This End Will Have A Door, Small Sidelight, And More Deck Above, As Well As The Upper Deck Wrapping Around Three Sides Of The House.

I bet you never imagined this Organic Cottage would form from a bunch of trashy looking salvaged wood.

So the Loopholer is growing a personality like no other Tiny Texas House yet to manifest at the hands of volunteers.  Truly no one else will have a model they make that looks like this, but if they do, I want to see how it stacks up next to this one.  (Wood Puns)

This end will have a door, small sidelight, and more deck above.

Frontal view to the world from the bed or living room.

Theo and KC putting up the interior skins.

Theo studies the next move.

Giant overhangs, and you will soon see a long second floor porch.

Check out the gable end charms, or clovers if you like.


Helping create a model for the people who want to use the Loopholes to create houses where others do not want them to be.

When I find my camera that I laid down in the warehouse someplace, I will get some more pictures out to you all to see what we got done on this adventure.

If you haven’t built a tiny house before, its really quite a simple thing to do, and this is just a taste of what I hope that you do too.

This will be a guesthouse with upper sleeping loft as well as a lower double or queen sized bed, living area, kitchenette, closet with night toilet, and be as cozy as a bug besides being incredibly cute and unique.  Please share and tell your friends about how they too could have a Loopholer one day, a house that they can put someplace that others think they can not.  Follow along as we finish and place this great new creation amongst our other BnB options at Salvage, Texas.