How much will the Last 4-5 Tiny Texas Houses sold to the Public Cost?

The Arched Zebu is waiting for her door to come back’

Here is my best trained manifest-or who has been with me at TTH for over 6 years.

As I start making plans for the end of the year and finishing the houses in the pipeline before I get to start my own series for my villages, I keep getting asked what the houses I build cost, as if I repeat a model or want to go backwards and build a very simple cheap house at the end.  I would much rather build someone another chapel, a World Class piece of House Art like what is in the TTH Manifestation Area now, or something so special that no one can ever duplicate it.

With that said, here is the pricing of the moment for the last bargains to be had from TTH.  After this, they are museum quality pieces that few will ever be able to afford, but will be able to purchase plans for, participate in building to learn painting or other skills, and to be able to spend the night in one day, if you are so lucky, when I open them up to the Pure Salvage Living Survey.

My private Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Village and membership will allow us to have guests stay and participate in a survey about how it feels to sleep in an 99% Purely Organic Tiny House that is filled with the sort of Love and Space Magic that you will slip away into a dreamland you have never known was possible.  Thus will you all have the chance one day to experience, perhaps, the feel, the energy, and the Love that flows from the Tiny Texas Houses that I build.

This may be an old one. But relevent at the time:

I custom build, create organically a house for each patron whom I choose to work with and the cost will vary depending on the style, size, porches, features, etc. They start at the Writers Cottage size, 10×12 (see a variety of pictures of houses done so far on the 84 galleries on Facebook or our websites for details of style or look) which was in the $50,000 range then go up as the size increase and amenities, $125,000 possible but my customers have turned down $150,000 for the Monty and I feel it turned out to be worth that.

Most will be worth more before I finish them than you will pay and you are guaranteed that if you do not like it I will refund your money upon selling it post prompt to buyers usually waiting in the wings for a default or divorce leaving one up for grabs.

Still a cutting but I think we got a final pattern we like.

I prefer to give you a ballpark figure for the size and style you would like, and from there you put your deposit to lock one of the slots in line. There is a $3,000 non-refundable design deposit and you get to go picking in my 100,000 sf of warehouse to find the special stuff for your one of a kind Tiny Texas House. We go shopping and pick out your favorite items you want me to design your house around, then prep them parts while we wait for a space to open where we can start building it.

That takes 2-3 months and has 4-5 draws for framing, exterior skins, interior skins, and final cosmetics. Then we deliver which is a separate shipping company which is generally $2,500 for a days drive out. Set up can run $750 per day for the crew. No financing is available. One possible loan is through Alliance as shown on the blog on

Some clients have picked nothing, others one window, and another let their landscape designer/nanny create the plan (never again and a good reason to quite). We lay out a floor plan, pick sidings, colors if you like, and you can be part of the process even to the point of participating in building it if you please. We can ship it to you, set it up, and let you live in it from there or you can take up residence in one of the villages in the Territories here, or sponsor one to create an acre for you and your friends too. 

The Arched Zebu is getting her trim colored now and nearly finished on the outside.

Specs are simply the best house built on the planet without taking more from the planet or including toxins in the materials that will be your home. They fold up and are permanently portable for the next steward to relocate once you are gone if they need to, or simply for you to move you home and keep it with you until the day you choose to leave. This is Art that can be lived in but not guaranteed to go to any bureaucracy in the USA or world.

Only 4 slots left, then the 100 Original series will be done and the public will have been able to buy 85 of them. As yet, out of 65, only one that was bought has been resold and it was for substantially more than paid originally.

Oh yes, in the first week, cash, and then upgrades which is now called the Cowboy Cabin.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have more questions.