Not Only Houses, But Chapels As Blessed Creations Of The Past Were Brought Back Into Life Too.  I Want To Create A Few More Fo Salvage, Tx., And Would Love To Have Partners Come In To Help And Take Care Of The Weddings And Events We Could Be Having Once The Parts I Have For At Least Three More Chapels Are Assembled And Put Into Service.  The Spirit Could Be Honored And A Place To Visit For That Purpose, To Share Ones Perspectives With Others Of Like Mind, Is Surely Going To Be Ready Soon To, But Sooner If You Help.  Along The Way To Where I Am Today, I Have Had Many Reasons To Pray, And Some Prayers Unanswered In The Way I Asked For, Thus Lessons Learned That Make This Next Transition The Most Important One Yet.  Please Consider Joining Us As We Tap The Highest Of Energies To Create The Greatest Of Works For The Benefit Of All Who Come To Learn, Share, And Grow The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance At Salvage, Texas.

How to support sustainable toxin-free Organic Cottage Building w/ 95% Pure Salvage

You can help manifest a change in how to build sustainable housing in the future so that the generations being born will have an abundance of materials to work with yet not cut down a tree or waste energy creating windows, doors, flooring, siding, bricks, and much more that we already have on hand, created by the generations before us, and virtually Free… except the cost of human energy.    Still wondering why you might want to help share, spread the word about the solutions that can be found easily, and the wealth that can be created from the treasures left for us by our forefathers?  Please consider a few minutes of reading and exploring how this can change your world, and better the lives of all who share it with you.

From the beginning, in 2006 when I started building a house from salvage to prove how far we could take it… I did not realize just how many factors we could take into account when the solutions this creates are brought into view.

With passion and profit, incentivized by the potential to create wealth, homes, careers with the family at the core of the business and life we lead, and much more that comes from the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance ideology.  You can help share the concept, thus empower others to open doors of opportunity for you and them where ever you are, and also to change the way we look at the treasures left to us by our ancestors who worked as 12 year olds pulling coal from mines to make the glass I use to build houses with, who worked 352 days a year without sick pay, vacation pay, and only two unpaid holidays a year.

The “El Campo Expedition” can be seen on Youtube in its Free educational seminar forms, as a music video worthy of great awards, and in a gallery deluxe on Facebook if you can find it amongst the treasure trove on that site for now.

The end that I am standing in with the sun set lighting up the red wood.

In two weeks this other recent Salvage Bootcamp produced enough wood to build two houses as well, perhaps three in lumber that will be spread out to other houses as beams for the most part.

Here is the stairwell with the floor joists still waiting to be picked up and everyone else left. Oh well. Onward

The stairway to Heaven on the back side, us trying to get there on the front.

We can respect the efforts of our forefathers by not throwing away all the product of their work, of our planets resources that were virgin forests when we humans cut them down to create the country we took pride in calling America, Land of the Free, and of a quality of pride in craftsmanship that we brought over by the immigrants who did the labor to create the beautiful buildings, houses, and playgrounds of the mega rich of the 1800’s.  That came to an end, for a while as the recession of 1895, the income tax on the rich, the unions to give better benefits and rights to workers, and the Federal Reserve which put a tax in the form of interest paid to a private corporation in return for printing money with no gold to back it up.  As our world of the past faded and we have come to accept built in obsolescence, poor quality, and the rich have again become as powerful as they had in the 1800’s, the coming food crisis, employment crisis, and thus many other challenges face our nation in the immediate future.

From up on the rooftop, this 49 year old woman found a confidence and power that propelled her on to other great things she would do once she had spent a week on this spiritual experience of taking down a house that lived for a 120 years.

What are we going to do with the treasures of our past that we are presently wasting by throwing them into the landfills, yes, 50% of that is building materials, 25% that could be salvaged and stored in buildings left empty by industry gone abroad, that we could use… without any imports or new energy consumption… to manufacture houses, to build markets, barns, and much more with instead.  This would create millions of new jobs that could not be exported, empower millions with no money but human energy to spare if they get paid back in homes, food, skills, and a path to create a safe environment and home for their families.   I believe we can do this with the salvage that could be found in our country, hidden in towns, cities, and places where people ignore the resources and throw them away as if they have no value, or that time is of more value in the construction process.  While it takes more time to salvage than it does to demo and throw it all away, it is truly worth it to force that now rather than regret the lack of resources in a depleted world later.

Tiny Texas Houses and Manifestation Bay were born from my imagination and decades of work in Salvaging Architectural Antiques.

The Retreat manifesting 2015 is a 12′ x 26′ with a gigantic loft and may be looking for a new owner.

Here you can see the metal being used for siding as well as the roof. Heaven is looking much bigger now. Imagine yourself living in a house like this if you like and then set about manifesting your dream. We can do it if we are willing to commit the time and labor, the love and determination.

Thank you for visiting, sharing, and if you are already a member, helping us manifest a vision that will light up the lives of many with opportunities as bright as the sun.

Please join me in being a part of creating a model of what we could do differently with the many salvaged materials that can be had in this day which many write off as trash.  I design with this material and thus i am able to create structures that will last beyond my time on Earth, use no new trees, glass, or even metal beyond the screws and nails for the hardware, hinges, and all are salvaged as well.  We can do this and I intend to take the 100,000 square feet of salvaged materials that I have collected in my life and stored to now create a town, a destination marketplace where all things old, salvaged, created from parts of the past, antiques, and manifestations in the form of the art that we can also create from the parts of the past that survive and are still usable for other creations.

5 years ago it looked much more plain around here.

Behind the new guesthouse, you can see the main SalvageFaire building that houses the recording studio and kitchen for concessions when the music and films are playing. Members will be getting free admittance to and event of choice as part of the new promotion starting this next week.

A view of Salvagefaire from the front, with a layer of corrugated over the original exterior siding.

Salvagefaire’s stairs up to the Studio, decks, stage, and dorm rooms at the top.

An Entry to the land that I will sell by the inch in front of SalvageFaire, with a bit of flare, made from parts and pieces into a storefront that will offer all a chance to be a part of the future of Tiny Texas Territories. An intentional mix of many types of multi-paned giant windows. Beaded wood, and it leads to a world of opportunity if you decide to support my vision by owning a square inch or more of the Vision I live to manifest.

Let us gather together the artists, musicians, creators one and all to show what we can do with the best of the past to create a future so bright that others will come like moths to a flame to learn how to live organically, in tune with the world and not consumerism driven by the TV, Mass Media, and the peer group that believes you are only as good as the jewelry and clothes, the cars and houses, or the title you wear on your lapel.  Please join me in showing how living off the grid, outside the influence of the Matrix, or the spell of media by helping in some very simple ways.

Darby invites you to explore, invest, and come have some fun at the events we will be having starting in June. Music events, film festivals, market days for all things salvaged, and much more cool events at Salvagefaire, in Salvage Texas of course. Don’t know where that is…. may need to become a member to find out. hehe.

Share our videos of the Tiny Texas Organic Houses we have created as examples of what is possible.

Share the photoblogs with pictures of the houses, as well as how to create them with the parts you find near you.

Share the ideas of becoming a Salvage Miner or a Salvage Builder, perhaps become a Salvage Hunter or establish a Pure Salvage Outpost as a Co-op where you live so there is a place to store materials, share common tools, tap the elders to learn skills and barter for what you do not have to make what you want happen as a community rather than alone.  We can do more as a unity, communing together to create solutions that are not profit based, but community benefit based and I believe this concept will take us to a place where it is possible to educate children with life skills before they leave home, and able to create a home as a natural knowledge using the materials available rather than create more out of toxic materials like oil that we use to make plastics, vinyl, and many other carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors, and other pesticides or chemicals that are hurting the entire world with the byproducts of their creation, not to mention the energy it takes to do it.  We can do better and the creation of a destination point like Salvage, Texas is to show what we can do, have a market where you can get the parts, knowledge, and skills to do so, and have a place to go and share your ideas, learn from others, and help grow a different paradigm than the one we built in the last part of the 1900’s.


Thank you for following and considering becoming a member of the site where the community support will help manifest Salvage, Texas and your membership will always pay back far more than you put in, both in benefits to you, but more so to the world as it establishes the trusts, income, and means to grow the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance around the world.

Thought about pushing her down the road when the motor stalled, but there was no rear bumper to push on. Oversights.

32′ long, the Beaumont House was the biggest we ever built to show what was possible with salvage.

Houses can be created that will prove themselves worthy of matching anything built today with new materials, do so for less embodied energy when the house is built, and use less energy over the test of time as they will need much less replacement due to the lack of built in obsolescence, like so much of what is manufactured today.

Sharing the idea, the web site, the pictures of the houses, the videos, the music/videos on Youtube, the photoblog posts on our site, and coming to visit will all help us grow this notion that we can make a difference by living a different way.

Join the web site if you can, for the donation is 100% going to manifesting Salvage, Texas… nothing more. We have the materials on hand in stock, the land to create it on that we have sculpted with ponds, wildlife, and examples of permaculture and the many things we could be doing to live an organic lifestyle.  I want more help from others who know far more about the permaculture, the other facets of healing, Yoga, Gongs, and experts from all different fields converging for the purpose of sharing, growing, and inspiring others to awaken to the amazing new information showing how powerful we are as individuals, but even more so as spirits united for a common goal or cause that in the end, can change the world.  Life is amazing and the more we learn about how much, the more miracles we see manifest in spite of all the trauma, sadness, and war.  Love life, the opportunity to transform trash into treasure, salvation through salvage of body, mind, and soul is possible if you wish to believe in something that you, your Self, can make happen.

Imagine a cottage that starts out as a screened in portable building that can break down into 17 pieces and move. Add to that a few upgrades and it becomes an organic cottage for year round living, but still slips through the loopholes of regulations, HOAs and more. That is what this is all about.

The Gingered Swan is one of the houses still available for the seminar weekend. It sits on the ponds where the frogs sing in chorus, the songbirds call in the morning, and the caverns offer a cleansing with clay and mud that helps ground you and let you relax with Mother Earth. It’s all part of getting to come to Salvage, Texas for the weekend and write it off against the taxes you would have paid the government, if you decide to invest in this great new industry by supporting in in one of many ways possible.

This seminar will be the chance for people to learn how to build with the materials, and possibly take orders and build them for others closer to where you live. Thank you for your interest and sharing with others.

I believe in you enough to write these essays, to share my experience so that others can see that I cured a body, recovered a broken heart, found my Self in the form of Spirit it a body that is now free of pain, disease, fear, worry, or doubt.  I never imagined it would take nearly 6 decades to figure it out… but I am at peace knowing that I have had a wonderful life already and the best part is ahead, no matter what comes of the world, it is the view from the inside, the happiness within, that makes it all beautiful.  Please join me in sharing, growing the solutions for more to savor, and spreading the knowledge that miracles are not only possible, but that we create them with our thoughts, work, will, and hearts.  Don’t give up, fear, or worry but instead… Join me in living a life that makes a positive difference for the generations that will follow.

Not to be forgotten, you can also invest in one of a few of the original Tiny Texas Houses and get and incredible return paid in quarterly dividends amounting to 10% annual return, plus depreciate the investment over ten years, use it here for free for 30 days each year, have ownership and be able to move it away after we have leased it back for 10 years, or you could leave it on indefinitely and keep making and income for life of 20% on the original investment with a place to escape the city nearby or far away, always being a write off for food, transportation to come to your business, a B&B, that we run for you, pay the taxes on, maintain, and await your arrival for escaping, your retreat from the city, winter, or what ever escapade you need it to be.

One of my favorite, the Gingered Swan, is available for an investor who wants to help create a legendary destination in the Heart of Texas.

The time is nearly ripe to put up our sign and make it official. We have a few test runs to see how we can handle a crowd, get the bath houses, showers for campers, and a bit more preparation, …. cash flow, cash flow, ….. so check out the chance to invest in a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage to be leased back and let you stay there for events as well as making an incredible income from it as a return thanks for your help and support at this juncture in our growth and expansion.

Take a look at the new prize package that we are offering in the newest contest for March.

Ready to take part in making dreams come true, miracles happen for those who expected it least, and possibilities that few considered possible in 2017. Join me for this adventure in creative contests to demonstrate to the millions who follow them, how 12 couple will take the treasure of the past and turn them into their dream cottages of the future.

Please consider joining us, helping us by sharing, and let me know what we can do to bring the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to a place near you soon or join us here if you want to help make that happen by being part of creating this model, and then the many other Pure Salvage Outposts (PSO’s) that will manifest in the future too.