I Am Laying Out Some Spaces For People To Lease, To Plant Houses On, Camp Out At Whenever They Like, And The Chance To Participate In Creating. 

I’m laying out the spaces for special people to be able to Lease, possibly for Life, to plant Organic cottages, tents, and dreams!

Truly paradise is in the mind but it is easier to be happy and in bliss when the weather, Mother Earth’s green garments wrapping all around me with colors I could not create myself.  I walk around bathed in colorful flowers, green grasses growing, and knowing the food I see blooming will be loved by the time it is full grown, harvested, and blessed before turning it into the most incredible human forms we can conceive of as we grow our expectations and results each day.

Welcome to my paradise called Salvage, Texas. It is a place you will not find yet on the map, for it is just manifesting from my mind into this world we call reality. You can come, stay for a night, and even walk about freely to fully grasp the scope of this model I am creating for those who wish to find a simpler organic path to live by. Please join me, support our goals, and become a part of the paradigm shift it will take to alter the course of our society or at least a portion of it that is not out to fit in as a sheeple in the crowd, but out to find a peace and happiness that can be savored by the day, shared with those we love, and live to our highest potential.

The newest work is looking good as I form the vision I see out of the land that I am charged with stewarding until the day I can pass it along to others who will respect the paradise I am forming with my mind.  Imagination manifested is but the thoughts within our head being held on to, guiding the body to do the things we believe are possible in spite of the odds, the naysayers, and the lack of the resources needed when we set off on the grand escapade called life.

The ponds are now many where not a one stood 5 years ago.

All the dirt will soon be covered by new grasses and new plants.  Sunflowers, beans, and all sorts of food love the soils that have been uncovered and relaid.  Seeds of all that was, roots, and bulbs that will survive, even mesquites that are nearly impossible to kill, many will try to return but we will limit them by crowding them out with the things we wish to flourish here instead.

No matter how deep the hole we have dug in our life, we can fill it with water, grow incredible things with the lessons learned digging the whole life you have lived  Pause to swim through the memories of our life without guilt, knowing we had to go through the Gauntlet to get to the place we want to be.  Join me in a paradise that comes from within, lit by the Light of Spirit that ignites the body that can perform miracles daily.  Find the Love for yourself and life that you think may be slipping out of reach, and do the work to change your life and bring back the passion, the desire to wake each day and flourish, to thrive and fulfill those dreams you thought were lost when we get older.  Indeed, I stand before you as evidence that we can get younger, healthier, and find passion in bliss in our 60’s with less effort and pain than you imagine.


Stop making excuses and explore the path to getting out of the Matrix while the chips are there to cash in and put the investment of your life hours into a space you can go to, a place you can only imagine without the help of others to manifest it.  Take a moment to re-evaluate what is important as the volcanoes of the world, the earthquakes, and the storms alter the course of our future as a society, affect the food, housing, and lives of billions with no solutions Mankind will come up with that will alter the growth of our planet once more, fueled by the Cosmic Rays that charge the plasma core and be turned into matter that expands our world each day.

Prepare for the life you would like to lead if you could simplify so that when you are ready, it will be too… for a small investment today will set you on the path to change, the next steps will take your imagination and a bit of energy, but the results will rock your world.

I am laying out some spaces for people to lease, to plant houses on, camp out at whenever they like, and the chance to participate in creating.  Yes, learning how to build houses, take the treasures from the past in the form of houses and barns apart, and learning how to form your future hOMe out of the energy, the imagination you have within, and the help of friends you will meet here along the path to independence and self-sufficiency. 

Wii (See Wibblry.com for definition) can do this sustainably, and create the examples others may need to have the faith and follow this path as we transition to a better world once the cleansing is over.

Thank you for reading so many words, way above the limits of the average attention span.  If you are interested in being a part, leasing a space to help us form the future here, and perhaps even want to be a member of the Pure Salvage Living Co-op being formed for the public to have access to the treasures in the warehouses to go with the spaces, tools, and training for how to build your sustainable houses, your future careers, and our future as a species stewarding the planet responsibly in the future.

Welcome to my world of seeding the minds of billions with the trash I have found in the past that I believe will be our solutions in the future for sustainable healthy housing in the world of the Art House minded who I believe will grow in numbers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Long ago my father taught me to respect the gifts I might be given in my life. I do, and I hope to share the abundance found in the life of Salvage i have led help you find a path that will fulfill your dreams as this has mine.




Pads for houses, tents, and cottages are spread about the creeks and ponds edges. These will be the most desirable spots to get a long term lease on and set about the gardening, the placement, and even construction of your tiny little getaway outside the city of Austin, San Antonio, or Houston which are all close by, but not too close.

Where would you like to view this paradise from?

Contact Brad@Tinytexashouses.com for more information.