Here Is A View Of My Experience From The Balcony Of The Vesper Casa, Which I Saw To Be A Scam In My Opinion And Experience With Them.

I found abysmal results from and got charged $800 for nothing

Here is the letter I sent to Equitynetcom after realizing they were hitting my bank account for $199 per month. When calling them about it, they were uncaring, unhelpful, and put the blame on me for not sending out junk mail to all the investors who signed up regardless of their quoted interests not being about what I was doing with creating 95% Pure Salvage sustainable, energy efficient, and non-toxic houses. I want to post this so others do not get suckered in too. No refund, extension of service at no cost, or other attempt was made to appease my dissatisfaction and the charges I was not expecting, especially given the total lack of results. This is just written in hopes of saving others some money wasted.

My email to them:

Here is a view of my experience from the balcony of the Vesper Casa, which I saw to be a scam in my opinion and experience with them.

Here is a view of my experience from the balcony of the Vesper Casa, which I saw to be a scam in my opinion and experience with them.

Absolutely abysmal results and I will post that on my site, on my Facebook, and on my blogs that this is more of a scam than a real operation that gets results. It makes money off from people signing up for the pot of gold that does not exist to speak of, at least from this entrepreneurs perspective. While I thought I signed up for one month at a ridicules rate of $199 per month, you hit my bank account for 4 months or $800 for nothing, not a single email, phone call, and only 3 investors that even opened my file, even after you wrote an article on me which is why I signed up for the $199 to begin with for one month. Wow!

Your response and failure to offer additional time, service or refund for the lack of any results what so ever is so bad and unsympathetic that it really is a bit of an insult to those who come to your site. Getting a list of names of people who we can send junk mail to all day is wrong and that is what you are proposing I do. Why would someone sign up to get junk mail all day long? I don’t want that coming in my mailbox if I did not solicit it by showing some interest. If the investors are not scanning the businesses that pay to list, then what is the real value. If they showed any interest, I emailed and got no response anyway.

$199 a month for that???? You have a great scam and likely are making big money from selling the dream, but the results I suggest are far less than you purport they will be and thus I question how you can say what you say to induce people to pay for this, without bordering on telling a big lie.

Anywhere I can post my opinion I will, including a blog that will hold your title as a page on my site for searches and warn others not to waste good money or the huge amount of time it takes to load up information on this service that evidence showed in my case, no one looks at as they tell you when ever anyone does. Three investors checking out the file in 4 months at $800 is a poor showing at best.

Brad Kittel
Tiny Texas Houses
Pure Salvage Living