If We Get Pres. Trump To Help, We Could Be Using Salvaged Porch Posts, Windows, Doors, Flooring, And Much More To Create Houses In Amazing Condition That Will Last For A Century.   Or More, Just Like The 1800's Circa Houses These Parts Came From.  Why Not Use It Again As A Way To Give Veterans A Break?

How Pure Salvage Living solves our Veterans Housing & Salvation Needs

Please take a few minutes to read and consider a simple way to pay for teaching our veterans as well as many of the homeless people in society that would gladly work to survive, but the jobs, the training, or means are not available for many of them. Having a car, a home address, a meal every night or a bath once a week are out of reach for many of the disadvantaged yet it does not have to be that way if we create more options for them by including providing them with the means and support to build out of salvage. The materials are relatively free and distributed in advance across America.

This house was the subject of a music video called Song of Salvage and you can see it on the Pure Salvage Living Channel on Youtube.
The Bootcamp Seminar on How to Become a Salvage Miner.

All we need to do is to help facilitate the funding for the training and human energy to get it off the ground, to create the path to a freedom from the normal constraints of the employment matrix so they can rest a bit with a simple and happy life, while also making a positive contribution to their country and all they know and love.

The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is intended to empower millions to create houses out of the salvage that would otherwise clutter our landfills. The ideology is simply one of respecting the work of our ancestors who left us with treasures in the form of salvage that most people with the want or need, could be tapping these sustainable resources. With that treasure in hand, they could create a new era of downsized energy efficient organic cottages and homes that would help energize and solidify the salvage mining and salvage building industry in America.

Back a bit more than a decade ago, I envisioned and created my first Organic Cottage under a brand I called Tiny Texas Houses.

All I need to make this vision possible is in place to prove what I have worked on for 35 years and materialized in a form I call an Organic Cottage that now justifies considering a property tax free benefit for life on what ever portion of a newly built home is built from salvaged materials. This means built from salvaged barns, buildings, and homes that are being thrown away, bulldozed, and burned now. These were originally taxed when they were bought, taxed every year of its life as a house with property tax, possibly a couple more times through Death/Estate tax and finally deemed obsolete or in the way of progress. So, if we save resources by not throwing it away and importing replacement materials newly created, we halt extracting more resources from our planet, creating toxic waste with new industrial energy, transport, marketing, and other hidden costs in newly made building materials. We also stop trade imbalances, create work in our own country, limit transport by keeping work, materials resources, and final product locally based, and thus drive energy and money back into building communities from the inside out. This puts the education of life skills a priority in schooling so that kids will know how to build themselves a sustainable house before they leave high school and know they could survive without college instead of joining the $1.3 trillion debtors chain gang for half of their adult life.

We can build millions of organic houses using only American parts, Labor, and thereby employ millions to build the downsized housing we will need as the Baby Boomers retire. We could house the next two generations in the Organic Sustainable Structures we create for the 72,000,000 Baby Boomers who will most likely be forced to downsize soon. This is a path where by we can do it gracefully instead of trashing our historical assets of lumber, windows, doors, flooring, siding, and create careers, homes, villages, rebuilding dying towns from obsolete resources such as the many buildings, barns, and houses lying dormant in our country and awaiting salvage. There are billions of dollars in assets or more that we can take with little more than human energy and convert to housing, jobs, new cottage sized suburbs and industries where the neighbors care about each other and the future we will leave for the generations to come.

One of the Classic Ranch House series that had a front and back porch, two lofts, a nice kitchen, bath with tub, A/C and more to prove you could have it all and stay in an Organic Cottage. (Until they built the 6,000 sf house to go with it that is.)

Please join me in beckoning President Trump to consider helping the vets and downtrodden by letting me open these readily available opportunities to employment, empowerment, small businesses nationwide, and the incredible future that this industry can offer to nearly all Americans. More millionaires have been made from salvage than any other startup business in the USA, whether from Auto parts yards, metals, and building materials. If we grow this ideology called Pure Salvage Living into what I have spent 30 years proving is possible, we can tap the largest standing Virgin Forest in the world, hidden here in the USA and convert it to a generation of careers as craftsman, organic houses, revitalized communities, and a new form of energy efficient sustainable living that is worth our solution for veterans whose deserve such a chance to have a home, occupation, and purpose in life again.

We, as the population and country they joined the military to honor and protect, can all give them this path toward independence and respect, of dignity and the right to live out their lives in peace, with purpose, and hopefully a passion that will give them a life worth living. For now, instead, it is apparent that far too many give up living in their hell once they return and feel helpless to the point that far too many commit suicide to escape the memories of war, without a distraction like a passionate career, family, or home once they come back from a clearly politically driven banker and corporate driven wars.

Now it is our turn and I believe we all need to fight for all of our past and present war veterans now, in the present, while it still possible to make a difference in their lives so finally they can benefit from our efforts and prosper instead of simply get a free flag on their free coffin with a barely marked grave when they die. We can give them and their families hope, a good life, a home, and much more using no more than the salvage that makes up about 25% of our landfills. Our whole country will benefit more by what they can do with the demand this Veteran Salvation Tax could generate by people supporting the cause, getting the benefit for switching to Sustainable Salvage Building that employs all Americans, uses no imports, and is toxin free so the next generation of children will be healthy through out their youth and adulthood as well. I know that all veterans deserve much more than a poor VA Healthcare system and free flag when they die.

With the help of local communities we can establish Pure Salvage Co-ops where we can warehouse the massive inventories of building materials to be salvaged and turned into housing, sharing tools, knowledge, human energy, trucks, trailers, and skills that will happen in the very buildings that were left behind by other industries who abandoned Americans and took our jobs overseas. We can take the supposed trash which comprises 50% of our diminishing landfills and turn it into American Treasures that will be there tomorrow for the children born today. Let us teach the kids to build a home from salvage, re-train older people who’s original occupations are obsolete with the help and knowledge of the elders. Combine that with the energy of youth, the enthusiasm of what unifying under a common cause can do, and you will materialize community, thus a unity of purpose, intent, dedication, and thus inevitably…success. If we can teach people to build houses out of salvage, they will always have a job, a home, a safe place to share time with family and an education that will benefit the entire world through out the lives of all who participate.

Please consider helping manifesting the necessary changes in our society that will allow us to finally open the doors of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance so that our society, even globally speaking as humans, can form a World Union of Believers in our survival as a planet with as many species as we can support. To fund this change I know that we have a small window to capture and reuse these vast treasures worth trillions to our economy to manifest our the houses, buildings, and barns into the future that some desperately need right now. We can do this thanks to the technology we have to communicate globally. Now we can offer this knowledge and pathway to people anywhere in a country or world who are wanting the training, knowledge, purpose, and peace this can bring to our lives as well as for the next generations. We can have that without imports, foreign labor, government assistance, or global corporations running the salvage of our country and skimming off all the profits without the incredible tax and self employment benefits this industry could offer the middle class versus the corporate history of benefits to their hourly workers extending for another generation or two by feeding on this gift at our fingertips. We can form co-ops at local levels that provide warehousing, tools, training, and building spaces out of abandoned industrial sites and buildings. Nothing can stop us but those who stand to lose will try, and they are easily identified as banks, global corps, and the government that stands to lose control that the rich have worked so hard to maintain. We have the power, means, and now only need the common will to manifest change. Will we Unite as a people to make this happen?

Join me in my call for the Freedom we Veterans earned as volunteers defend what we believed was the rights spelled out in our constitution. Amongst was the right to pursue happiness, even if it means living in a tiny organic house like our ancestors did who established this country long ago, worked 352 days a year without vacations to harvest our resources we seem to rush to throw away. They did it in a time with no vacations, no sick pay, and with 12 year olds in the workforce pulling coal out of the mines that made the hardware and glass I used or fire up the steam engines for the saws to run. It was the kids job to sharpen the giant saws that cut up 500 year old trees, and the wood we cut will never be grown again.

This is a chance to help give our government motivation to support the use of salvaged materials, our hidden treasure in the US, as part of the formula that brings us to a phenomenal era of sustainable toxin free housing with the longevity and quality to last a real lifetime and more, just as the houses from the 1800’s and earlier have. The proof of the difference is in the built in obsolescence new housing materials have which mean that more energy is used to create the materials to build a house today than you will use to live in it for the next 15 years… heating, cooling, and all. By design, the AC, water heater, roofing, paint job, windows, appliances, carpet, cabinets, hardware and lighting, are all worn out or obsolete. In other words, you have to nearly recreate the entire house using more energy once again than it took to live in the house for 15 years.

Comparably, a 95% Pure Salvage house created by anyone who salvages a house who will likely get enough materials to build two or three cottage sized houses with about 20 gallons of fossil fuel to bring 95% of the materials to the job site that will be needed to create the Tiny Texas Style and quality of sustainable unique home I have proven nearly anyone can build. What I ask is for the Tax Break on what ever portion of a house is created from materials salvaged from these hidden treasure troves through out our dying industrial cities and towns. I ask only that we let the public then choose what portion of their home they want to be built from Pure Salvage to support the salvation of our veterans futures, our country’s greatness, and receive a future tax benefit that will help pay for this transformation of our unemployed, under served, under housed, and empower them to also become our greatest asset once again. United we can help our vets, our poor, our elderly, and in doing so, help our entire country get through the hard times ahead as we face the transition from a giant working population to a far greater elderly population than has ever been supported by so few proportionally in history.

Can we survive the deleveraging of all of our possessions, big homes, and collections the Baby Boomers have accumulated but can no longer afford? Only if we transform our treasures, preserve our gifts, teach our children the life skills they need while the elders are still alive who remember what they were before electricity, plastics, Monsanto’s pesticides, and GMO’s. I believe the small window in time that we have to capture their wisdom, practical knowledge, and skills is about to close such that we can use the miracles of our modern technology to record, share, and teach the skills we might need to survive in a world without the vast amounts of waste able energy and resources we have become accustomed to in the last few hundred years.

Using salvaged Porch Posts, windows, doors, flooring, and much more can still create a house in amazing condition that will last for a century. Why not use it again?

No matter if you choose big or tiny, create it with respect for the 7 generations past that formed these treasures with their blood, sweat, and tears, which is what really made our country great. We once called it pride in craftsmanship and now call it hand mades and art. I believe We are compelled to a, in other words, to pursue our happiness in what ever form of sustainable house we choose. We could do this and much better than we are doing now, a thousand times over, with little more support and capitalization than this Property Tax Credit could to to get open market financial support. Small businesses with Crowd Funding avenues will make it possible for families, friends, and communities to fund these paths to home ownership that may the only millions will ever have a chance at securing to have an Organic Sustainable home to spend their lives in. Financing for the new genre of home would be easier as there would be little or no tax to add to the burden of home ownership as the inhabitants will be living in what would have been trash in a land fill or burned, thus they also saved the environment by reducing the carbon releases, trash, and waste that is now part of demolitions that are part of modernizing obsolete houses, neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

We can do more with a Tax credit that benefits the masses who need it most by enabling them to get started on a new path, and to do it in a better way than the government historically has done by giving away money, creating a new bureaucracy, or subsidizing giant corporations focused on profit for their shareholders and ultimately fail. That is because the statistics prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that small businesses create more jobs and benefits to our society than all the big corporations combined and in the end, also pay more taxes because they do not know how to use the loopholes as well as global corporations that end up paying no tax to America. Please, let our government finally give the 99% who need the break most a giant tax loophole in their favor that does not cost the planet, people, or government anything! I have proven that we can use the trash we call salvage to fund the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

I am sure of this support because there are so many people Awakening who identify and are willing to live, not just talk, thus help change the future through sharing and passing this to their children. Thus this ideology of building from the salvage of our past to save the resources for the future will benefit everyone in the future. It is the only way to give the next 7 generations a piece of the past we once had in abundance, and to give our planet a chance to recover from the rape and mindless pillaging of its resources without regard to the consequences. In 500 years of such respect, we might once more have a generation of trees 150′ tall and preserved the next time instead of chopped up and thrown away into landfills long before their useful life was over.

We, for I am one to, veterans, deserve a chance to exercise the Freedom we fought for to have a home, simple as the portable Tiny Texas houses if we choose, such as I have spent the last decade creating. We ought to help Vets as well as others find a simpler peace than the American Dream McMansion they can no longer afford or desire, and to have their health, family, and chance to live out a happy life. I truly feel I have found such a seldom trod path that we could take to make that possible and it would be easier, faster, and more fun than any other out there on the horizon. It is ready, the materials workforce, and all we have to do is think differently about how we think of salvage, which is a path our society once traveled, thus much easier to clear and use once more as we rebuild the best of our past into a future we can be proud of building today. Please join me in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance as I take this to the next level, grow the cyber community it will take to reach out to all who need these solutions, and in so doing, empower millions to live the better life we all deserve.

Ready to take part in making dreams come true, miracles happen for those who expected it least, and possibilities that few considered possible in 2016. Join me for this adventure in creative contests to demonstrate to the millions who follow them, how 12 couple will take the treasure of the past and turn them into their dream cottages of the future.

One example of the opportunities I would like to offer is a way to get licensed and then receive consigned salvage building materials that it will take to build your first two houses and get launched into your own Organic Cottage Building Business that will support you and your family for life.

I hope that after fighting our country’s wars believing it would be for our Freedom, safety, and security as well as to give you comfort. No one should have to give up life, limbs, peace of mind, and friends as a veteran who defended the ideal and belief that we live in the best country in the world and believe in freedom and justice for all. Lets prove it. Let show the people what Coming Home should mean, no matter where you are coming from.

Yes it is true, we are finally having another essay contest even though I said it may never happen again after the essay contest where we gave the entire house away, already built, the last time.

Here is a way to let a vet you know maybe win a bunch of parts to build with by gifting them a membership for a year of many contests with a prize that could change their lives.

Will you join me in asking President Trump to consider using his incredible powers of Executive to enact such a Property tax credit as it would simply take to manifest the miracles I can make happen with just this one concession? Share perhaps with someone who might like a veteran you know? Please share the idea if you like what it could mean would happen by simply not taxing the trash and human energy we can use to manifest miracles, indeed, the salvation for millions of people, and possibly our society. We need all the help we can get and can not afford to waste or scrap our assets by selling them off to China for less than we can create them for when we need that treasure to rebuild at home.

Brad W. Kittel
Son of a career Veteran
Creator of
Tiny Texas Houses

& the
Pure Salvage Living Renaissance
Salvage, Texas

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too!