I Swear to God this is the Image that I Got, NO PHOTOSHOP!

Darby Writes Inspired by the Image You Look On

Darby sees the Light and knows there is a story here, the story is the energy that he fills the houses with.

You just know Darby had to write a poem for this,
and a good one it must be,
for to match an image such as this,
The Love pours Pure and Free.

The feeling of elation when I saw a shot like this,
and then knew that I was standing
underneath this very scene.

Here is the front of Bear House less our guest.

That is where is put the camera
for a video I shot,
Just exactly right below it,
then I went into the house.

I did not see what the lens had found
Until far later on,
but the beauty of the scene for me
was more than I have found

for only moments after this shot
taken on the walk
I took a film of Darby
from that Purple Lighted spot.

By the Cactus needles close enough
to get some in my hand,
I placed the camera on the ground
and pushed the button in.

From down below where I took the shots and set the camera down,

Then after filming on the porch
and going in the house,
I picked the camera up again
I left happy as a louse.

But when I got back to the office
sat down and then I saw
what had blessed my visit to the house,
and given me this Call.

Tis a reason well worth writing this,
in poetry with rhyme
for it makes it even easier
to be shared at this great time.


I swear this was the first shot as I walked up to the house. I did not manufacture any image or add more. I sharpened and defined it, saturated slightly more, but the difference that I made was of nothing at the core. This is really just a lens flash but the one is when she descends.

Our Angel on the Tiny Texas “Bear House” Porch

I understand it happens 

and the way it can appear, 

but I swear I did not plan it

 nor expect to see it here.


As the pictures popped before me

I examined them to find,

that the purple light I love so much

Was clearly there to find.


I seek this Light at many times,

while Loving and Serene, 

Its the color that I look for 

and imagine I will see.


when I meditate in wonder

at the colors that appear

Its the one that brings the most delight,

and vanquishes all fear.

This is just a 10′ x 10′ two story house, and Mackey fits inside at 6’4″ without shoes.


Purple soothes me and sedates me

in the best of Loving of ways.

This reminds me that the sky is full

of Purple every day.


So though I do not see it,

though reflecting off my eyes,

what the camera has now captured

is the proof no one denies.


I will gladly share it openly 

and let the others know,

that it takes more than coincidence

to have this Calling Grow.


Thus I say this so that you may know,

I promise you this day,

I would never make a joke of this,

This is the Truth,


So here is where it seemed to rest, this flash upon my lens, and with it was imprinted in the minds of of all my friends. We call this simply resonance, the echo of the heart, as it resonates across the world to ring in the new start.





Looking forward to the Solar Eclipse for May

And having you visit us in June and July.

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