Hello From The Land Of Opportunity.  Want To Not Just Get A House Worth Of Parts, A Place To Build It In, An Opportunity To Make Miracles Happen For Others, But Also Change The World?

Revised to let more people in, and be more affordable with better returns than imaginable.

Better than a co-op as each person gets the parts, the place to have a house built in, and become part of a cause.  It is how to build a system that empowers all who come and put their time and energy to create amazing things.  Organic Houses, large and small, sustainably created all, can lead to more than simply houses, I speak of passions it arouses.  It is the chance for each to have a house that they can love.  A path to get it for a price that most could never have.  It is a chance to join together so that all might stand, and build a way for others to then join and take a stand.  We can do it simply, with the heart and soul it takes, to free the spirit and the wealth we carry through our Love.

We can be many things in life, but first and foremost, To Thine Own Self be True… and if you do, then Truth is all that we can tolerate without speaking up at times to fix the wrongs that Lies can Cause. Let’s do something that is good and stands for our Truth and Dreams.


I would supply the windows, doors, flooring, beaded wood, trim, hardware, ceilings, roofing tin, and other decorations for 30-40 houses for those who were to participate in making the facility that could then be used to build their houses to be free for them to use for several years.  Costs to build houses should be lowered as we then work together to reach the people who would help to build to cut the cost of their own house being built, and to have a place to stay while working on their house outside the city where they work and perhaps live in a place where storing parts and building a house cannot possibly ever happen.  This is the solution perhaps.  I have a bathhouse, many brand new camping tents of all sizes, even big tents for events off-site, but the right people coming together to make this possible is what we need, and for all of you to help decide how it will run and grow… well that would just be icing on the cake. 

What are you doing with the next decade of your life?


With 60 people from across the country or around the world, it would be possible to free up the land overhead so as to make it very low cost to carry on with creating a Co-op that would allow for all of this to happen, and for the initial backers to get an incredible opportunity to make some money by owning a piece of the model Pure Salvage Outpost where they could create their dream home, build the house with space and tools, assistance when needed and affordable or bartered in exchange for working on the other key players who help form this Charter Model of a Pure Salvage Outpost.  The lease for the 20,000 sf Facility to store your inventory you pick out when you make your investment, or wait till later as there are millions in inventory to pick from that you will always have the first choice on and free storage until ready to build.   This is a chance to invest a little on the front end to not just have all the key parts to build your dream Organic Cottage or House with, but an ownership interest in the Co-op which will be the operations spaces, storage spaces, tools and workspaces, even dry space t build with for free for 3-6 months when you are ready to start yours.  The will get free use of the custom-built house moving trailers to move the houses, either into a space in Salvage, Texas or to a ranch somewhere you may want it to go, though the cost for the truckers will not be part of it unless someone comes into the deal with a big Toter Truck to be part of the operations.

I have buildings in Gonzales that could be used to set up people in who could be building houses that could be moved to where they need them, some in sections so as to do it through hard spaces to pass along the way.

We even have some newer steel buildings we could take down to add building space to the Luling Facility and thus more houses could be constructed without the demands on covered space for only 4-6 houses at a time now.  These buildings are only 15 miles away and would be paid for free and clear but require labor to take down and put back up one day when we are ready.  Till then they can hold the millions in lumber that could be mined out of the old cotton warehouse next to these that we plan to take down one day too.  More profits for the support of the growth of this model into other Pure Salvage Outposts once the first model has proven itself.

This is my newest possible machination to offer the opportunity to create sustainable organic houses at lower expenses for more people by putting together the model of what it will take repeatedly around the country to fulfill the growing demand for downsizing, energy efficient, toxin-free housing in the immediate future.  I spend a great deal of time and thought on how we will circumvent the damage being done to the kids of today by schools who have eliminated critical thinking, ingenuity, imagination, and questioning being in a box.  Indoctrination is not education and especially for the life skills all kids should have in order to question the status quo, but also be able to have the knowledge, wisdom, and fortitude it will take to change what we have into a better system for the 7 generations that will follow us when we are done.

Who knows what happens when we pass over that can spell it out with words. It would be like trying to name the colors of a sunset as fast as they could change, and without the words to describe the beauty and intensity of what you see such that others might visualize it clearly. It can not be done! Your future can be as beautiful if you awaken to the potential and act now, while you can be a part of something bigger than any of us can do alone. Join me in creating a legacy we can leave behind to humanity, each of us being the bits of help it will take to make it better.

Please consider as there appear to be many who want to see this carry-on and grow but do not have the money to buy out what is here.  This is a way where the land could be paid for thus safe from any bank threats and have all the inventory on hand and paid for so that the people who buy into the Co-op will be able to build a house with the 1st of its kind and own a piece, have a vote as to how it evolves, grows, and possibly work here as one of the administrators who run it and help sell off the millions in salvage materials that will be here to provide income and profits thus insuring the overhead to operate the co-op will be covered in the future.

Hello from the land of opportunity. Want to not just get a house worth of parts, a place to build it in, an opportunity to make miracles happen for others, but also change the world?

One of the possible futures in our ever-changing world is that the markets and the houses will encourage even more. To this end, I would like to see some others come and share, by building on the vision with a piece that can be yours.

We have plenty of inventory to sell as well as use for the houses of those who invest and choose to get a house or perhaps double their money in a year or two if the profits from the retail sales, the wholesale operations, salvaging opportunities, and seminars that the members could participate in, help run and thus profit from, as well as learn more than anyone can imagine about Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, Brokering, Warehousing, Retail and Wholesale, as well as the best part, becoming a great Salvage Hunter and bringing in the great old treasure troves from around the country, hidden before everyone’s eyes.

Darby invites you to explore, invest, and come have some fun at Salvagefaire, in Salvage Texas of course. Don’t know where that is…. may need to become a member to find out. hehe.

We have a great location on the side of IH 10 near Luling, Texas and lots of land to grow a future on if you want to play a part in creating something bigger than any of us could do alone.  Wii United can Be more than any One person by themselves.  Come be a part, have a vote in how it manifests, even play a part in growing this industry to the next level for a small investment, a chance to come run it if you like in some way, to grow the chance to change the way the paradigm in housing as it affects Modern building across America.

Once upon a time when I was a decade younger, I started this small company to build houses out of Salvage materials. They turned into seeds for the planting in the minds of humans that would open the soil to growing a new sustainable way of growing houses in our imagination and then manifesting them in reality.

It is time to find the people who will take over and grow this to the next level… one that no one man can do alone. Now it is up to the populations that can be empowered and benefit from what this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance can become. It is up to the babies who will be born with this as their prize, sustainable organic cottages in villages intent upon encouraging the brightest and best of the children, educating them about living healthy loving lives, with so many incredible things to focus on besides having lots of junk in a big house to worry about paying for instead.
We can do better and I ask for you to consider how you might make that happen with the many talents and lessons you have learned along the way that will help this vision manifest for many others one day too.

For more information and to get into the discussion group that seems to be growing and might make this possible, please contact Brad@puresalvageliving.com.

Looking forward to the right people stepping up, with facility, materials, and land ready for the generation that will take it to the next level I envision is possible.

Please share with others so that I may have the help it will take to give what is needed to make more dreams come true for millions, with the help of others like You!

Brad Kittel