I live in a different world, though it looks just like yours.

My Temple Tantra awaits my call to Race around the world and back, while I look on in want and wonder awaiting our first night alone. This is my inter-dimensional Cosmos traveling house. Few will ever know what that means, let alone how it feels.

Here is a blog intended to simply stimulate and provoke you to wonder.  I did not create this piece but I like the results for they will awaken some, open some eyes, create a challenge to your mind if you are not already aware of these things, and hopefully, help stimulate a change in the global psyche, one person at a time.  Thank you for considering what this informative piece has to offer all of us.


Rather than watch a fictional movie or TV show that is of no value, why not push your mind into the world of what might actually be going on in the world, from another perspective. I hope you will enjoy the possibilities that such people as this are able to get out to the people who do not want to simply remain in the dark about what is actually going on while we savor the distractions and consumerism, drugs and the things is takes to keep us docile and distracted while the system forms a deadly trap for the societies that we do not even recognize exist.
While many of you will be upset with such knowledge, please just consider it a movie like the others that you might watch.
Crazy as this sounds, you are indeed in a world that is much more than you perceive. To think all this is not possible is to limit your potential to understand a reality that exists, invisible to the Sheeple who choose not to wake up and consider the possibilities.
No fear, just be aware, be ready to think when you need to, freely, and without the influence of those who are part of the destruction of our world as we know it. If you can rebut all of this with facts, not belief systems, and you truly believe that our government has our best interests in mind, than this will be a good test for your belief systems.
Thank you for considering the facts, the information, and the conclusions that can be reached if you ever choose to look, consider, think for yourself, and then act in accordance with your Truth, your Future, and your desire to remain free rather than be part of the mob that attacks those who are willing to open their minds and think….. differently.
I pray you can awake, that we can form the One that is capable of stopping this from happening and Unite us as One massive Energy Being capable of miraculous transformations of the reality we know to be an illusion of the highest order.
Never let the fear or anger take control, for that is what they want because it weakens us and makes their objective possible. Love, the positive energy we hold within us, can do more than anyone imagines, for it is simply the positive energy we can manifest that will stop this force, not our physical bodies. Believe in your ability to tap the True Power of the Universe, of God if you choose to personify this energy, and it will be yours. This comes to us from Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and many more of the masters that have come before us and carried the answers and the Source to us so that we might be able to see the Light, use it, and thus overcome our enemy and nemesis, the manifestation of what can be done with the Energy of the Universe, Prana, or Ether that fills the Cosmos and is available for us to tap at will.
If you tend to be afraid of all things, then do not watch this film. You may not be able to handle the possiblities.