The Time Has Come As The Horizon Meets The Sun On This Last Phase Of My Business Life.  Will There Be A Steward To Come Take This To The Next Level?

How much and for What? Land, buildings, massive inventories, tents, houses? Wow!

Yes, that becomes the next conundrum.  How do I divide this operation up so that it can be absorbed into the public domain as there seems little likelihood of finding others to form a group and take this to the next level that one man can not take it to alone.  As those entities that could do not seem interested in the challenges my proposition creates, I am looking at owner financing huge chunks of inventory and parts of the business, even some of the land if the money is there to cash down the bank and divide this up more easily.  Many options will evolve as I reconfigure my world of assets in an effort to free myself up to do create the next phase of my world.

To do this I am looking at several options, including owner financing some of it to free up the cash and take the remainder over many years ahead when I will have plenty of things to use it on as I still build some parts of Salvage, Texas.  I do not need to have so much inventory, so much land, so many buildings, and thus taxes to distract me.

So what is available?

Main Facility is over 20,000 sf and could be bought or leased, but the place is chock full of salvage, and barter, not inventory according to the accountants.  The entity that owns the land could also be bought into as an investor and board member, then take over some of the things that we plan for them.

A landmark on IH10 for the Red Mascot has donned the hilltop like a hat for more than a decade. Time to move it to the back so more people can sleep in it quietly instead of on the highway.

$3,000,000 in Salvaged materials, including thousands of doors, windows, flooring, siding, beaded wood, mouldings, lumber, metal, and so much more.  This can be sold off in lots, invested in through partial buy-ins and thus owning stock in that company, though certainly only a few stockholders can be had as it is not a public corporation.

Houses still in progress are an option but the goal is to get them finished and into service as part of the BnB.  If you are interested and want to move one away, but close enough to convince me to do it…. check with me and we will see if I am ready to move one again.

Now this is in the giant class of my Tiny Texas Organic Houses… for it would have as much as 800 sf of living space yet only be taxable for about 326 of it on the first floor. Energy efficient, and designed to last for a century. You could invest in this one and own it, but it will take a bit more than a $100,000 to get that 10% annual return out of this beast, with depreciation though, you could reap well over $200,000 in benefits, income, and get to use it for nearly a year of days during the period that I lease this incredible house back from you. Then, after the 10 year lease is up, you could take it to your land, or leave it here and remain a part of Salvage, Texas for the long run with income increasing dramatically for the next decade.

When I built the first of the Tiny Texas Houses, it was a simple red cabin that told the tale of where I would start, and the journey since then has led to places I never dreamed of, and houses that will outlive me by far. Thank you for the chance to create from Salvage, a new life, happiness, and a healthy body I never dreamt I would possess.
The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is about more than just sustainable housing, it is about healthy living for us and the planet… together.

One of the possible futures in our ever-changing world is that the markets and the houses will encourage even more. To this end, I would like to see some others come and share, by building on the vision with a piece that can be yours.

The Red Log Cabin may be finished in time to be available for staying in overnight too, especially if we get an investor who buys it with our leaseback program so they can both use it and make a great income from it when they are not here.

The Monty Grand Victorian which is for sale by the people who have never moved into it but preserved it well.  

The land can be divided up at the far end by hwy 80 which is inside city limits and has all the utilities and amenities if you want to develop it. We are in a great location and have much to offer so consider that too… but it will take some money or financing as the bank must be paid off to let land go and they will release it by the acre.  So let us see what we can do with a big downpayment you might be able to get some owner financing on the rest.

This is the general concept of how this will evolve, but all things change as time goes by and the new energy a buyer could bring to this is what I hope to see help it grow long after I am gone.
Let us see if the right people come along to invest and hold a vision that in common, will be a great place to visit when we are done creating our dreams.

A sunset from Salvage, Tx is a beautiful thing.

Tents to store materials or build houses in…. well I have some of them too. so lets make a deal…. I will make it work for you.

Please share and let me know if I can answer more questions.

Brad Kittel