It Is Pretty From Either Side.  Rare In That It Is In Perfect Condition,  Is It Calling Your Name?  I Beginning To Hear It Call Mine.

I could build a house around this door.

From the Houston Salvage Project and seminar. 

An incredible door offering. Arts and Crafts, Frank Lloyd Wright, something special and just right, not sure of the origin, but I do know that it is a special custom made and never to be found again door.

Just in case you did not see
the sweetest prize I offer thee,
It tis the jewel from this one crown 
that I did want more than all found.

It’s truly custom and well charged 
with memories and sights,
though I can not yet prove it, 
you may see it in the lights.

They sparkle, dance, and play you see,
as if they still hold much,
of what went through their lens to eyes
that now you feel with touch.

You may not see what others see,
when looking through this door, 
but the Truth is what you feel inside,
that tells you what’s in store.


another view of the crystal periscope jewels in the door.

Here is the door from the Houston Salvage though the rest of the house is ultra modern, for 1970 that is. The door is great with a custom set of glass pieces that few will recognize for their uniqueness and possible past life.
I believe the triangular shaped crystal lenses in the door are from a periscope with two eye pieces and the magnifying glass is also part of the same scope.
I can not be absolutely sure, but I will bet someone will tell me if enough people look at it. The style of the glass is much like an early piece of glass would have for style, but the parts and pieces are not normal to find in any piece of leaded glass, but especially a door.

The door jam, hinges, and hardware is all in excellent condition. The door handle set was pricey when it was originally bought and put on, an art piece in its own right.

We are offering up this door as a prized treasure for sale to the limited public to help finance our other projects and will be glad to build a Tiny Texas House that will focus on the door as the starting point. It is an amazing piece of work that I would have put in my own Tiny House……..hmmmmm…

But there are some who think I use all the best for myself so let us put this one out there with jamb, trim, hardware and door for $2500 before we pull it out of the house and bring it back to Tiny Texas Houses where it will instantly get assigned to a Tiny House that will grow around it, most likely while leaning against the wall and I pass by.


Backside view of this incredible work of art. Arts and Crafts or Deco, both styles descriptions could work. I would love to know it is an original Frank Lloyd Wright or better a Rene McIntosh but for now, I can only say it is in their style.


It is pretty from either side. Rare in that it is in perfect condition, Is it calling your name? I beginning to hear it call mine.