Some Days We Must Be Thankful For The Great Gifts Of Each Day.

I got to play in my Organic Cottage today: the Monty Grand Victorian

She has found her new parents now and may soon be moved to stay

I think we found new parents for a very special child.

The birth just now five years ago,

but just like new she sits a glow.

Untouched by dreams up in her beds,

or food cooked down below.

She is an untouched vessel

filled with Love beyond most known,

and holds within a peace of mind

by Mother Nature born,



Some days we must be thankful for the great gifts of each day.

Boy oh, boy did I have fun. I got to play in my favorite creation known as the Monty Grand Victorian in New Braunfels. It has been five years since this incredible example of an Organic Cottage Art collaboration was finished. I could dream of no better thanks to the incredible eye and talent of the owner who helped be my muse on her house.

Tis the Entry to my world that makes my home my castle and my door to dreams long last beyond my night.

This home is being bought, if all things work out, by a couple who will be able to make it part of a BnB operation so that many others can feel, dream, and truly “Believe” in the Spiritual Energy of these millennium year old trees, our ancestors hard work to harvest them, to create the period hardware on doors, windows, drawers, and more.  They were formed in ancient days and assembled in playful and colorful ways to reformed by two Artistic Spirits, into an Organic Art House that will be unmatched.   This collaboration manifested because we were joined in our commitment to manifest a place our grandchildren would wonder at and want when they grow up.
Synchronicity is the word I love so much these days because I see the links of the chain so different now compared to just 7 years ago. Life is amazing, and when I walk into a house that has sat un-lived in for 5 years and in three days of dusting and cleaning, look like the day I set it one this ground 5 years ago… makes the time in between disappear for a moment or two. I see so much that was in my life in this house, as does Gladys, and we realize as we look that the fantasy of what we thought life would bring seldom turns out to be what happens, but the richness of the journey is what matters most.

Through the door, I look and see a place that I would love to be, a space in time I know so well, a bit of Love that I can tell. Darby

Are we really here for now then gone, or hanging around for a century or more beyond the time our feet are on the floor. Indeed it’s through reflection that we wonder now and then, if the spirit of the past is still with us past the end. Our Spirit has no body once it leaves but can’t we be found in the Art that we create after no one else can see? hehehe

Perhaps a secret between you and me…?

Imagine if you can, a house as nice as this, sitting idle and awaiting its new parents for 5 years. Indeed like a museum, this house has sat to view, and yet it looks as if the house is still as good as new. It shows how much a house can be if Love is used to build, along with salvaged treasures from the past and a focused will. It takes a bit of magic, Space Magic by Design, a lot of Love and tenderness, a bit of the great Divine… our Spirit flows thus through us, the output is so fine.
Join me as I visit once again a favorite child, who came from my heart and mind at first, my hands and more to Be. It is but one example of what Trash is if you see that the best of our past treasure is before you, and for Free.
Savor the Monty Grand Victorian, a child of my mind, a place to find great dreams within, or just to be inspired.



In many ways, this incredible set of Long Term Newly Weds who were able to give me solace by being so great to know and work with at a time I was struggling with anger and pain from losing my son and so much more. I found succor in knowing such lives existed in a time when mine had crumbled and I was searching for who I was going to finally grow up and be, as the new me I have become since then. That made it a very expanding and emotional experience for me today, and best of all, the people who might finally get to steward this jewelry box of a house will be sharing the gifts with so many others in the years to come.

For me, each child conceived of after the weddings in my Salvaged Chapels nearby will carry with them the energy I have imbued in both structures, this one ever greater for the help Gladys gave me in so many ways. 

Thank you, Thank you, thank you.

Oh yea, I forgot my shirt and thought I would buy another, but could not get to a 2nd hand shop in time, so bare-chested, ooops.
Thank Danielle for the incredible shots credits at one of my tiny miracles in Space Magic Design… the Darby way with trash.