

to perceive with while in this holographic world we call our life.


Please join us as we revamp the platform through which I hope to share the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance and share how we create sustainable organic cottages from the treasures of our past and enable you to do the same.


Whats in a hole, except for hope, to fill it with a dream.

What is there we are missing that would make the hole unique?

Perhaps some great new life would form,

once the water fills this site.

The water flows now all around,

the hill atop this place

that I call Salvage, Texas

which is paradise for me.

for though others may not see it,

I foresee the day will come,

when greenery and food will grow,

around the ponds you see.

The creek will carry water,

in circle round and round,

the mound that grew from visions,

from a miracle in me.


Once upon a time I started digging,

to clean a mess once left behind

where life was near impossible,

a land in need of Love.

In a few days time the water flows, the creeks fill up, the pond now shows.


What can we do to help create a great future for those ahead? Times are coming when this will be important to more people and I hope this will inspire others to pick up the torch and not expect me to do it all alone, I could not and hope others will realize that one day. It will take us all working together but the impetus will need to be big it seems. So it will be soon.

This turned into a change in life,

the land, and what could be

Has now become my purpose,

so I post so you can see.


The bigger view includes Salvagefaire Market and other areas yet to come to a new life as a model of what we could do to create sustainable living if we choose.

Once this imaginative town of Salvage, Texas was envisioned, then action put in place, for it is the Human Energy we need to run this race. Look at all the water and please know 5 years ago, there was not an inch of water where the ponds and creek now flows. Fish, turtles, frogs, birds, and so much more now live off from the product of my imagination. We can make a difference in the world by how we live our life instead of spending the life hours wasted and watching TV.

The front cover of the best book ever written on tiny houses of so many forms by one of my people, Lloyd Kahn who asked to use my Red Mascot for his book. See what can happen from a simple dream of stacking up salvaged wood to create an organic cottage.

A sunset from Salvage, Tx is a beautiful thing.

This is the general concept of how this will evolve, but all things change as time goes by and the new energy a buyer could bring to this is what I hope to see help it grow long after I am gone.
Let us see if the right people come along to invest and hold a vision that in common, will be a great place to visit when we are done creating our dreams.

People could create small compounds of houses that are built by a group of people rather than a factory. They could build houses they could never have otherwise, open the doors to careers they might never have if not for this chance. Share if you care.

Now at this fine older age, I have learned what I wished I had known so long ago. Truly there is much to share for the more of us in great condition, the better the world will be.



Come visit, spend a night in the BnB Organic Cottages, walk amongst the trees, upon Miracle Mountain, and see what few can see, a sustainable organic path to living with the fire in the belly, passion at your core, and a love for living every day to its fullest as we age into our second childhood, a chance to be free and do the things we always wanted to when we were young and distracted with the lies that we were told.

Awaken and join me in this age of Enlightenment, the beginning of an era during which some will thrive, others not survive, but in the end a new world will be here for those who are willing to live the life it takes to experience Heaven instead of Hell while here.